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Advanced Stakeholder Management – Becoming a More Influential Leader

Businesses increasingly have to adapt themselves to exponential levels of change in the world today. They usually restructure to become flatter, more efficient and nimble. One of the unforeseen consequences of this is that relationship building and communication, both inside and outside the business, has become more ambiguous and complex. So we need to take a fresh look at how we get things done, who’s involved and how we build reliable, effective relationships with them – a distinctive leadership skill called stakeholder management. Essentially this is all about increasing peoples’ ability to influence. Improving your personal effectiveness, mastering your leadership skill and bringing your stakeholder management to the next level

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This course will provide you with all the practical techniques and tools that you need to identify, manage and influence your key stakeholders more effectively and so achieve your personal goals and objectives. It will also raise your personal awareness about who you are along with the people you interact with via the pre- course completion of a personality questionnaire. The results will provide you with feedback about your personality type and how you are similar or different from those around you. This, will in turn, ‘fast track’ your ability to become more influential as a leader. It does this by getting you to change what isn’t working well for you and you don’t like as well as learning to work more on what you do really well. Most of the content is largely based on real, ’best practice’ case studies, several highly practical tools and frameworks and the deep experience and knowledge of the facilitator as an executive coach in supporting senior leaders to achieve their full potential as leaders.

Who should attend?

This two day course is aimed at senior leaders and managers who want to understand how and why some people rise to the most senior positions in their organisations and why other, equally capable people don’t achieve their ambitions in the same way.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Building the foundation by improving your personal effectiveness
• Making the most of all of your personal resources at your disposal:
Talent, Energy and Time
• Improving our ability to reach out and positively influence the lives of others
whilst being open and responsive to his or her needs and wants
• Linking personal effectiveness with organisational success
• The consequences of not being personally effective?
Relationships, Influence and Performance
Case study exercise: Analysing some real business ‘failures’ that
have occurred through a lack of personal effectiveness in their leaders.

Strengthening your ‘personal brand’ by becoming more distinctive
• Managing your self-limiting beliefs better
• Increasing your self -confidence and positive self-belief about
the value of your abilities
• Developing your presence and the impact that you have on others
• Improving your ability to influence beyond the authority invested in you
by your role or position
• Becoming more assertive to be more personally effective
Series of practical exercises: Working in pairs on most important
self-awareness questions

The Myers Briggs personality types and behaviours
• An introduction to Personality Type
• The Myers Briggs personality type questionnaire – presentation
and feedback of individual results
• Where are you on the model? Getting a personal report of their type
Series of practical exercises: Working in pairs on defining personality
types and behaviours you would need to adapt or change to get
the best out the relationship with stakeholders

Managing your key stakeholders
• Understanding stakeholders’ values and issues to keep them ‘on board’
• The core management skill of successful people used to win support
and resources from others
• Role of personal effectiveness in successful stakeholder management
Group discussion: How effective you are at identifying and managing
your stakeholders?

Methodology of Building Stakeholder Relationships
• Ensuring your projects succeed and not fail
• Managing stakeholders’ expectations by anticipating their reactions
• Communicating with stakeholders to ensure their continuing
support for you
• Distinguishing between stakeholder analysis and stakeholder planning –
two major elements of stakeholder management
• Methods of identifying and prioritising your stakeholders and ways
of handling them accordingly
Practical exercise: Stakeholder analysis. Mapping your stakeholders
on the Power/Interest Grid.

Social network analysis as an extension of stakeholder management
• Using social network to identify your less obvious influencers
not just the obvious ones
• The ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’
• Identifying the real influencers and avoiding unexpected resistance and
bewildering failure!
• Influence mapping
Case study: Introducing a technique ‘borrowed’ from the social
sciences with 3 key elements to identify
Exercise: Constructing your own Influence Map to use back at work

The art of positive politics in business
• The choice between: I versus We
• The politics of self- interest?
• Three different agendas: Open? Competing? Hidden?
• The three, most positive, political values in business:
Collaboration, Entrepreneurial, and Stewardship
Exercise/Group discussion: What have you learned about yourself
on the course that’s going to help empower you to implement
your Stakeholder Management Plan?

Benefits to you

Course outcomes
• Focusing on the vital importance of successful stakeholder management to leaders and the role that your personal effectiveness has to play in it
• Learning what unconscious or natural stakeholder management is and that makes top people successful today
• Discovering the “key building blocks” of managing your stakeholders successfully
• Creating your own influence map to identify your own stakeholders
• Creating your own stakeholder communication plan to implement immediately back at work
• Significantly increasing your chances of achieving your personal career goals and ambitions

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

3rd & 4th of July 2018, London, UK, PT3716

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