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Executive PA's Senior Development Programme: Strategy and Digital

Are you the executive PA who is an invisible company wizard that makes it all work? The grey cardinal who protects executives´ time, priorities and image? A super-human who ensures the success of daily business operations? The one who is always there to make sure executive team reach outstanding results on time? Executive PA is HR, marketing, legal, finance, administration, psychology, and events management expert in one. With so many things on their plate daily, and the same 24 hours in a day, it´s crucial to get their hands on the newest tools. The latest apps and technologies can help the executive’s right hand deal with piling demands and responsibilities, while at the same time ensuring the maximum role satisfaction and personal career growth. When the executive PA improves and excels everything and everyone around does too.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This highly interactive, tech-savvy course is designed to empower ambitious individuals who are looking for ways to enhance their performance, broaden their role and develop the managerial aspects of their position, while using the newest technology. Our experienced trainer will show you how to improve your confidence, productivity and time management skills using various techniques and APPs. With the help of practical exercises, demos and presentations, you will get tools for managing yourself, your colleagues and your boss more effectively, both online and offline.

Who should attend?

Ambitious PA’s and secretaries who are confident in their current position who wish to be more proactive, grow in their position and take on more management responsibility.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Defining the Role

Perfect executive PA: Turning good into great
• CEO, SMT and office: The main areas that the role covers
• Definition of a perfect PA
• Our perception of strengths and limitations

Practical exercise: Defining the role; what’s the perfect PA like?

Defining and improving: The main responsibilities and authorities of your role
• Main obstacles that stop PAs from executing these responsibilities greatly and making most of the role. Defining main bumps in the road to success
• Depicting patterns that have most negative impact on our daily performance. How can we overcome them?

Practical Exercise: How do the main responsibilities of the PA get affected by stress, time management, and lack of technical tools

Planning for personal growth: Identifying and overcoming your barriers to success
• Stress, time management, and technology are very significant factors that have a huge impact on both professional and personal areas of our lives: How to make most of them instead of letting them affect us?
• The importance of focus and role model

Practical Exercise: Defining ‘personal legend’, or your ‘perfect PA model’: Who I am, where I want to be, how do I get there?

Stress Management

Stress management: What is stress and how do we cope with it?
• Our limiting paradigms and definitions about stress: What does it do to us and how to conquer them? 
• Main triggers of stress in PA´s daily life: How to overcome or minimize them? How can technology help?
• How stress can be a useful tool to improve sharpness, smart thinking and being awake

Practical Exercise: The PA’s main responsibilities; how to execute them better and decrease the impact of stress

Managing stress and pressure that comes with change and challenge
• Managing the fear of stress & change 
• How to make stress your ally instead of an enemy 
• Stress isn’t existent: It’s our own creation, as we fear the outcome and our mind magnifies it

Practical Exercise: Creating your ‘anti-stress’ map

Group Discussion: Technology as a tool for stress management

Importance of choosing your mood and emotional state
• The importance of order, and why less is more
• How to simplify our daily life and manage stress by having less of it around you
• The importance of having clear head, clear table, and clean surroundings
• The essentiality of disconnection, and breathing 
• How to set yourself in motion? 

Practical Exercise: Breathing and short meditation

Emerging as a tech-savvy PA

The tech-savvy PA: Creating a personal strategy to use technology to improve your skills; Learning about tools and apps that are a shortcut to PA´s efficiency and productivity in a day to day
• Best tools for managing CEO´s agenda, travels, emails and assuring nothing is ever forgotten 
• Daily exhausting tasks made easy 
• How to help your office community while helping your boss and HR department
• How do we manage big projects and events?
• How do we assure we stick to timelines and how can technology help with it? 

Practical Exercise: Applying the newest technologies and APPS in core areas of the PA´s life

Time Management

Multitasking: The importance of prioritisation and effective time management
• Practicing effective time management skills: Seeing a bigger picture, and why the devil is in the details
• We all have 24 hours in a day. How to make most of them, prioritize accordingly and get things done? How can technology help? 
• CEO vs office needs. How to deal with urgent needs and prioritize accordingly?
• How anticipation and proper planning can help you avoid fires?
• How to define importance properly, and when burning is really burning
• Plan for success, prepare for failure

Practical Exercise: SUN method, and planning an event

Planning success
• Think like your boss: The importance of thinking and planning strategically
• Responsibilities of the PA from CEO’s perspective
• What strategies can we use to simplify regular tasks, fix the bummers and improve efficiency?
• How to become your ideal PA in a year

Practical Exercise: The 3, 6, and 12 month plan; the T. Ferry technique

Benefits to you

• Deal with your daily tasks better using the latest technology and apps
• Create opportunities for your personal development and cracking challenges better
• Get the best out of stress and demanding situations
• Make most of your time using the newest time management and action planning tools & APPs
• Experience fewer burn-out moments and more balance
• Manage stress and pressure in an increasingly challenging environment
• Improve your confidence, assertiveness and ensure steady carrier growth while being hands-on with your personal progress

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

19-20 March 2020, Oslo, Norway, PT4110

26-27 March 2020, London, UK, PT4109

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