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Excellence in Supply Chain Planning and Analytics

Since the economic down turn companies have been striving to make certainty from uncertainty that offsets business complexity and risk to take control. The challenges to develop resilience within the supply chain help manufacturers and retailers manage and develop plans that cope with the volatility and demands of an ever changing consumer landscape. If links in the supply chain falter then it affects both business operations and financial plans. As every element of the supply chain is connected to a business function there is a need to plan and develop risk mitigation for these business units. Analytics involves commitment from a business to integrate resources processes and technology that build a foundation for an analytical culture. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals to attend a 2 day course and ensure that they understand the benefits of planning and analytics and how it benefits the Supply Chain at all levels

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

his two day course uses interactive discussions, role plays and cases studies to implement the essential knowledge and enable better and more effective planning within your supply chain operation. In addition it provides key practical skills that you can take into your business so that issues impacting on performance can be mitigated and contingencies made whilst delivering reduced costs with assurance of supply. Experts share their experiences of the entire Supply Chain planning cycle and analytics process and have knowledge in a wide range of supply chain situations. You will operate with confidence in complex environments managing costs and risks to deliver value through your designated business supply chain. Using and applying best practice methodology you will learn to develop planning and analytics techniques in your business ensuring integrity and success from all parties.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for all Procurement Logistics and Supply Chain levels, operations Purchasing and Buying teams, Category Managers, Vendor managers, Sourcing and Tendering, Finance control, Project managers, Operation’s, Analysts, Risk and Auditors.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Base-lining and Forecasting through an understanding of supply chain analytics. Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
• Understating the ROI benefits from the effective use of data analytics
• Using analytics to identify optimal stock levels that produce profit maximisation
• Driving Demand management through a unified analytical approach
• Understanding the Bull whip effect and Stochastic Supply chain planning
• Streamlining the supply chain with an analytics approach
• Using information from multiple data streams to identify weak links in your supply chain
• Collaborative partnering with suppliers to ensure accurate forecasting and optimal data

Defining needs and challenging the demand
The need to improve certainty and predictability aligning demand, supply, finance and operations is critical to successful Supply Chain management
• Creating a business culture of analytics and planning
• Stakeholder engagement that overcomes the barriers for an embedded and fully effective analytics and planning strategy
• Gathering data from all stakeholders to provide better demand management that reduces costs
• Assessment of resilience and third party risk to build a stable chain through analytics to ensure JIT rather than JTL
• Identifying reliance on particular suppliers to reduce uncertainty and build in contingency
• Developing score cards and KPIs to measure the impact of analytics on your business
• Using Lean and six sigma best practices for continuous supply chain improvements

Integrated Planning
The need to capture external inputs of customer demand and supplier commitments and managing volumes of data into plans that give a clear view of the total supply chain. Including:
• Sales and Operational plans
• Supplier and Vendor planning
• People process and tools.
• Supply Chain Performance management
• Key challenges and Channels
• Communicating the plan
• Manage the rapid responses to market changes

Risk assessment for better planning results.
Increasing adoption of outsourcing and off shoring ensures much of the supply chain is external to core company functions. Correspondingly in terms of control there is a need to integrate these external collaborators within the company’s planning. This covers :
• The factors that determine risk in the supply chain
• Planning forecasting and replenishment
• Assessing Risks and mitigation - Risk Tool Demo
• Strategic segmentation and portfolio analysis
• Managing supplier risk
• Business intelligence

Using planning and analytics to manage costs to protect value
The ability to manage costs in the supply chain is critical to ensuring value. This includes:
• Using systems to capture Data and Metrics
• Third party costs and use of category management
• Ongoing management of costs and supplier service
• Total cost of ownership
• Milestones and KPIs

Benefits to you

• Implementing the essential tools to enable better and more effective planning within the supply chain operation
• Learning how to drive value beyond assurance and cost control and ensure customer satisfaction and secure revenue by using analytics correctly
• Learning how to improve your supply chain process using integrated planning
• Translating data into plans to increase value and optimise the costs within end-to-end supply chain
• Exploring current trends and best practices to enhance your planning and analytical skills

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

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