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R&D Controlling and Performance Management

Pressure to grow businesses, together with transforming industries, has continued to increase in recent years. Fierce competition has brought an increased focus on innovation strategies and more potential resources for research and development, but at the same time higher scrutiny on money invested and the need to streamlining the business to increase efficiency. Demonstrating the return on investment is often a difficult task. Those involved in R&D and R&D Finance need to develop a partnership to ensure they get the most out of R&D budgets, in a context of financial and human constraints, controlling and challenging cost, supporting decision making and measuring return on investment. In this course you will find insights on how to tackle these and other issues, such as how the digital transformation taking place in all industries might impact your R&D operations and how Finance can play a role in it.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This marcus evans course will enable you to discover best practices in R&D Controlling such as forecasting, resource allocation or KPIs to measure R&D performance. You will be able to benchmark your valuation and prioritisation methods for your R&D project portfolio with best in class practices, and learn how to influence the R&D organisation to ensure that Finance contributes to the Value Creation of R&D.

Who should attend?

• R&D professionals willing to gain understanding of R&D finance and portfolio management to become more productive and make better decisions • Finance professionals in the area of R&D willing to expand their knowledge and connect with other industry professionals to share best practises and common challenges • General managers and owners of medium and businesses with strong scientific and R&D component, such as clinical support services, biotech start ups, etc

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

What makes R&D Finance Special and different to other Finance disciplines?
• Understanding the particularities of R&D finance versus general business finance
• Balancing short- and long-term vision 
• Dealing with uncertainty and probabilities
Practical Exercise: The differences between an R&D Finance Manager and a Commercial Finance Manager

R&D and Finance the human factor: Developing a productive relationship
• Overview of profiles in R&D to gain efficiency in the mutual relationship
• Understanding a day in the life of an R&D professional and a Finance professional to achieve win-wins
• Do’s and don’ts in the Finance and R&D engagement

Case Study: Creation of a High Performing R&D Finance team in a Consumer Health company

An overview of financial processes and how they apply to R&D
• Key R&D controlling processes overview and the R&D costs structure
• Minimising pain points to the R&D organization
• Efficient tools and operating frameworks for a frictionless flow

Case Study: R&D Finance processes in a Consumer Health company

The R&D Return of Investment (ROI) and productivity question
• Introducing the problem: When CEOs, CFOs or investors ask what’s the ROI for R&D investment
• Measuring R&D output
• Types of R&D costs: Projects, structure, infrastructure, direct, indirect
• Guiding principles to put all the factors in the equation: Output, direct project costs, supporting functions cost, ROI measures

Practical Exercise: Defining an ROI measure for your own organisation

Portfolio management: An overview and assessment tools
• Understanding the importance of portfolio management
• Portfolio management processes, tools and metrics

Case Study: Portfolio investment decision making tool in a Consumer Health company

The role of finance in the digital transformation of R&D
• Overview of how digital is impacting R&D and how Finance can play a role in it
• Agile ways of working
• Impact on resources allocation processes and mindset

Case Study: Creation of a digital innovation hub, journey and role of Finance

Finance as a strategic partner to R&D: Corollary and wrap-up
• Wrapping up of all topics

Group Discussion: The role of Finance as a strategic partner to R&D and how that can be achieved.

Benefits to you

• Understand what we are controlling and how to best develop the financial approach to R&D
• Incorporate agile principles into controlling to best optimise R&D financial management and decision support
• Learn to make R&D finance a strong business partner to R&D to enable innovation while maximising return on investment
• Measure and demonstrate the return on investment within R&D
• Implement methods to adapt traditional financial processes to meet R&D requirements
• Manage costs to ensure innovation delivery while optimizing overall spend
• Use strategies to manage the R&D portfolio and ensure strong decision support and efficient resource allocation

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

28-29 November 2019, London, UK, PT4065

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