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Operational Excellence: Techniques to align Strategies and Processes

In business, what matters is a sustainable result through defining practical business models, and then improving the outcome by implementing competitive strategies. To know exactly where we are, where we would love to be, and how we would like to reach it needs deep organisational study, planning, and good measurement tools. Agility is one of the main factors for such success, but it depends on many items that are outside of our control. To be responsive and competent, or agile, by having full control of what exists in our hand we need to revise our models by looking inside our companies to make reactions more appropriate and faster. The challenge is not finding a suitable model, but the need to implement the model and getting a result out of it! By attending this course you will practice how to define your own balanced scorecard based on your organisational needs, set up real measurement processes, and then get your people on board to gain the highest effectiveness in comparison with your competitors.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

Allocating KPIs, designing balanced scorecards and visualising output and strategy are an easy job on paper but when we would like to implement the plan, the real problem pops up! In this course you will learn from an experienced expert to set your business objectives, to optimise your gap analysis methods, and find practical solutions to best increase the efficiency of your strategy and better meet the bottom-line. You have the chance to bring your own scorecards and discuss your reasons for failure and also have the opportunity to build your own strategy map step by step to understand your goals and how best to achieve them.

Who should attend?

Senior leaders, Directors, Management Directors, Managers, VPs and Specialists involved with: Performance Management • Strategy Management • Process Improvement • Continuous Improvement • Process Management • Process Innovation • Performance Improvement • Project Management • Production Management • Quality Management

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

How to optimise strategy and planning
• Strategy or objective: How the difference makes us confused!
• Techniques for analysing the current situation 
• How to define direction in practice?

Case Study: Learn how to define result-oriented KPIs

KPIs that solve the problem
• Data gathering
• Nature of KPIs
• KPIs and the tension triangle
• Unique indicators designed based on identity of your company
• Why not every KPI is a suitable KPI

Computer based simulation: Create your balanced scorecard considering your corporate values, business obstacles and expectation of your stakeholders
• Finance, Customer, Internal Processes & Learning and Growth
• Reflection of corporate values
• Methods for connecting pillars and KPIs
• Cascading techniques 
• From paper version to practical implementation 

Case Study: Reviewing examples of inappropriate KPIs that lead to bankruptcy!

Practical Exercise: Defining wrong KPIs on effective processes and the outcome

Practical methods for applying KPIs to best measure the success of strategy
• What to measure?
• How to measure?
• Control points: Where to measure?
• How often to measure?
• Why to measure?
• What type of KPIs are applicable KPIs?

Operational Excellence and organisation study
• Tools and key concepts
• Processes designed for sustained excellence
• Types of waste
• Reducing waste by rapid diagnostics

Indicators that modernise our management style to remain competitive in the current climate
• Sustainability Performance Indicators (SPIs)
• Key result indicators
• Key awareness indicators 
• Key flexibility indicators 

Case Study: Leadership or dealership?

Gaining support of key stakeholders through successful leadership to best drive strategy to grow profitability
• What is in it for me?
• How to get people fully on board 
• CFT KPIs, the tool for synergy creation, measurement & improvement

Organisational data mining and analysis
• Data preparation for analytical process
• Reporting style and visualisation: KPIs, Indices to support KPIs, and Projects
• Score management
• Deployment ( people & operations)
• Decision making process & decision analysis
• Strategy re-evaluation

Simulation: The role of gamification in implementing KPIs
• Miracle of gamification
• Results to motivate people
• Internal benchmarking
• Gaining scores by playing with scorecards

Organisational performance analysis through process mining
• Process mining framework
• Tools that work if you use them properly
• Simple patterns and simplified algorithms

Cost innovation to bring greater value for money
• Re-study your processes based on value for money
• Balancing cost management and creativity
• Tricks to do more with less
• The role of the competitive environment in cost management

Case Study: Texture of balanced scorecards in different industry and lessons learned
- Manufacturing
- Finance
- Automotive
- Pharmaceutical
- Service Industry

Benefits to you

• Incorporate techniques to design a tailor-made model of performance excellence
• Adapt your work to create results, and not follow processes
• Improve decision making process based on balanced scorecard to increase efficiency and effectiveness
• Create sustainable synergy across the organisation and establish a measurement culture
• Shift from reactive planning to agile planning to quickly implement change
• Identify modern indicators to lead growth and innovation across the enterprise
• Optimise strategy planning for efficient implementation
• Understand KPIs from the customers’ point of view
• Analyse organisational performance and business processes through process mining
• The secret of people engagement
• Realise the nature of defined KPIs based on corporate identity and strategy
• Use methods for result analysis to improve performance
• Simplify organisational data mining to understand and implement improvements

Companies already benefiting include:

Toyota • Nissan • HSBC • BP • Shell • Pfizer

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

12th-13th September 2019, Berlin, Germany, PT4020

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