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Manufacturing Integration in New Product Introduction

Global business trends have led to greater market competition, higher supply chain complexity, and increased functional decentralization. The effective integration of manufacturing with new product development has become essential for achieving profitability and time-to-market objectives. This program will address these practical challenges through a combination of frameworks, suggested best practices, and group discussion. This detailed examination of the interplay of NPI with other facets of the business will provide managers with a broader view of new product development that will help them to better navigate the practical challenges and tie loose ends together to achieve business objectives.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This is a two-day program designed to provide you with a practical framework for ensuring the successful transition of new products from design to manufacturing. The multi-disciplinary nature of new product introduction (NPI) will be explored with a survey of the dependencies that must be properly managed to effectively bring a new product to market. Particular emphasis will be placed on the critical need to effectively ramp-up manufacturing and external supply chains to meet time-to-market, profitability, and quality objectives.

Who should attend?

President, Vice-Presidents, Directors of: Manufacturing Operations, Design Engineering, Global Manufacturing & Operations, Supply Chain, Operational Excellence, Product Realization, Mechanical Design

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Day One

What is NPI?

- What does it involve?
- Who is responsible for NPI?

NPI Objectives

- Time-to-market
- Cost management
Regulatory compliance
Customer satisfaction
Supply chain and manufacturing planning

Implementation Challenges

- Engineering changes
- Contract manufacturing
- Capacity management
- Tooling
- Manufacturing learning curves
- Cost management
- Quality assurance
- Demand forecasts and planning
- Distribution planning
- Regulatory compliance

Day Two

Integrating NPI into the Business

̵   IT Systems
- Requirements management
- Product engineering
- Prototyping
- Product management
- Capital planning
- Production ramp-up
- Sales and distribution

Process Models

- NPI maturity model
- Data systems and integration
- NPI process documentation

Best Practices

- NPI project management
- Requirements management
- Concurrent manufacturing
- Design for manufacturing (DFM)
- Production planning
- Supplier management
- Engineering change management
- Capital planning
- Regulatory compliance
- Prototyping
- Contracting/procurement

Benefits to you

• Examine the elements of a successful new product introduction (NPI) process. • Learn frameworks for implementing a formalized NPI process. • Outline how an effective NPI process can be practically instituted. • Review suggested best practices for integrating NPI with the manufacturing supply chain. • Identify opportunities for improving design-to-manufacturing transitions. • Examine the NPI process as an information network, where each corporate function plays an essential role. • Address the implementation of NPI for business of all sizes, including those with limited resources and those where time-to-market is critical. • Explore the interplay of NPI with other facets of the business, such as engineering, marking, supply chain, manufacturing, human resources, and IT.

Companies already benefiting include:

The Hershey Company Motorola Inc. NASA National Center for Advanced Manufacturing Moen Incorporated Boston Beer Company Inc. Kaman Aerospace Corporation Johns Manville Corporation Jada Toys Hussmann Corporation Avery Office and Consumer Products Jada Toys Medivators Inc. Millercoors Teleflex Incorporated

Duration of Course

2 days Day Course

Course details

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