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Women in Leadership Masterclass

Today, about 30 of CEO roles at Fortune 500 companies are held by women, about 5% of the female population. Have you been successful in some positions and not others even though the job was the same?” The difference was the values – yours matched the job and/or the culture. As you determine what your next career choice is, or if you’d like to increase your satisfaction with your current role, understanding your personal values will provide a solid foundation to base your choices on. This interactive, hands-on workshop will provide a process for you to create a solid plan for increased life and career satisfaction.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

We have created a program that will introduce you to the skills, tools and the methodologies essential to the successful planning and controlling of projects. Of particular focus will be the development of your own people management and interpersonal skills required to deliver performance on projects at all levels. The course is driven by practical experience and your needs, giving you the opportunity to immediately apply your new understandings and skills to your own projects.

Who should attend?

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

The politics of women in leadership
• The statistics and why these matter
• How, where and why gender plays a role
• ‘The Athena Doctrine’ and its consequences
• Common contrasting traits in gender leadership styles
Exercises: An exercise in male and female qualities

The authenticity and ambition challenge
• Confidence building
• Communication questions
• How EQ plays a significant role
• Profile raising with key stakeholders and decision- makers
• Leadership as a set of tangible skills
Challenge: Who are you?

Models and styles of leadership
• A review of the leadership spectrum
• Personal stories and pathways to the present
• Role models and mentors
• Critical qualities and associated skills
• What it will take to fill the gaps
Assessment: Self-assessment exercise and group challenge

Actively approaching the barriers
• External and internal barriers
• Politics, pitfalls, networks; the selection process
• Taking ownership of your career
• Circles of trust and their underpinnings
Activity: What is your way forward?

The way ahead
• Mars or Venus; hot or cool power; associated business sector issues
• How traction is dependent on critical mass
• Learning from key strategies of successful women leaders
• Reaffirming the value proposition of progressing women leaders in all sectors
Case Studies: For personal active learning

Benefits to you

• Affirming women leaders as integral to an inclusive diversity agenda
• Owning your default leadership style and its anticipated consequences
• Discovering research that shows women top men as leaders in 3 critical capability areas
• Drilling down to the differing common traits in men and women and their consequences
• Reflecting on formative years, childhood conditioning, self-perception, influencers, socialization
• Asserting key factors supporting women leader development – from role models to celebrations
• Acknowledging the barriers – just what it is that holds women back
• Listing positive steps to more women in the C-Suite; flagging dangers of some pro-active policies
• Scanning current high profile women leaders towards recognising the top 4 L & D aspirations
• Sharing stories for peer benefit

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

August 15-16, 2019 Day Course

Course details

August 15-16, 2019

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