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Strategic Product Management

The severity of the economic downturn is creating very challenging conditions for Product Managers. Budgets are being reduced, competition is increasing and demand is falling. This course provides you with tools, techniques and tips to minimise the effect of these dramatic changes and meet the challenges ahead.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

The first priority in a recession is to survive and the second is to establish the foundations so that as you come out of recession you have can seize the new opportunities more quickly than competitors. This course will help you to develop the knowledge and skills to prioritise and manage your portfolio to achieve the short term survival objectives and prepare for fast recovery at the end of the recession.

Who should attend?

Product, industrial, service, technical, brand and marketing managers who intend to increase market share and profitability of their product even in an economic recession.  This course is suitable for managers recently appointed in a product management role or those with product management experience but no formal training.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Day 1

The Product Manager
• Understanding the priorities and roles of a product manager in a recession
• Differentiating between industrial and consumer product and service sectors

Understanding Strategic and Tactical Product Marketing Options
• Identifying the business strategy options available and their effect on product strategy
• How strategy may need to change
• Establishing a new strategy
• Understanding the need for tactical action
• Avoiding strategic damage

Understanding the New Environment
• Identifying market factors and their potential impact on product management
• Implementing structured competitor analysis
• Recognising competitive strategies and actions
• Tactical and strategic market segmentation
• Identifying the new key success factors in your market

Foundations of Product Planning
• Establishing the principles of the business and how they will guide planning in the recession
• Assessing product lifecycles and the effect upon them
• Identifying the key drivers of product success or failure
• Re-setting product objectives

Market Segmentation and Targeting
• Avoiding wastage in segmentation and targeting
• The key issues to consider in segmentation
• Segmentation options
• Targeting in a recession
• How to target more effectively
• Cutting the cost of targeting

Understanding how Customers React in a Recession
• Customer behaviour
• Key decision making influences
• Who is influencing decisions
• How it will affect Product Marketing strategy

Managing the customer base in a recession
• Identifying which customers really matter
• Prioritising the offer for different types of customer
• How to reduce the cost of customers as part of your strategy

Creating and altering the Product Marketing Mix
• Understanding which tools which can be applied
• Which tools work best in a recession
• Maximising synergy of the tools
• Developing an appropriate and consistent Product Marketing Mix


Product Portfolio Management
• Selecting the right portfolio
• Assessing the attractiveness of various strategies
• Determining appropriate strategy for each product
• Maximising the limited budget available

Developing Maintaining or Revising the Positioning Strategy
• What positioning is and how it is determined
• Managing positioning in a recession
• Pitfalls to be avoided

Creating a Strategic and Tactical Product Marketing Plan
• How to approach the planning process
• What the plan should contain
• Setting and meeting objectives
• Defining actions, responsibilities and timescales
• Determining the budget

Evaluating the Success of the Product Marketing Plan
• The priority created by recession
• Establishing the right measurement criteria
• Building the control system
• How to measure results and guide actions

Benefits to you

• Manage products with a restricted budget and reduced demand
• Prioritise the product portfolio to survive in the short term
• Re-adjust strategies to build, hold, harvest and divest products
• Niche products to minimise the effect of increased competition
• Identify higher value opportunities
• Reposition products and services to restore profitability
• Minimise price cutting and restore value
• Spend selectively to get the optimum return
• Avoid non-essential competitive action
• Recognize new key success factors that have become crucial
• Create a crisis plan to support struggling products
• Measure the success of budget spend and avoid wastage
• Set the foundations for fast recovery after recession

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 days Day Course

Course details

 18th & 19th October 2010, Chicago, USPT126

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