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Running High Performing Remote Teams in a Complex and Diverse Marketplace

With Globalisation, the environment in which we work is increasingly complex, there has never been a better time to focus on the successful running of remote teams. At no time has the breadth and diversity of our workforce been more complex. Add to this, the increase in remote working, matrix and remote teams and the need to have the essential skills to drive these teams to success is apparent. The need for leaders today to have the skill-set to drive successful, cohesive, high performing teams has never been greater. This highly focussed, practical 2 day programme will explore the skill-sets and theories behind running successful remote teams to best maximise performance, without enhancing the burden of stress we have in today’s world.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

Participants will enjoy blended learning with insights into theories behind success, and structured exercises and case studies that will help to embed learning. Reflective learning will be encouraged and learning from others in the group will enhance the participant experience. Individuals will be encouraged to challenge their thinking and to review new methods of working for even greater success.

Who should attend?

Managers with the responsibility of managing a team or teams working in remote structures and/or locations nationally or internationally. This course is also beneficial to managers of cross-functional project teams.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Understanding the challenges of working in a remote team in todays diverse working population
• Defining the team purpose and standards
• Defining the team charter
• From baby boomers to millennials: Leading a diverse team and managing the challenges this brings
• Cultural considerations
• Managing conflict in remote teams
• What your team needs from you as a remote leader based on their current skill and knowledge

Case Study: Analysis of a remote team with cultural and age diversity: How do you, as leader, manage this successfully?

Communication Effectiveness and Remote teams
• 7 Cs of Communication
• Communication process
• Virtual Communication Effectiveness
• Explore tools to support virtual communication effectiveness
• Emotional Intelligence and Communication Effectiveness – role of the manager

Practical exercise: Workshop and excercise looking at the impact of working remotely on the understanding of individuals in the team and hence on successful outcomes

Behavioural and Communication Styles and the impact running on remote teams
• Do behavioural styles impact how we work?
• The impact of different styles and working collaboratively
• Understanding and embracing different styles
• Making differences count
• Dare to be different

Practical Exercise: Case study workshop of working with different communication styles and impact on team / individual success

Building Future Focus on Remote teams
• Nurturing purposeful remote teams
• Tools for building/maintaining future focus
• 7 pillars for success

Practical Exercise: Workshop reviewing the tools discussed, and how and where to use them to increase success in your team

Successfully navigating your remote team through change
• Change and remote teams – what are the challenges why is this different?
• Considerations when navigating through this
• Looking at change from different perspectives, building strategies for success

Case Study: Review of the Change Curve and the impact on team motivation and performance: How do you manage this remotely?

Trust: An essential ingredient for high performing remote teams
• Importance of trust in Remote teams
• Developing trust
• Developing a team identity
• Code of collaboration
• Johari Window: Developing self awareness and trust

Case study: practical examples of situations and tactics you need to consider as a remote leader with trust

Decision making in remote teams
• Challenges of decision making in remote teams
• Group decision making
• Play to your strengths
• Gaining consensus
• Making faster decision asynchronously
• Ideal Remote team decision making process

Practical Exercise: Case study of organisational structure and reporting lines looking at the impact on decision making in a remote team – what gets in the way?

Benefits to you

• Apply the skills and resources needed to run successful teams in a complex crossborder working environment
• Analyse the strength and weaknesses of your remote teams and how to prioritise changes
• Understand the importance of communication and individual communication styles and what that demands from you as a Remote Leader
• Evaluate how to coach and manage a diverse and remote team to success
• Implement key learnings to drive a cohesive, highly performing remote team, based on knowledge and skills gained
• Identify training gaps within your team and provide solutions to enrich individual and team effectiveness
• Realise the key characteristics of individuals who can work successfully in remote teams
• Implement a High Trust environment in which individuals and teams excel

Companies already benefiting include:

Banco Santander • Hellenic Petroleum Refinery • Games Corp • Societe Industrielle Lesaffre • Total Global Procurement • Xylrm Inc • Vascular Perspectives Ltd • AstraZeneca • Grunenthal GmbH

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

3rd-4th June 2019, London,UK, PT4037

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