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Key Management Skills for Successful Managers and Leaders

Making the move to management may be one of the biggest moves you will make in your career to date. Preparing yourself for success is critical for this demanding yet hugely rewarding role. Outstanding leaders and managers must have the right knowledge and skills to be equipped for success. All too often, companies promote high performing individuals into management positions without giving the solid foundations they need by developing their leadership skills. The consequences can be huge and costly for companies, individuals and teams If you want to be a successful leader or manager, then you must have the right skills, knowledge, and behaviours in your toolkit. Attending this course will give you a robust toolkit and the confidence to leave understanding how you can be successful in this role at the same time as driving and supporting the success of your team.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

As a successful manager and leader your focus is all about growing others. The first step to this success is to focus on growing yourself and having “best in class” Leadership and Management Skills. This course will provide practical knowledge and insight in how to best lead and manage your team to produce greater results on time and on budget. You will engage in practical exercises and case studies that will provide you a robust understanding of what makes an effective leader, while understanding the difference between leading, managing, and coaching, the skills required, and when to use them for maximum effect.

Who should attend?

Professionals seeking to enhance their current leadership and management skills to manage people more effectively and improve results.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Understanding the difference and what is required when being an effective manager, leader and coach
• As a manager there are many hats that you must wear to be successful – Manager, Leader, Coach: “Which hat do you wear when?”
• Understand the different skills involved in being a successful Leader, Manager, Coach
• Tips for success as a leader
• Avoiding the pitfalls
• Understanding Situational Leadership principles
• What role does your emotional intelligence play in your success?

Practical Exercise: Delegates will look at different scenarios and agree which skills take priority for the different situations

Communicating for Success as a leader
• Communication process and common areas impacting effectiveness and misunderstandings
- Language
- Behavioural styles
- Communication preferences
•  Essential conversations
- Planning Goals
- Realignment
- Feedback  - Good and Bad
- Agreeing next steps
• Effective Listening
• Written communication: What are the key things you need to have in writing to protect you as a manager?

Role Play: Practice giving feedback good and bad to people with different behavioural styles

Leading and Managing Change
• Understand the change curve and the impact on personal performance and motivation
• Learn techniques to help your team to embrace change and strive for greater success
• 4 levels of readiness for change
• How knowledge, beliefs and behavioural style impact individual behaviour with change

Exercise: Review how to plan for a change situation with your team

Coaching for results
• What is coaching what is NOT coaching
• How, what, where and when can you coach your team
• GROW Coaching model
• Review of other coaching models
• How do you know if you are a good coach? Who coaches you?
- The role of coaching groups
• Giving effective feedback when coaching and gaining agreement for next steps
• Documentation of coaching sessions and goals
• Can you measure ROI of coaching?

Role Play: Practice coaching and getting feedback on your coaching style 

Understand working in Matrix teams and how to prevent silo working
• Understanding “us vs. them” 
• Build co-operation and Trust
• What is a matrix team: Tips and Tools for successful matrix teamwork
• Spotting the signs of conflict and resolving issues quickly
• Driving accountability in matrix and silo’d organisations

Exercise: Trading Alliance

Preparing for difficult conversations
• What are the key skills you need to have when having difficult conversations?
• What other factors are important?
• What does handling a difficult conversation look like?
• What prevents us from having these conversations?
• How can having these conversations improve morale and motivation?

Exercise: Observe some difficult conversation videos and discuss what went wrong...what “should” have occurred and what will you ensure happens in your organisation?

The Science of getting things done
• Factors affecting behaviour
• Habits of highly effective leaders
• Tips and tools for managing workload and priorities for self and team
• Understanding urgency vs. importance
• Strategies for getting things done
• Getting past the “ whirlwind”
• Mindfulness strategies

Individual Exercise: Develop a blueprint for having your most productive week / month ever

Conflict Management: Promoting co-operation between team members:
• What is conflict and why/how does it arise in the workplace?
• What is the cost of conflict in the workplace?
• Dealing with conflicting Management styles
• Strategies to manage and positively resolve conflict
• Practical Tools for dealing with challenging people, situations and dysfunctional situations

Exercise: Review tools and build and plan of how and when these could be used

Individual / Team effectiveness Cycle:
• Leadership effectiveness
• Culture: Your ultimate competitive advantage; what is your desired culture and how do you get there?
• Creating a culture of execution
• Develop and nurture proactive mindsets in your team
• Understand the different levels of engagement
• How to change behaviour
• The role and importance of Trust
- What is trust: 5 waves of trust
- What does it look/feel like?
• Behaviours of a High Trust Leader
• Getting to win-win mindset

Individual Exercise: Build your plan to drive the RIGHT culture in your team to support success

Creating Your Future Self as a Highly Successful Leader
• Effective Goal setting for yourself and your team
• 4 Essentials for Great Leaders
• Understanding what success looks like for you as a Manager and for your Manager
• Clarity of goals
• Developing your future plan to success
• Creating a resilient and resourceful mindset

Individual Exercise: Build your route map to success

Benefits to you

• Optimise your strategies to successfully lead and manage a team to grow not only yourself, but the individuals in your team, and your team success
• Improve your communication and effectively deliver criticism and discipline to drive employee growth
• Get things done on time and on target: Curb absenteeism, tardiness, and employee turnover
• Lead organisational change and foster a culture of creative thinking
• Develop your personal management style
• Effectively deal with conflict
• Develop a strong professional presence
• Identify capabilities for success at various spheres of accountability
• Lead and manage teams through change
• Gain a robust understanding of what makes an effective leader
• Differentiate between leading, managing, and coaching, the different skills required, and when to use them for maximum effect

Companies already benefiting include:

Cartier • MERCK Group • Rolls-Royce • Rabobank • Bayer AG • Vitec Software • Calor Gas • BioFarma

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

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