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Practical Project Management

More and more projects are finding their way into peoples’ objectives and KPI’s. Having a sound knowledge of project management principles not only improves your saleability as an employee, but also increases your capacity to deliver success in the workplace. This course is perfect for professionals who want to fast track their confidence and their career. The course is practically orientated and will provide you with a range of tools and techniques that can be applied in the workplace immediately.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

More than ever before, companies are using project management as vehicles for delivering change, and as a way of achieving sustainable competitive advantage. Project management is therefore a highly desirable and attractive skill among employers. This course provides an interesting and sound introduction to project management principles and provides a wealth of useful tools for those who are tasked with delivering or leading projects. Unlike other courses, delegates will be asked to complete workbook exercises based on their current business and industry sector. This makes the learning experience directly relevant to the work they are doing in their current role. Many delegates complete the course with project proposals that they can apply immediately to current or forthcoming projects as soon as they return to work.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for Middle Managers, Senior Managers and Consultants who are new to project managers or wish to improve their project management skills. The concepts and skills taught on the course are relevant to any industry sector including commercial and not for profit.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Project Characteristics: The key concepts of project management and how to manage them effectively
• Project Management versus business as usual
• The project life cycle
• Core project characteristics
• Why projects fail and how to prevent it

Group Discussion: Balancing business as usual with non-seasonal project demands

Defining project objectives and linking them to business strategy to gain support and bring returns
• The internal and external environment
• Identifying opportunities and threats to bring value to the business
• Assessing current delivery capability to set realistic goals
• Determining project viability to effectively allocate resources

Group Exercise: PESTEL and internal capability audits

Effective project proposal management to define time, cost, and quality elements, and devise a supporting project business case
• Considering project scope
• Considering needs versus wants to identify key aims of the project
• Calculating cost, breakeven and ROI to manage the cost of projects
• Considering project choices

Group Exercise: Defining the business case for projects to best bring return on investment

Optimising project planning through use of Prince 2 methodology
• Work breakdown structure
• Critical path analysis
• Gantt chart planning
• 5M resource analysis

Group Exercise: ‘Plan your project’

Key considerations and challenges in managing risk in a project
• Conducting a risk assessment to identify key areas of risk
• Mitigating high level risk to reduce the impact on projects
• Contingency strategies to prepare for a worse-case scenario
• Cost versus risk considerations: When is it too expensive to mitigate risk?

Group Exercise: Conducting a risk profile

Maximising the components to ensure effective project delivery
• Resource forecasting to allocate appropriate resources
• Manpower planning to ensure effective time-allocation
• Defining metrics and measures to monitor the progress of the project
• Monitoring and control methodology to ensure the project brings a tangible benefit to business and customers

Group Exercise: Correcting slippage and drift

Stakeholder profiling to turn potential project objectors to project supporters
• Internal versus external stakeholders: Understanding the different approaches for different stakeholders
• Power, status and influence, and how they impact stakeholder management 
• Identifying resistance to reduce impact on project success
• Intervention strategies to enable greater support for projects

Group Exercise: Profile your stakeholders to gain project support

Monitoring and reporting: The key to keeping projects on track
• Budget management
• Metrics, Measures and KPI’s to provide appropriate progress reporting strategies
• Slippage & Drift
• Corrective intervention strategies to manage a decline in progress

Case Study: NHS

Project close out: Knowing how to stop the project in a timely and effective way
• Progress audits to best understand the state of the project
• Project handover to ensure successful adoption of project product
• Assessing project success to demonstrate the ROI
• Reallocation of resources to effectively manage project end

Group Exercise: Reviewing project success to understand the impact of the project and ROI

Benefits to you

• Understand how to align project objectives with key strategic drivers to gain business support
• Manage the key stages and principles of the project life cycle
• Practice how to scope and plan a project for effective delivery to time and budget
• Determine cost, time and quality elements to efficiently manage expectations
• Calculate and manage risk to ensure quality project delivery
• Incorporate progress reporting and stakeholder management skills into the project to ensure continued support and demonstrate ROI

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

28-29 May 2020, London, UK, PT4119

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