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Social Media for Marketing and Communications to Nurture Stakeholder Loyalty

Social media now represents the primary channel of engagement with mass audiences. Organisations must have a strong understanding of the mechanisms at work when orchestrating their digital strategy. In attempting to gain attention and traction on social media, every brand and every news story is your competitor. When defending your reputation from unhappy customers and trolls, there are many threats. Take steps now to prepare and gain the upper hand. Brand awareness and reputation can only be driven by those who know how to rise above the noise and bring their agenda to the attention of those who matter. Community influence and engagement must be a priority in a modern digital strategy. Acquiring the tools required to spearhead your efforts with digital is a valuable investment. This masterclass will give you the knowledge and confidence to interpret the online landscape, develop an effective approach and execute your strategy with precision, to increase engagement, customer loyalty, and bring value to the business.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This intensive 2-day course is designed to help PR and communication professionals, as well as those with associated responsibilities, better leverage social media to achieve their goals. Attendees will be given the knowledge to capitalise on various features of social media, including the platforms’ algorithms in order to maximise brand exposure as well as monitor networks for opportunities and threats. An array of relevant case studies and practical exercises will enable attendees to see how practical application of the course content delivers tangible real-life results. The presenter will help delegates develop their social media strategies around traditional PR methods to optimise community engagement and brand exposure as well as sharing best practise when dealing with potential risks.

Who should attend?

This course is suited for those focussed on PR and communications from all size companies, including Directors and Managers of PR and Communications, Account Managers, PR and Marketing Executives, Marketing Managers and Directors, Heads of Communication and Chief Marketing Officers.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Understanding the current social media landscape and its role on modern PR and communication
• How different social media platforms interact with one another
• The key demographics that exist on each platform
• How success is typically attained from platform to platform
• Likely trends to come about in social media in the near future

Group Discussion: What platforms does everyone use, what are your strengths and weaknesses?

Case Study: A company that leveraged social media to lead and amplify their PR efforts. This illustrates the importance of social media in achieving your business goals

Fundamentals of effective digital PR strategy
• Analyse business goals and transposing them to digital and social
• Analysis of macro and micro, long and short-term strategies
• Determining the right tactics for your brand
• Finding and making story, click-baiting and trading up the chain

Group discussion: What are the best practices for social media campaigns, what has been successful for you?

Practical Exercise: Analyse the business goals for a client/campaign/yourselves and review how they might be achieved through social media activity

Stand out from the crowd by appealing to network algorithms
• Craft compelling content to stop scrolling user in their tracks
• Maximise reach and engagements with your content to generate awareness, page views and influence
• Learn the ins and outs of the complex algorithms at play on the major social networks
• Identify which elements of the algorithms can best be manipulated to enhance reach and engagement

Case study: Examples of brands sharing good and bad content in terms of optimisation for the algorithms

Practical exercise: Look at the last five pieces of content your brand shared. Which ones are the best? How could they have been improved? Do the stats back up the theory?

Campaign and performance analysis to optimise the social media communications strategy
• Interpreting a wide range of performance metrics
• Introduction to analytical tools including third-party platforms for additional insight
• Qualitative vs quantitative data for PR and communications on social media
• Using data to inform a dynamic approach to social tactics
• Identifying which metrics and data is most relevant and suitable for presentation to clients

Case study: Digesting feedback at a major public event. This illustrates the value of using qualitative data to illustrate not just volume of engagement but also the sentiment of it

Engaging the media to reach valuable new audiences
• Identifying media influencers and journalists on Twitter
• Contact points for media outlets: Gorkana and HARO by Cision
• Targeted outreach and approaches that work

Practical exercise: List 10-20 key influencers or journalists for you or one of your clients’ brands. What have they shared recently? Are there potential outreach opportunities?

Capitalising on real-time and trending topics to increase engagement
• Monitoring social media and the news for key topics or phrases mentioned
• Develop a process and game plan for getting involved
• Adding value to the discussion and being a key player in your industry
• Staying true to your brand voice and representing your audience

Case study: Royal Dutch Airline and their investing in social monitoring following the European ash cloud crisis. An example of one of the best performing social media teams to demonstrate what
is theoretically possible

Case Study: Oreo at the Super Bowl – an example of how a brand was able to adapt their pre-planned strategy in order to react to new developments during a sporting event

Practical Exercise: Create a monitoring dashboard in anticipation of an upcoming event or campaign, tracking key influencers and likely conversation starters

Cultivating a loyal online community to increase support
• Understand the value of a loyal and committed fan base from both a business and brand perspective
• The key factors required when growing your community
• Leveraging your audience to build your brand and generate sales: Reviews, referrals, exposure

Case study: How an activity park’s customers come to their rescue after online criticism

Dealing with complaints and crisis management
• Identifying online brand threats and minimising risks
• Developing a crisis management protocol
• Key tactics to use: Diffusion, deflection, disengagement
• Knowing your rights and legal obligations
• Assessing internal risks on social media as well as social media policies

Case Study: How KFC turned a potential PR catastrophe into an online master stroke

Practical exercise: Make a risk assessment, including both internal and external risk factors. Assign a degree of likelihood as well as a degree of potential importance. Are their safeguards in place to minimise these risks? Is there a protocol in place should one of these happen?

Benefits to you

• Gain a deep understanding of the role of social media in brand reach and engagement across the key networks
• Explore various channels and mechanisms to influence specific demographics, interest groups and segments of your target audience
• Incorporate key messaging and rich media to maximise meaningful post and content engagement
• Develop a robust, multi-level strategy that contributes to your PR and community engagement goals
• Apply tactics used by major brands to better manage your online community and amplify key content including press coverage
• Accurately record and leverage tangible, numerical data to analyse results and inform future decisions
• Adapt strategies in order to react and engage with emerging trends, as well respond effectively to real time feedback from audiences

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

24-25 June 2019, London, UK, PT4044

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