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Exploiting Artificial Intelligence in HR to Optimise Recruitment and Employee Engagement Strategies

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest topics in business right now. But the level of hype makes it difficult for executives to understand and explore how it might benefit their organisations and HR function. Andrew Burgess is a renowned speaker on AI and author of The Executive Guide to Artificial Intelligence – on this course he will cut through the AI hype and explain what the technology is (and isn’t) and how it is being used across businesses today. He will provide practical advice on how to start your own AI journey, and how to avoid the risks and dangers associated with the technology. Through practical examples and real-life demos, focused particularly around HR and Recruitment, attendees will come away with an appreciation of how AI can transform their businesses, and what they can do to start. The workshop explains Artificial Intelligence in the context of HR and Recruitment today. It is highly interactive, with real AI demos and discussions on how AI can be relevant to your specialism and business.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

Attendees will learn about the AI Framework, a practical approach to appreciate the capabilities of artificial intelligence that forms the foundation of understanding for the rest of the course and the ongoing practice of AI in their business. Each of the capabilities in the framework will be illustrated by real-world examples and, where relevant, demos of the technology in practice. Delegates will identify their own opportunities for AI during the course, and these will be discussed within the group. Delegates will learn about the practical methodologies they can use to apply these opportunities in their own organisations and how these can be procured, developed and operationalised. Delegates will leave with a range of real opportunities and a draft plan of how to implement them.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for HR Directors, HR Managers, Recruitment Managers, Heads of Shared Services, Operations Directors and anyone else involved in developing a strategy to incorporate RPA and AI into Human Resources and Recruitment.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what is it not?
• Cutting through the hype
• Definitions of AI
• How AI is different from other technologies

Group Discussion: What are people’s current perceptions and understanding of AI? Is it being used in your business today?

The emergence of AI now and the importance of incorporating an AI strategy
• The early days of AI
• AI Winters, and will they return?
• The 4 drivers of AI
• The need to develop an AI strategy

Case Studies: Examples of AI in action

The AI Capability Framework and its application to HR and Recruitment
• Introducing the AI Framework
• Why the Framework is useful
• Detailed look at each capability in the Framework

Case Studies: How each of the AI capabilities relate to HR and Recruitment needs

Associated technologies of AI and the role they can play
• Robotic Process Automation
• Crowd-sourcing
• Internet of Things
• Physical Robots

Group Discussion: How could each of these be used in HR and Recruitment to support AI?

How AI is transforming HR and Recruitment
• Finding candidates
• Knowledge management
• Chatbots
• Semantic search
• Personalised Learning
• Voice support

Practical Exercise: Demonstrations of different AI technologies being used in HR and Recruitment

Examining the leading AI vendors and platforms to look out for
• Build or buy?
• The different types of vendors
• How to procure AI
• Using the AI Framework to assess vendors

Case Study: Different approaches to building a chatbot

The key steps to start your AI journey and incorporate it effectively into business as usual
• Assessing AI maturity
• Building an AI strategy
• Creating an AI business case
• Developing an AI roadmap

Practical Exercise: Creating a business case for AI within the HR space

Overcoming the practical and ethical challenges of AI
• What could possibly go wrong?
• Data quality
• Data bias
• Black box
• Over-dependency

Group Discussion: How to mitigate the risks of AI

The role of the HR professional in managing the AI programme
• Replace versus Augment
• Defining the Moments That Matter
• Implementing AI in HR
• Implementing AI across the business
• Managing AI talent
• Operationalising AI

Practical Exercise: What are the Moments that Matter in your HR organisation?

The future for AI in HR and Recruitment
• How AI will develop
• The impact of AI on the future of work
• The AI-enabled HR department
• Should we fear the Singularity?

Group Discussion: What will you do next to start the AI journey on your HR organisation?

Benefits to you

• Evaluate the range of AI capabilities and which are most appropriate to optimise your HR and Recruitment process
• Incorporate further technologies, such as chatbots, RPA, and robots, to enhance HR while maintaining a human-focus
• Examine case studies on different approaches to developing chatbots and other technology and incorporate into business as usual
• Start their AI journey to develop technologies to streamline HR processes
• Explore the risks associated with AI and how they can mitigate them
• Develop a strategy to create new technologies to remove repetitive tasks from the HR plate and increase the effectiveness of recruitment processes
• Understand methodologies to incorporate chatbots and other AI technologies efficiently without removing human contact

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

Future Dates to be Announced

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