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Mastering Tough Negotiations

Many people have already gone through negotiation training and learned to negotiate through "live" practice, learning on the job from their own experience, both positively and through failures. However, the negotiations they are leading may not end with a "win-win" and you need much broader and more appropriate tools and techniques to deal with the risks of breakdown, stalemate and withdrawal, along with several other issues. While “live” practice can get you so far, you need to ensure you understand the tricks and how to overcome them, to ensure you return with a good deal. This course will enable those involved in both internal and external negotiations in which the stakes are very high, where opponents play from a position of power or deception, or when you feel inferior and fragile, to better manage their negotiations. You will learn how to define the critical dimensions of the negotiation process, how to choose a strategy and the associated tactics, how to define your approach and how to conduct such negotiations in a profitable and rewarding way for you and the business.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This intensive course focuses on the fundamental elements of successful negotiation, pre-negotiation, and post-agreement stages that are essential for positive and lasting results. This training is designed to show you tactics, techniques, tools and new behaviours to be adopted to make you more effective in difficult and complex negotiation situations. Practical negotiation cases help to highlight the learning of the workshop and to see clearly through the feedback process and the progress of the participants.

Who should attend?

This programme is designed for people who encounter difficult negotiations at work, both formal and informal, and who wish to address them effectively by using the best systems, techniques and tools available.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Essential Exploration to better understand the mechanics of negotiation
• What is complex in your negotiations?
• Understanding the issues, concerns and constraints of your counterparts: "Why are they doing this"?
• The 3 channels of questioning
• What is a "tough" negotiator/negotiation and what happens?

Group Exercise: Interactions in subgroups to best understand your negotiation strengths and weaknesses

Dimensions of the Negotiation Process
• Communication tools essential in a complex negotiation
• Set up: The period of pre-negotiation planning and preparation in 7 steps
• The right tool at the right time to create effective negotiations
• Information gathering and clarity to better understand your counterparts
• The fundamental structuring of your negotiation
• Deal design and post bargaining table procedures

Practical Exercise: examples illustrating preparation

Strategies, Tactics and Skills to best overcome the challenges in tough negotiations
• Influence, persuasiveness and "corridor" negotiations: “allies” and “disruptors”
• The choice of strategy in complex negotiations
• Blocked negotiations: Creating openings to continue negotiations positively
- The various postures of the negotiator and the "elevator"
- Firmness and flexibility
• Communication failures and minimising their impact
• Deal Option considerations: Determining your "Lighthouse"
• ZOPA issues: Zone of potential agreement
• BATNA considerations

Tough Negotiation situations and how to best manage the challenges arising
• Identify who makes decisions to best appeal to the decision maker
• Good practice to learn from how hostage negotiators act
• Power, strength and validation: Using the tools at your disposal to best achieve successful negotiation
• Re-setting the relationship when the situation is tense to create positive responses
• Resisting pressure and personal attacks
• Our own behaviour can help us... or hinder our case!
• What they don’t tellyou in the negotiation books...
- The hidden elements of some negotiations
- Managing my own emotions and the emotions of my counterparts
- The possible consequences of lack of understanding of intercultural factors

Practical Case Study: Interpreting implicit and explicit communication to best respond to your counterpart’s needs

Individual and Team Issues to ensure a smooth negotiation
• Who does what: Dividing roles and responsibilities for each team member
• Create an effective negotiation team to overcome challenges
• Dealing with alignment to create a united front
• How to deal with a team that is trying to destabilise you

Putting it all Together to unite all negotiation skills
You will participate from A to Z in difficult and complex negotiation simulations to accelerate the implementation of learning. This happens in three stages:
• Team or individual preparation negotiation
• Negotiate the case
• Participate in a feedback session on the negotiation process

Video Feedback:
At least one of the cases will be filmed according to the training location and available technology: Use of the "difficult" situations of the participants to illustrate some of the workshop's learning.
Short “Flash” cases will also be used to illustrate critical negotiation issues

My PAP - Personal Action Plan
Carrying course learning forward to my next negotiations

Benefits to you

• Master the psychological and strategic mechanics of confidence and associated power in negotiation situations
• Gain a deeper understanding of negotiation process and the need to structure preparation to achieve success
• Identify and challenge games of trust, bluff and power used as leverage in tough negotiations
• Develop a focused mind set led by heightened self-awareness, inquiry, perception of the other actors and perseverance necessary to “test reality” and enable positive outcomes in negotiations
• Increase the ability to overcome obstacles, identify options and areas of opportunity and thus lead to more effective negotiations in complex situations
• Enlarge your own negotiating toolbox and your capacity to produce appropriate responses regardless of the behaviour of your counterparts in tough or confrontational negotiations
• Identify the impact of intercultural aspects, context and interpersonal elements in your complex negotiations
• Enhance your effectiveness in tough negotiations and create more value for your organisation

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

1-2 July 2019, London, UK, PT4010

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