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Digital Strategy for Leaders

In recent years we have seen some of the most innovative and exciting firms grow and develop as a result of digital and technological advances. The world’s largest taxi firm owns no taxis, and one of the world’s leading hospitality firms owns no hotels. Yet, both firms have grown into household names by simply harnessing the power of innovation and technology to offer something different, whilst directly engaging with their target audience through digital applications. What was once a channel for information is now a blend of experiences and opportunities. The digital world has evolved at a phenomenal rate and allowed firms to revolutionise their practices through technology and transform the way their customers interact with them. However, with such a fast pace of change it can be difficult to create a strategy for brands rather than just “react” to circumstances. Digitisation is blurring the lines between sectors and placing fresh demands on both leadership and organisational strategy. Many CEOs are choosing to lead the digital transformation themselves, particularly in industries that are being heavily disrupted as the whole organisation is impacted. This is an essential course for leaders to assist them in learning how to assess the key components of using digital to its full potential.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This is an essential course for leaders in companies to assist them in learning how to assess the key components of using digital to its full potential. We will look at customers, channels, strategy, and data to help you develop an effective strategy for delivering your digital business objectives. Incorporated into the programme are opportunities for open discussion and practical exercises to allow benchmarking and learning from peers. Additionally, there are two case study sessions and interviews with external Fortune 500 C-Level executives to give their experience of managing multi-million budgets for Fortune500 companies.

Who should attend?

Senior Leaders within corporations looking to get a better understanding of how to drive digital strategies successfully within their company.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Day One – Understanding “Digital” and “Disruption” caused by it in its truest context across value chain functions

The Digital Revolution: Key stages influencing our today and tomorrow 
• Examining the 4th and 5th Industrial Revolution 
• Key disruptive trends: Are we ready? 

Use-cases led approach to demystify digital technology trends across the value chain
• Marketing, Sales, Service transformation:
-Digital Marketing, Sales, Service, Product Innovation/R&D 
-Social media: From listening to actionable insights & engaging conversations 
-Web and analytics: From basics of brand’s digital presence to creating experience driven conversations 
-Winning with eCommerce: B2B or B2C best practices 
-Winning with Content: Demystifying “Content is King” terminology 
-Design Thinking approach to persona definition 
-Mobility: The now and Future 
• IT led approach Digital transformation:
-Legacy modernisation: The bigger TCO versus Experience picture 
-Cloud: Demystifying Cloud to its basic versus advanced usage 
-Workforce Productivity: Though “Customer is still the king” without “digital workforce” there is no kingdom 
-The future of tomorrow with Robotics and Automation: Software versus Hardware-led robotics and automation
• Innovation – New Trends:
-Artificial Intelligence (ML/DL): Is the AI we know works today, really Artificial or Super-Intelligent? 
-Chatbots: What and why of chatbots 
-Augmented , Virtual and Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR): Enterprise business use cases versus games 
-Blockchain: Do you really need it right now for your business? 
-IoT/IoE: It is not new, so why is there so much hype right now? 
-Analytics versus Big Data: Structured/Unstructured data to make better sense of the world for today and tomorrow 
-Quantum computing: Basics of what makes a quantum computer and future trends 
-Gamification: In a non-gamified business environment, role gamification can play to deliver better and sustainable “engaging” outcomes 

Digital Foundations Key Blocks of the Transformative Digital Journey 
• Design thinking / persona driven Formula2GX #BDAF Journey Framework approach to define and deliver outcome-based journeys across enterprise (B2B, B2C, B2E)

Case Study Session:
External Fortune 500 CXOs perspectives on Digital Transformation Speaker 1
• Live Interview sessions with CxOs who have managed multi-million budgets for Fortune500 companies

Bringing Convergence to chaos created by silo-thinking 
• Examining digitisation demands & challenges on both leadership and organisational strategy (CxOs ownership of digital agenda – Business versus IT debate) 
• External perspective on defining digital for your enterprise: Looking at “Digital Transformation” from the eyes of Industry leaders in Service / Solution Providers, Agencies, Analyst / Advisory firms 
• Digital Maturity, Operating model and Stages of digital innovation (Surviving, Consolidating, Leading, Disruptively Transforming) 

Practical Exercise: Hands-on #DigitalDIY exercises
• Designing Persona for your business (Customer, Employee, Partner: Changing mindset) 
• POEM framework (Basics of digital marketing: Getting comfortable) 
• Design thinking approach to experience journeys: Moving away siloed digital experiments to value thinking
• Technology trend maturity mapping to your needs: Demystifying hype to business domain context
• Use-cases mapping of trends to business domain needs: List of 100+ contextual use-cases deep dive

Day Two – Digital Deep Dive across industries and how to win the battle today and tomorrow

Group Exercise: Benchmarking digital (channels) best practices for your company
• Based on participants pre-questionnaire survey completion + research done by trainer

Transformation Case Studies: How digital winners think and what you can do to learn from them, compete or collaborate
Outside-in case studies from #BornDigital companies, #RebornDigital and Innovative Start-ups
Zones (bringing best of the world): USA, Europe, BRICS, Rest of World 
• Industries (Learning from cross-industry): Sample industries covering CPG, Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Fashion, Travel and Transport, and Public Services
• Functional areas (Transformation enabled by digital is across functions): IT, Marketing, Sales, Service, R&D, Finance, HR, Recruitment, Logistics and Supply chain, Legal, Procurement, Operations, Distribution, Production, Purchasing, etc 
• Understanding what outperformers do differently: Teardown of strategy of big players, including Amazon, Google, and AirBnB 

Case Study Session:
External Fortune 500 CXOs perspectives on Digital Transformation Speaker 2
• Live Interview sessions with CxOs who have managed multi-million budgets for Fortune500 companies

Practical Exercise: Hands-on #DigitalDIY exercises 
• Applicability of case studies and CxOs lessons learnt mapped to your own industry need 
• Hands-on basics of benchmarking your online digital maturity: Customer focussed

The How-To session 
• Demand management, Budget allocation and re-investment 
• Key Roles & Skills needed for your organisation and where to get them 
• Lean Canvas: How do we prioritise digital work and avoid repetition? 
• Agile and its true meaning/applicability in the real world 
• Process driven thinking across enterprise 
• Change management in its truest sense 

Changing mindset towards #DigitalStrategy and Execution of it
• Using the Harvard Business Review Methodology to find answer to “Where to start” and “How to win” 

Being ready not just for today but also for tomorrow: Building a continuous Innovation mindset across organisation 
• Innovation models: What are the different options and which one is for us?
• How to create your own trend and be a leader rather than a follower
• #CollectiveThinking: What it is and why is it important to be ready for a change

Benefits to you

• Understand the path, skills and measures needed for digital makeover: B2B, B2C, B2E
• Build confidence on understanding digital trends and applicability to your own business
• Differentiate global case-studies across different industries and functions to explore applicability at current place of work
• Understand the impact of digital transformation on (re)defining operating model
• Apply an end-to-end picture of digital transformation, eco-system of partners/ providers, roadmap from vision to execution and measurement
• Assess digital channels and understand their strategic role versus tactical needs
• Measure digital investment returns (TCO reduction versus Disruptive business model change)
• Select the appropriate combination of strategies for your organisation
• Establish self-learning pathway through use of tools and (free) digital learning portal catalogue
• Takeaway Formula2GX Digital Beehive research methodology and ACE Experience framework for outcome based journeys

Case Study Sessions Two live Interview sessions with CxOs who have managed multi-million budgets for Fortune500 companies

Companies already benefiting include:

Nestle • Deutsche Bank • Samsung • SAB Miller • USAA • Philip Morris • Unilever • Tech Data • Moet Hennessy • M&S • Singapore Airlines

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

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