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Engage your People to Best Thrive in Business

This is an ideal course whether you are just beginning the Employee Engagement journey or if you have been working on engagement for many years and your efforts are in need of a refresh. In a strong organisation, everyone plays a part in improving and increasing employee engagement for the benefit of all. Engagement is much more than an HR or Internal Communications task; it is a line issue focused on how we work, manage, and lead. Our course will help participants to create a right engagement strategy and fully ensure engagement is tied in with company governing objectives, and overall strategy of the organisation to drive greater productivity and return on investment.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

The point of this course is to equip participants with the practical tools to be able to take a lead in employee engagement design and implementation within their organisation and, at the same time, equip them to practically design their strategy and measure its outcome, and employ it to serve their business pursuits. For this reason, this course provides practical methods on a subject that is very pragmatic and not theoretical. The content is based on best practices, case studies, and the deep experience and knowledge of the facilitator in helping all different kind of industries to design and implement employee engagement practices. The advantage of this programme is the measurability of each step in every phase of your Employee Engagement strategy in order to achieve business results through your people, while all these make sure you will return to work with a practical action plan to implement.

Who should attend?

Managing Directors, Directors, Vice Presidents, Managers, Heads and Global Heads with responsibility for Employee Engagement, Talent Management, HR, Strategy, or Internal Communications.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Benchmark your company to the elements of employee engagement 
• Understand the strategic nature of employee engagement
• What encourages employees to commit themselves to their employer?
• Learn about the model theory of employee engagement and discover how your company stands against it
• Define participants’ experience in employee engagement
Exercise: Discover the specific elements that apply in your organisation, and share experiences and best practices among participants

Build the business case
• Define the organisation gaps 
• Define the stakeholders
• Analyse their interests in employee engagement
• Stakeholder engagement tips
• Develop a draft plan to demonstrate the business value of employee engagement
Practical Exercise: Group Discussion on the challenges of drafting a plan

Build the employee experience and optimise operations
• The criticality of employee experience in efficient business operations-related research 
• How each element of the model theory of Employee engagement affects your people
• Start from the base and then move on to develop your Employee Engagement architecture
• How to count on the mortar, beyond the bricks: Identify the cohesive elements of your organisation’s culture
• Relate talent management performance indicators with employee engagement 
Practical Exercise: Group Discussion about the talent management practices implemented, and how they affect your organisation’s employee engagement elements 

Strategise employee engagement to bring greater productivity
• Go beyond the architecture of your strategy
• What are the decisive elements? How will you successfully address each component? 
• Spotlight and agree on success factors for successful employee engagement strategies
• Chart your action plan
• Orchestrate the communication required
Exercise: Proceed to practically put the outcomes of the case discussed in the previous part, as a draft strategy plan

Develop your standards and thrive on diagnostic outcomes 
• How to customise feedback collection according to your strategy
• Interpret the input
• Apprehend and prioritise actions
• Acknowledge feedback and build your related actions to optimise the employee engagement strategy
Practical Exercise: Connect the dots of strategy, input gathered and action plan, and proceed to a draft process that will serve the needs of your own organisation

How to reach a ROI-analysis for employee engagement 
• Levels of analysis depth
• Build your key performance indicators
• Calculate the impact of employee engagement
Practical Exercise: Team Discussions on possible challenges  to best shape your ideas on organisation-specific measures

Employee Engagement Best Practices
• Explore best practices to create a beneficial employee engagement strategy
• Access success factors and how they were connected to the outcomes
• Determine those elements that could be replicated in your organisation
Group Discussion: What are the challenges in bringing these practices in your organisation

Creating your own approach: Translate your business needs to pertinent Employee engagement practices 
• Clarify your business strategy and align your Employee Engagement to create the steps to achieve it: Start with the ‘big picture’ and gradually, throughout the rest of the course, ’drill into the detail’
• Action learning exercise to apply what’s been learned: Create a “first draft” Employee Engagement Strategy to present back to the business straight after the course
• How to put everything learned into practice back at work to either create a new Engagement Strategy or improve an existing one
Case study exercise: Understand how to weave the business needs to your Employee Engagement blueprint: Identify the potential strengths and weaknesses of the project

Engage yourself to set an example to the business
• How to make a difference: Discover techniques for developing your own engagement powers
• Engage your team: Start with your own team and become a model in your organisation
Practical Exercise: Identify strengths and weaknesses to create your personal strategy

Q&A session

Benefits to you

• Correlate employee engagement with strategic objectives for the maximum benefit of customers, the organisation, and employees
• Transition your organisation from the early stages of employee engagement to more robust and powerful ways to engage
• Design methods of employee engagement to determine what works best within your organisation and are truly important for your own business
• Develop mechanisms to measure the impact of employee engagement practices on the business
• Acquire the latest conceptual and behavioural developments and practices in employee engagement
• Learn from best practices how to evaluate different engagement programmes
• Successfully assess the current state of engagement and develop an action plan to both increase and improve engagement, while also making it sustainable
• Practice small-scale engagement methods to foster and enhance your personal engagement and the engagement of employees who directly report to you
• Create an organisation where employees look forward to coming to work, feel connected to the organisation and strive to make a difference

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

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