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Smart Bid And Tender Masterclass

With the public sector continuing to outsource its services at an increasing rate and increasing dependency on third parties in the private sector the expertise in running tenders has never been more critical. With recent media exposure of contract failure costing millions of pounds in compensation and damages to both a business and an individual’s reputation, the cost from making mistakes in the tendering process is exceptional. This master class will provide essential methodology that guarantees value through strategic sourcing with external suppliers.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This course shows step by step how to run the tender process successfully. By using fit for purpose tools, process, models and expertise you will be able to mitigate all aspects of risks and provide confidence, integrity and success in the process to all parties. This 2 day master class for bid, tender and procurement specialists will provide practical skills and knowledge that you can apply in all aspects of the tendering and contract management process, reducing time, costs and risk and increasing reputation, confidence and integrity for you and your business.

Who should attend?

Those involved with tendering processes and supply chain management.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Key aspects of the pre-tender process
• Defining and specifying tender requirements
• Procurement and business engagement
• Applying essential protocols & governance to the tendering process

Case Study: Marketing and Print media
Global business with multiple suppliers and requirements across individual stakeholders and regions. This complex core business function needed multiple capabilities and skills to ensure a successful tender that delivered successful results to the business

Demand management
• Demand forecasting
• Inventory Planning
• Risk management in forecasting

Exercise: Work together to utilise and Master Demand management as a key cost lever

Budget approval process
• The main steps of budget approval process
• Techniques for streamlining the process
• Defining impact of budget approval process on tendering process

Exercise: Understanding how the tendering process works with the budgeting process

The tender stage. Defining the preferred tender strategy
• Considering your options and if you need to tender goods and services
• Restricted vs open tenders
• Requests for information, requests for proposal (RFI/RFP) and other useful tools

Practical Exercise: Applying tools for defining the best strategy

Market intelligence and due diligence
• Effective ways of conducting market intelligence and due diligence
• Preparing and conducting activities with prospective vendors
• Selecting suppliers

Exercise: Working together draft a due diligence plan on a category supplier of your choosing

Supplier evidence and score cards
• Application of weighting in tendering process
• Financial modelling
• Total cost of ownership

Exercise: Designing and prepare a weighted score card for a category of your choice

Case study: Sergeant
A specialist aircraft engineering firm that manages large complex aircraft
maintenance and upgrade projects. Using information provided delegates
will work through this case study to answer the tasks: How do you deal with
the situation? Was this foreseeable and could this have been avoided?

Key aspects of post-tender stage
• Working with KPIs
• Monitoring Service Level Agreements using KPIs
• Benefit tracking methodology

Interactive role play:
A World Class Global Company is considering the introduction of change in the next 18 months to respond to world markets. It is looking for initiatives and transformation that will position itself as a world leader in its field. This role play will provide delegates with a case study where they have an individual and a team role to play

Maintaining contract management
• Key terms and conditions of the contract
• Proposing and negotiating key contract terms
• Identifying and deploying skills for contract and supplier relationship management

Exercise: Working together list the terms you consider to be essential in a contract

Category management
• Analysis and segmentation
• Category maps and plans
• Implementation of category tools
• 5i category management process

Exercise: Applying the list the 5i of category management to your individual categories and suppliers

Important considerations when working on the tendering process
• Applying appropriate skills and resources in the tender process or in the management of contracts
• Clear roles and responsibilities in the process or during the contract management stage

Case Study: A cautionary tale
This case study includes how a tender process must uncover key weaknesses,
engage stakeholders and agree detailed specifications to avoid mistakes

Incentives and penalties
• The use of incentives or penalties for driving performance
• Identifying key performance indicators for monitoring performance

Group discussion: Understanding your own suppliers and how incentives improve their performance

Applying project management techniques in tendering process
• Project planning for tendering process
• Using strategic tools and governance in supplier assessment process
• Project risk assessment tools

Exercise: Demonstrating and discussing risk assessment tools and how they work in the tendering process

Benefits to you

• Master all essential stages of the bidding and tendering process that will ensure successful transformation of your supply chain
• Gain indispensable tips that will improve your ability to win contracts
• Minimise dependency risk by learning a proven, strategic framework to effectively manage your tendering operation
• Amass strategies to incentivise appropriate bidding and tendering practice
• Benefit from insights that will help you better identify and mitigate tender fraud
• Extra benefit: Free book: “Cost cutting – a cultural shift to sustainable cost base reduction”

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

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