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Innovating for Business Growth

The focus of companies today is on present and future growth. It can be demonstrated that companies that do not growth are doomed to future failure. It is therefore necessary for you as an executive not only to be part of that growth but also especially to be in a position where you can lead by being an innovator and point person for that growth.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

Innovating for Business Growth training has been designed to be effective for nearly anybody for almost any goal, challenge, problem or question. The workshop design is based on how the human brain thinks, and therefore can be used for a variety of job situations, functions and professions. Over two decades have been invested in developing, refining and testing proven models and processes that will be taught in this workshop. You will learn how the human brain is constituted and how the four quadrants that comprise the 4BrainThinker™ 4-Quadrant Model differ and can be used. You will be introduced to unique processes that help you facilitate creative and innovative thinking. The tools and techniques you will be exposed to will permit you to clarify how you can think better, faster and smarter. Finally, you will learn how to USE your whole brain by applying the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation® Process that will permit you to: Investigating Needs, Create Ideas, Evaluate Solutions and Activate Achievable Plans.

Who should attend?

The program is designed for people in product development, management, sales, marketing, public relations, communications, and operations.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Know Brains
Understanding How Brains Think
Know Your Brain Game™ Experience
4Brain Thinkers Innovation™ Model

Know Goals, Needs, Processes and Tools
Clarifying Goals, Challenges, Problems & Questions
8 Great Questions on Innovation
Understanding the Need for Creative & Innovative Thinking to Foster Business Growth
Clarifying Barriers & Blocks to Creative & Innovative Thinking
How to Generate Breakthrough Ideas Faster
The New 3Rs Process: Record, Recall, Recycle
The 2-Step Ideate & Filterate Process
The 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation Process
Accelerate-to-Innovate Methods to Optimize Processes
Innovation Tools & Systems
How Question Banks Stimulate Breakthrough Thinking
Train Your Brain Strategies~
Building Bigger & Better Innovation Tool Kits

Know Brainer Techniques™
Leveraging the Full Power of the KnowBrainer
Stimulate-to-Innovate Methods
Questionating Technique with the KnowBrainer
Wordating Technique with the KnowBrainer
Quotemplating Technique with the KnowBrainer
Visualating Technique with the KnowBrainer
FlashThinking Technique with the KnowBrainer
KnowBrainer Power Tool Techniques Menu

Know Better Brainstorming Techniques
Thinkathon & Idea Exchange Techniques
Questioning Methods
How to Develop Question Banks
8 Great Questions for Innovate

Know More Innovation Tools
FlashBrainer™ Innovation Software
Innovation Activator™ Software
Microsoft Office eTemplates for Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint
Idea Fan Note Recorders

Targeting Business Growth Opportunities for Applied Innovation
New Products & Services Innovation
Selling & Sales Innovation
Marketing, PR & Promotions Innovation
Process & Manufacturing Innovation
Meeting & Event Planning Innovation
Leadership & Management Innovation
Design & Experience Innovation
Environment & Space Design Innovation
Learning & Development Innovation
Communication Innovation
Strategic Planning Innovation
Green & Sustainability Innovation
Government & Political Innovation

Applying the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation® Process
Stage 1: Investigate Needs - Investigate-to-Innovate
Stage 2: Create Ideas - Create-to-Innovate
Stage 3: Evaluate Solutions - Evaluate-to-Innovate
Stage 4: Activate Plans - Activate-to-Innovate

Valuation and Activation Strategies
Communication Strategies
Facilitation Strategies
ROI Strategies: Return On Ideas, Return On Implementation and Return On Innovation™
Strategies to Facilitate Follow Through
88 Great Words That Help You Activate
8 Great Questions
Getting Things Done the David Allen Way

Fostering Continuous Innovation™
Celebrate-to-Innovate Strategies
Replicate-to-Innovate Strategies
Innovation Communities & Networks: Relate-to-Innovate
Follow-up Networking Technique

Benefits to you

This workshop will permit you to:
Increase Business Growth by Fostering More Innovation
Apply the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation™ Process to real goals, challenges and problems
Accelerate processes that produce or enable innovation
Change habits to improve creativity and innovation
Collaborate with better thinkers who leverage diverse brainpower
Create new products, services & experiences
Design Innovation Development Plans that continuously improve innovation
Enhance teamwork & collaboration
Minimize risks, barriers, and obstacles to innovation

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 days Day Course

Course details

9th & 10th March 2010, Chicago, USA, USPT122

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