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Internal Communication Strategy Planning Internal Communication to Deliver Change

Most organisations now know the value of effective internal communication to support change. But still many well-intended internal communication programmes fail to deliver, despite the time and resources invested in them. Make sure your internal communication is successful by developing an excellent understanding of the essential ingredients of a genuinely effective internal communication strategy and what you have to do to ensure your strategy supports change.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This is a highly interactive course which enables you to develop solutions to your own internal communication challenges as well as to learn from the experiences of others. It will give you the process for defining and refining your own strategies as well as many ideas on how to make them work effectively.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to enhance their skills in internal communication strategy building and develop a wider understanding of the key elements of communicating for change.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Setting the Goal
• What can be achieved through good internal communication and what cannot
• What happens when internal communication works well
• Setting realistic strategic goals and working with the organisation to achieve senior management buy-in

Leadership – Where it Starts
• Sponsorship and its importance to your strategy
• Using the sponsor to communicate internally
• The leadership gap and how to bridge it
• Influencing leaders who don't communicate well
• Partners and everyone else you should involve

The Target Audience – Where it Ends
• Segmenting the audience for maximum impact
• Knowing your audience and their communication expectations
• Keeping your audience’s trust and attention

Messaging – the Essential Information In-between
• Protecting your communication's integrity by getting the content right
• The difference between information and communication and how to manage both
• The significance of values and communicating as real people
• The power of language to engage and support change

Channel Management
• Creating a message flow which works in more than one direction
• Choosing channels which match your message
• Managing communication in the 24 hour channel environment
• The significance of communication styles and allowing for preferences

Measurement and Feedback
• What and when to measure and what to do with the data
• Whose goals anyway? Ensuring you measure the right goal
• Gathering feedback and how to deal with it

• How long does it take for communication to deliver change?
• Managing expectations when the dust has settled
• Sustaining change without the deadlines

Benefits to you

• Understand the internal communication strategy-building process and how you can apply it to all your communication scenarios
• Learn from real life experiences of what works and what doesn’t
• Develop solutions to your current internal communication challenges

Companies already benefiting include:

Learn from real life experiences of what works and what doesn't

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

Please call our office +44 (0) 203 002 3314 for additional information about the course

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