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Business Writing Excellence

This workshop is tailored to cover a variety of skill levels, formats, and objectives. Participants will understand the five components of exceptional workplace writing, and fine tune their editorial skills to craft pointed, interesting and focused text. You will streamline your process for effective business writing and save time by identifying the essentials of what to write. Testimonials From Our Past Leadership Courses’ Delegates: Very good course! Topics covered appear relevant. Course challenged at the right level and will encourage correct change of behaviour. Claims Manager, Ascot Underwriting I feel this is one of the best courses that I have been to. Senior Manager, Tioman Drilling Good use of case studies/real life examples to explain concepts. Marketing Manager, KPMG

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

Polishing your ability to transfer information clearly and concisely through exceptional workplace writing that will maximise your impact and effectiveness, streamline processes and save time.   Special features: • Exponential benchmark and intrinsic synergy from a pinnacle group of 15 Senior practitioners, region wide (delegate numbers are capped) • High caliber knowledge transfer • Pre-Course Evaluative Questions (PCEQ) to closely examine your individual needs • Inaugural 7 days post engagements (free direct access for webinars, e-materials, apps, post consultations) on top of the 1 day course duration • 42 days open access post engagements. Ask for more information

Who should attend?

Business professionals at all levels who want a quick and easy approach to effective business writing. This training will boost the skills of various functions such as:   ·Human Resources ·Sales ·Marketing ·Procurement   and any other department that communicates via emails, memos, tenders on regular basis.
From the full spectrum of industries including, but not limited t ·FMCG ·Retail ·Manufacturing ·Heavy industries ·Logistics/Freight ·Healthcare & Pharmaceutical ·Automotive ·Energy ·Industrial Equipment/Products ·Textiles ·Electronics/Electrical/Household Appliances ·IT Software & Hardware ·Oil & Gas ·Public Sector ·F&B ·Telecommunications ·Education ·Recruitment

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

  • Writing for different purposes such as e-mail, letter, memo, agenda, minutes, report, or proposal
  • Outlining and planning your ideas and generating structured and clear content with ease
  • Focusing on the intended audience, their expectations and language
  • Identifying benefits from the perspective of your audience
  • Concentrating on the key information and keeping the message short and brief
  • Benefits to you

    You will learn quick and easy methods for composing documents such as letters, email messages, agendas, minutes, proposals, white papers, policy statements, or user manuals in an organised format. Basic tools and methodologies will help you to apply various kinds of writing tasks and address your audience with the focused information.

    You will learn to write about complex issues for various recipients and how to proofread own or others documents, and how to implement this process into a document delivery process as standard if required. This workshop is interactive, varied, enjoyable, and full of information and methods you can apply immediately. You may bring a recent sample and get feedback.

    Companies already benefiting include:

    B.I.G., HOPPECCKE, Brunei International Gateway, Blue Cross, Prince Court Medical Centre, Sepang International Circuit, Petronas Lubricants, ExxonMobil, Tioman Drilling, CEVA Animal Health, SKD, Baramutiara Prima, HSBC, BASF South East Asia Pte Ltd.

    Duration of Course

    Day Course

    Course details

    1 day

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    "This course will allow my company to develop its existing strategies to a much greater and hopefully profitable level."

    Managing Director, Tarmac