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Packaging Innovation to Create Value

In recent years, even more attention is being paid to package design and, in particularly, the latest innovations to ensure they attract customers and are sustainable. The recent “anti-plastic” trend has put even more pressure on package teams to develop new and innovative ways to package products. This two day, focussed training course will allow participants to optimise their packaging process to ensure that packaging is developed with the consumer in mind to ensure cost efficiency and sustainability, while still bringing value and return on investment to the business.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

Using a mixture of theory, case studies and interactivity between the delegates, this course will give you knowledge and ideas for defining and refining your own packaging design process to ensure innovation and sustainability to bring value to the business. You will bring your own packaging challenges and projects for discussion, learn from the experiences of others and have the opportunity to enhance your package design process to ensure it meets both consumer needs and wants, while still bringing return on investment.

Who should attend?

Senior Leaders with responsibility for packaging design, development and innovation within their business line. In addition, those focussed on product management and marketing will benefit from this course.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

The role of packaging in FMCG: Understand the importance of packaging in the different FMCG distribution channels and how it has changed over the years
• The historical view on packaging and its relevance to the future
• Brick and mortar
• The role of packaging online
• Distribution channels
Practical Session: Group Discussion Brick & Mortar and online: Identical or dedicated packaging designs?

The value creation cycle: Creating sustainable value with new products through fully leveraging the power of packaging innovation to trigger trial with consumers
• Trial, purchase, repurchase: The three steps to enable repeat custom
• Brand ambassadors
• Social media 

The purchase decision process: Understanding how consumers make purchase decisions to select the right packaging and design innovation for a successful product launch
• The shopper’s world of today and tomorrow
• Implicit and explicit: How do consumers make a purchase decision?
• The role of peripheral vision
• Packaging signals to best aid the decision process
Practical Exercise: Group Discussion customisation vs. mass market

Consumer touchpoints with the packaging: Gain deep insights how consumers interact with the packaging to make better packaging design and execution decisions
• FMOT (stop – hold – close)

Multi-sensorial design: Gain a competitive advantage with your packaging by using packaging technologies that truly address all senses
• Glimpse into other worlds: Lessons from the car industry, interior design and other areas·How to address all the senses
• Packaging technologies that address all the senses
• Creating a holistic design experience
• Packaging signals to communicate product categories
Case Study: Red Bull and how it effectively communicates its product

Packaging consumer research: Learn how to use the right packaging consumer research tools to control the capital investment risk with packaging innovation
• Eye-tracking
• Shopper research
• Understand the decision making patterns
• Sensorial discovery
• Holistic product research to evaluate the entire product offering to the consumer
• How to assess the inherent risk of innovation
• Subconscious vs. Conscious

Organisation set up: What to do and not to do to create an efficient and highly creative packaging innovation organisation
• Typical challenges and mistakes in packaging governance ·Interfaces with other functions
• People profiles
• How to create an innovation culture
• Tools for interaction between people in the innovation process
• Face-2-face vs. virtual interaction
• Co-location vs. distributed teams
• Where should the packaging department report into?

The packaging design process: Boost the packaging innovation power and fast execution capabilities of your company with the implementation of a stage gate process that starts with a fuzzy front end and stops with the market launch
Stage gate process
• Understanding unmet consumer needs: Dosing, emerging markets and other needs
• Understand technical packaging / product requirements, and possibilities·Fuzzy front end and innovation funnel
• Stimuli, trends and crowd sourcing
• “Copy with pride”: Learn from other categories
• Finding the sweet spot between innovative designs and technical realities
• Design assessment considerations (e.g. concept cars to stretch design thinking)
• Business cases and assessment·Intellectual property protection

Open Innovation (OI): How to boost the packaging innovation output of your company without huge additional investments in R&D with smart open innovation approaches
• Learning from the automotive industry: How to make packaging suppliers to innovation partners?
• Possible innovation models with external partners
• Technical, creative, external vs internal: Considerations about design agencies
• For suppliers: The innovation opportunity to get out of the commodity trap

Packaging design and marketing: The importance of packaging engineers understanding the basics of marketing to create better packages that supercharge your brand
• The importance of the brand equity and identity
• Understand points of difference and accepted points of inferiority·How to use packaging design and innovation to supercharge your brand
• Structural 3d vs. 2d design
• Understand your target group

Win-win with customers (retailers): Learn how package innovation can unfold new business opportunities with the retailers
• Holistic design of the Point-of-sales
• Win-win with customers (e.g. dedicated versions to attract shoppers)
• Packaging designs for particular distribution channels
• Customisation opportunities·Special promotion packages
Case Study: Gillette blades and how packaging design variation works within particular distribution channels

Packaging and sustainability: How to understand the importance of a sustainable packaging design through the consumer’s eyes and use this to gain a competitive advantage
• General requirements for sustainable packaging design
• Sustainability as differentiation opportunity
• Understand regional differences·Importance of sustainable packaging design for consumers

Packaging technologies of the future: What will be possible tomorrow?
• Digital printing
• Printed electronics
• Customisation
• Active and intelligent packaging
• Other future technologies
Practical Session: Group Discussion Elimination of packaging: “Unverpackt” supermarket in Berlin, niche or future?

Benefits to you

• Understand how to use smart packaging innovation to gain a competitive advantage in the FMCG world
• Get insights into how consumers interact with the packaging at the different touch-points to make better packaging design and innovation decisions
• Learn how the right packaging innovation can boost the launch of a new FMCG product and create a strong brand with long-term business impact
• Boost your company’s packaging innovation output by creating a more innovative culture and mindset through stronger collaboration of cross-functional skills
• Increase speed to market by translating consumer insights and packaging innovation faster into profitable products on the shelves
• Learn how to use the right packaging consumer research tools to control the capital investment risk with packaging innovation
• Avoid common traps with your packaging design to avoid wrong signals to consumers and killing big business opportunities
• Realise how intelligent packaging innovation helps bypass the fierce price competition and the commodity trap
• Supercharge your brand with a packaging design that boosts the brand equity
• Learn how to utilise packaging innovation to create new business opportunities in the online shopping world
• Gain an outlook on the revolutionary new packaging technologies at the horizon and how to use them today to gain a competitive advantage

Companies already benefiting include:

Calderys (Imerys Group) • Lesaffre Poland SA • Allianz Global Investors • Telenor Banka • Sartorius-Stedim • PPG Industries

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

This course is currently only available as an in-house option. For more information, and a quote, contact our team on +44 (0)20 3002 3057, or by email at

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