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Effective Talent Pipelines and Succession Planning

Pipeline models have become increasingly visible as a core organizational business strategy essential to both achieving and sustaining competitive advantage. When effective they are part of a successful organisation’s brand strategy in that they become talent-magnets. A cost efficient, robust yet flexible and effective integrated end-to-end system for talent acquisition, deployment, overall development, progression, retention and succession planning is mission-critical in today’s business arena. Pipeline models offer an architecture that looks beyond individuals to an enterprise- or organizational-wide perspective by providing a 4-dimensional approach to these challenges. While not a precise science, a pipeline approach offers the best practice in the attraction, progression, retention and redeployment of the human capital required to succeed on an ongoing basis in an ever-changing business context.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This programme opens with some definitions, a comprehensive review of the core requirements for the implementation of a fit-for-purpose, successful Talent Pipeline and Succession Planning strategy, and looks at specific participants needs. It shares a selection of effective examples in organizations, looks at the technology, a portfolio of ‘smart tools and techniques’ and associated metrics while offering participants the opportunity to hone the skills required to implement this approach.

Who should attend?

• Senior Business Strategists, CEOs/Chief Talent Management Officers• Senior HR/Business leaders, looking to successfully champion /lead the implementation of a successful    Talent Pipeline / Succession Planning regime• Executives, Business Unit Managers• Human Resource generalists and Employee Training and Development professionals.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Talent Pipeline Strategy
Agreeing definitions
Understanding a talent pipeline strategy and its value proposition
Brand and talent magnets issues; a changed psychological contract
Some statistics and research findings
The business case – cost per hire, time to hire, ROI, etc.
Succession not replacement
Key stakeholders and critical ownership
Some global and intercultural implications for talent and succession planning
Common frameworks and vocabularies
What will it take? A headline road map for implementation Knowledge & Challenge Share
A facilitated, structured conversation around participant priorities
Agreeing a key programme knowledge/skill focus for each participant

The Architecture
A 4 dimensions approach
One: Talent Needs
Options to achieving a clear picture of needs: competency frameworks; capability matrices; a key characteristics structure; star performer profiles
Pipeline transparency
Two: Career & development pathways; talent tracks; vertical & horizontal journeys
Leaders profiles; specialist, generalists; experts (SMEs); linchpins
HIPOS & pools
Experience and exposures
Special programmes
Succession tracking & candidate readiness
Three: HR systems & processes; the platform
a robust, fully integrated end-to-end systems approach underpinned by business needs (recruitment, selection, career development, T&D, succession, redeployment, performance management, compensation & benefits, etc)
standardized processes
the options
tracking & regular assessments/surveys etc
Four: Portfolio of programmes
Action learning provision
External provision
Accreditation & certification
Discretionary & mandatory provision
Coaching & mentoring programmes
Secondments, job-shadowing, fast-track packages
Internships & graduate programmes,
Plateau packages
On-line modules, etc
Some examples – thumbnails of best practice

Critical Issues Review
Creating a baseline – what do you need now and in the future?
External partners, effective CV mining, intersection with social networks
Linchpin roles
Avoiding yesterday’s story; scenario planning v historical analysis
On-going monitoring, analysis, revisioning
Early recognition – identifying & addressing the gaps/zero-outages
Addressing potential interruptions – cuts, pruning, priming
The dangers of musical chairs
Avoiding cracks, breaks, blockages
WIFM – addressing the hoarding instinct
Raiding your pool
The complexities of ‘fit’ – initial entry to internal moves
Exit interviews and the dangers of ‘drift’

Conversation around Additional Considerations
The role of psychometric instruments 360° and 180° Feedback
The shortcomings of performance appraisal reports as selection tools
The most successful method for identifying talent
Assessment and development centers
The nuts and bolts of creating talent pools, star performer profiles
Re-selection & de-selection in focus
Emotional Intelligence, EQ (the measure) & identifying/growing leadership talent
Some key considerations for mentoring & coaching
Metrics – talent & succession dashboards & scorecards

Looking at Successful Architecture
A hands-on demonstration and conversation around current technology offers eg:
The smart use of filters in recruitment processes, development pathways, succession
Online/offline mix through a common platform
Job match tools; PM systems integration; virtual learning provision, etc

(Participants will have the opportunity of reviewing an integrated end-to-end platform, put into context with their needs.)

Benefits to you

• Gain a 360 ° perspective on the key issues that surround talent management strategy selection and ownership, its development, implementation and integration with business drivers, KPIs and the need for alignment with organizational culture
• Understand and explore the concept, models and practicalities of Talent Pipelines and the links with succession planning and leadership development
• Review how to effectively implement an appropriate pipeline approach in your company for maximum returns and avoidance of common pitfalls
• Review and explore a portfolio of tools towards an integrated system that will position your organization to compete successfully in the war for talent
• Gain an insight of the employee development and planning requirements necessary to effectively monitor and build the talent pool in your organization
• Discover how to engage and develop fit-for-purpose new generations of leaders and specialists who will drive your business performance
• Practice talent pipeline and succession planning skills and gain confidence in using processes that can be carried back to the workplace
• Network with participants in facilitated Challenge and Knowledge Share Conversations

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

Please contact our office at +420 255 707 240 for any additional information about the course 

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