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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Programme

Emotional Intelligence is now emerging as a critical factor for sustaining high performance in today’s business and social environment. Interpersonal communication is a natural and necessary part of organisational life. Yet communicating effectively can be challenging because of our inherent nature to assume, overreact to and misperceive what actually is being communicated by other parties. Poor or lack of communication is often cited as the major cause of conflict and ineffective teamwork. In today’s relation-oriented workplace, managing communication and developing strategies for creating shared meaning are crucial to achieving results and creating successful organisations

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

 This highly interactive course includes detailed case studies and measurable outcomes. Delegates will be encouraged to complete a pre-course Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire which will be interpreted prior to the programme and discussed over the duration of the course; giving you an opportunity to immediately develop your EQ. You will have every opportunity to tailor make an action plan to assist each participant to implement EQ in their professional work lives, as well as at home

Who should attend?

This course is designed for anyone looking to improve team dynamics through applying Emotional Intelligence. EQ is a recognised strategic tool for enhanced performance, productivity, communication, negotiation and influencing people.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

 Day 1

An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

• Identifying the core aspects behind EQ

• Applying EQ to the workplace

• Developing an EQ culture

• The causes of emotion and their impact

• Understanding own thinking and emotional patterns in the workplace

• Becoming aware of personal emotional ‘blind spots’

The five competencies of EQ

• Self awareness (brain colour and emotional drivers)

• Self regulation (application)

• Motivation (understanding why)

• Empathy (understanding the need for you to adjust)

• Social skill (application on day to day basis)

Leveraging on the critical four skills of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

• Identify EQ leverage points in yourself and others

• Use these leverage points to improve performance

• Understand how to blend different EQ styles

• Manage and change EQ patterns that are not working

Engaging in the power of emotional intelligence to create positive change

• Basic Component of EQ

• Knowing your own emotions

• Managing your emotions effectively

• Identifying how emotions affect others

• Understanding the causes of emotional breakdown

• Enhancing self-awareness and ability to manage more effectively

Knowing yourself and your potential for development

• Increasing self-awareness of feelings, recognising emotional patterns

• Building self management and self direction to consciously direct your thoughts, feeling and actions

• Aligning daily chores with a larger sense of purpose to unlock your full power and potential

• Using empathy and principled decision making to increase inner wisdom

Day 2

Developing a business case for Emotional Intelligence

• Examining the value add to working relationships

• Mastering skills to develop highly effective teams

• Accelerating the achievement of business results

• Embracing and EQ approach for star performance

• Assessing readiness and motivation of EQ development

• Becoming aware of the importance of emotion in decision making and action

Gaining instant rapport and becoming a master communicator?

• Learning the basis and important of deep unconscious rapport

• Understanding the real rules of rapport building

• Gaining rapport in difficult situations

• Uncovering hidden potential within your team

• Establishing the communication patterns and methods of the very best leaders

Enhancing motivation techniques: Sharpening your leadership skills applying

emotional intelligence

• Develop EQ based conversational language tools

• Applying EQ skills to motivate and empower others

• Gaining commitment and achieving higher levels of output

• Adapting behaviour to improved performance

• Understanding the power of motivation within individuals and teams

• Discovering the true meaning of motivation and leadership

Developing social awareness and relationship management

• Communicating more powerfully and precisely to influence others

• Empathy and empathetic listening

• Demonstrating empathy in challenging situations

• Understanding why personal fears and mood swing materialise

• Techniques to identify, analyse and manage relationships

• Managing conflict and difficult people

Pulling it altogether

• Exercises and role-playing based on real experiences will help you develop specific emotional competencies and improve your effectiveness

To view the brochure, please click the link below

Benefits to you

Learn an emotional intelligence framework and the specific emotional competencies necessary for success

• Improve performance based on emotional competence

• Create group synergy and team performance

• Become an emotionally intelligent manager for greater results

• Master the essential skills to develop highly effective teams and enhance quality and effectiveness

For more information or an event brochure , please contact Miss Bernardine Michael at

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 days Day Course

Course details

Location & Dates: Kuala Lumpur, 10-11 June 2010 and Bangkok, 7-8 June 2010

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