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Competency Assessment and Profiling

By attending this course you will be able to review and improve your organisation’s capability to use a range of competency tools and applications to enhance leadership, performance, learning & development, talent & succession planning, and employee engagement for the benefit of the business. This course covers how to make the business case for competencies, identifying and planning an appropriate approach to introducing competencies to your organisation, and using competency frameworks to support a range of HR and Learning & Development aspects to support the business.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This course uses a blend of interactive delivery styles to ensure that all delegate learning patterns are catered for; oral, visual & kinaesthetic. Course content will follow a format of: introduction of a topic, underpinned with research, theory and practical examples followed by group/participant discussion of the topic to explore experience, to aid theoretical understanding and place the topic within the wider process context. Real world case studies and business simulation examples will be used throughout, which will be combined with practical exercises for each topic, leading to delegates having applied theory, discussion, and practice to the whole subject throughout the course. Delegates will complete the course fully equipped with the required practical tools, templates and models to swiftly and confidently implement the learning on return to the workplace

Who should attend?

This course has been specifically designed for business managers, leaders, HR and Learning & Development professionals engaged in the development of their employees in order that they can positively impact the business/organisation using competency frameworks, assessing performance and profiling.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Making the business case for competencies
• Defining the main HRM strategies which competencies support to achieve
sustainable business performance
• Competency assessment as a “people tool” for HR and the organisation:
How could it drive superior performance?
• The key responsibility of the HR function, line management and the individual:
How these roles interact?
• Redefining competency framework to ensure consistency and conformity of job
matching process
Group Exercise: Developing a competency framework based on business
needs and current processes

Constructing effective competency frameworks for the benefit
of the organisation and the employee
• The principles of good objective setting: reaping the benefit
of a focused approach
• Gaining stakeholders’ buy in and support throughout the implementation
and application of the competency framework
• Implementing an organisation wide framework to ensure consistency
Group exercise: Creating a project plan to introduce a competency framework
Evaluating frameworks to identify a suitable format

Tips for undertaking desk research and writing competencies
• Using profiling to create the framework
• Gathering informative data to effectively test and validate the framework
• Establishing job role definition
• Writing levels into competencies
Group exercise: Writing levels into competency frameworks

Mapping leadership traits within competency frameworks
• Gaining competitive advantage: linking leadership and talent development
to the overall business strategies
• Assessing the degree of competencies aligned to strategic growth of the leaders
• Exploring the latest tools available to accurately evaluate an individual’s leadership capabilities
Group exercise: Establishing leadership competencies

How to link performance plans (individual employee success)
and organisational excellence
• Processes and procedures for setting objectives and managing performance
• Developing “Performance Evaluation and Planning” for employee’s overall job evaluation
• Gathering informative data
• Establishing job role definition for job matching purposes
• Consistently monitoring the current assessment in place to promote job ownership
• Validating and revising the competency performed to ensure maximum effect
Group exercise: Creating a documented history of employee’s performance.
Forming a customised “Performance Evaluation and Planning” spread sheet

Adopting qualitative measurement of employees to drive higher performance
• Leveraging effective use of competencies to track employee’s current performance
• Collaborating closely with managers and employees to establish future goals and priorities
• Rewarding employees relative to their performance
• Focusing on performance as an on-going process to increase the effectiveness of assessment
• Creating a documented history of employee’s performance for future reference
Group exercise: Mapping an ideal competency framework for each
individual. Matching employees’ skills through competency mapping

How to structure programmes to accelerate the learning and development process
• Designing a targeted training and development programme according to the needs of specific groups
• Using competency frameworks to optimise knowledge transfer within the organisation
• How competency frameworks can be used to run effective assessment/
development centres to construct a personal learning development plan
• Validating and revising the competency performed to ensure maximum effect
Group exercise: Recognising the learning style of each employee

Using competencies as a strategy for talent and succession planning
• Effectively restructuring your workforce planning and future resourcing through talent mapping
• Implementing talent management analysis to identify new and hidden talent within the organisation
• Offering developmental programmes to efficiently manage high-potential employees
• Providing career opportunities for core staff and promote critical talent from within
• Re-engineering the current training needs for an effective targeted development
• Competencies as tools for assessing strength capabilities
Group exercises: Developing talent mapping and analysis. Preparing
a suitable assessment for succession planning.

Maximising the use of competency framework to drive a higher employee engagement
• Using competency assessment to enhance the compensation and benefit agenda
• Customising learning and development programmes towards
the employee’s needs
• Combining various competencies against required functional and cultural
demands to evaluate next in-line leaders
• Establishing a transparent talent programme
Q&A session from attendees, course wrap-up and final session reviews

Benefits to you

• Using the competencies to support the main HRM strategies to achieve sustainable business performance
• Constructing effective competency frameworks for the benefit of the organisationand the employee, including evaluating competency frameworks in order to identify and create an appropriate approach for your organisation
• Learning from best practice to implement competency frameworks and get buy-in
• Learning how competencies can be used to manage performance, support learning & development, support talent spotting and retention, support succession planning, and improve employee engagement
• Linking performance plans (individual employee success) and organisational excellence
• Acquiring effective tools to structure programmes to accelerate the learning and development process
• Employing competencies as a strategy for talent spotting and retention, and succession planning
• Mapping behaviors for leadership
• Using of competency frameworks to drive higher employee engagement

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

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