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Master Data Management: Leadership in Data-Driven Strategies to Create Actionable Insights and Drive the Business

The explosive growth of available data in the last decade, hand in hand with the evolution of data storage facilities, and an unprecedented maturity of intelligible software have drastically reduced access barriers to the use of analytical tools. Exploring data is not ‘nerds only’ anymore, however, companies now need to align their overall company strategy with a vision on data and data research or risk missing out on the full benefit of analytics. This marcus evans course will enable good understanding and sound use of customer data to create actionable insights through alignment with corporate strategy. As a result of deep comprehension of the strategy, main characteristics and crucial data can be identified and translated into a dedicated data vision. To ensure that the vision can fulfill the needs of the corporate strategy related issues like data management, data quality and privacy by design will also be addressed. The principal focus however will be on identifying the needed requirements and vision for the fruitful application of analysis to support business aims in the digital era. Participation in this training will teach attendants best practices how to incorporate explicit insights effectively into the business and company culture to drive return on investment.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

All topics mentioned will be dealt with in interactive workshops of sixty minutes each. These intensive sessions typically will start with an introductory lecture that allows for Q&A and ample discussion. Every workshop comes to an end after dealing with a tailored case study, performing a role-play or working out a practical exercise. After two days, attendants of this training will be fully prepared to breakdown their business strategies, marketing plans or focussed campaigns into manageable Lego bricks that represent explicit requisites in terms of data. Gathering these building blocks together, a corporate vision on data will not be another IT definition study anymore, but definitely become business-driven. The same holds for tying analytics and insights into the business needs and in that spirit successfully pave the way for undisputed opinion leadership.

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for those responsible for data management, and those who are responsible for data-driven marketing and strategy. Additionally, data scientists and intelligence professionals, as well as compliance directors, privacy officers and data governance experts.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Towards leadership in data-driven strategies and delivery of insights
• The pivotal role of business strategy to develop a streamlined data strategy
• Linking strategy and data to ensure greater return on investment
• What modern analytics should involve to create stronger insight delivery

Case study/practical exercise: Evaluation of data-driven strategies and their strengths and weaknesses

The evolution of ‘data-driven’ through time
• Understanding the old school meaning of ‘data-driven’ and its limitations
• The new school thinking of customer experience and how it enables business strategy
• Combining both worlds: Moving towards 360 degrees
• Appreciating today’s primary school: Rethinking ‘data-driven’ from the ground up

Case study/practical exercise: How competitive edges have changed

A proprietary vision on data as the necessary compliment to business strategy
• Fully understand the business model and its underlying paradigms to create a rounded view of data in the organisation
• Identify data resources to better support the business strategy
• Incorporating a stronger metadata and data quality strategy into overall business vision
• Define data gap to understand where to focus investment

Case study/practical exercise: Developing a proprietary vision on data to compliment business strategy

Next level data governance to ensure a well-rounded business strategy
• Privacy by design (GDPR): Incorporating privacy to satisfy regulations while advancing business opportunities
• Transparent consent management to meet customer needs and business goals
• How to deal with the common reality of < 360 degrees
• Explicit on use of data to gain greater consent and support to data plans

Case study/practical exercise: Optimising data governance to incorporate regulatory requirements while meeting customer concerns

Incorporate drivers of change-able insight leadership that make the difference
• A common research methodology well-respected by all stakeholders
• Effective Human Resource Management to ensure high performance
• The function of intuition in the era of Machine Learning

Case study/practical exercise: How to manage resources to drive insight leadership

Really effective integration of Big Data to bring added value to the business
• Pros and cons to Big Data from a business perspective
• Necessary (new) conditions and rules to apply to ensure a better alignment of Big Data and business strategy
• Sustainable performance to ensure Big Data use becomes business as usual

Case study/practical exercise: Strategies to integrate Big Data into business as usual

Incorporating RPA into data strategy as the new driver for master data management efficiency
• Implementing RPA into your data strategy to increase effectiveness
• Developing a strategy for RPA and digitalisation within your data vision
• Linking Digitalisation strategy with the MDM strategy to create a coherent vision

Group Discussion: Keeping pace with RPA and digitalisation changes in developing a data vision

Miscellaneous topics that open doors to new business opportunities
• Data quality beyond lip service
• Visualisation is the new reporting
• The rising stars of voice and Artificial Intelligence: What can be potentials, how to define a starting point, and preconditions for the new technology

Case study/practical exercise: Enlightening illustrations of added value generation

Moving from generating insights towards opinion-leadership
• Knowledge management in times of Deep Learning and how it can assist in moving towards opinion-leadership
• ‘An Inconvenient Truth’: Thorough business analysis questions and evolves business paradigms
• What analytical insights should lead to a change of the business course?

Case study/practical exercise: Practical examples of how to best incorporate analytics into business strategy

Benefits to you

• Gain opinion-leadership through robust delivery of relevant business insights
• Identify the main pillars and drivers of the corporate strategy
• Expand the business strategy with a vision on data to really become ‘data-driven’
• Evaluate the impact of impeccable data management on business strategy and returns
• Understand privacy by design and consent issues to ensure compliant data governance
• Explore the necessary conditions for enduring insight leadership
• Leverage 360 degree customer view to optimize business strategies

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

19-20 September 2019, London, UK, PT4032

25-26 November 2019, London, UK, PT4032

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