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Effectively Using Social Media for the Hiring, Retention and Motivation of Employees - DRIVING BUSINESS PERFORMANCE WITH SOCIAL MEDIA

For over a decade Marketing and Communications professionals have been using the Internet to attract and retain customers.   More recently, social networking tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have been adopted by HR professionals to promote their brand and to seek out hard-to-find skilled candidates.  In addition, many organizations have developed proprietary on-line employee communities to enable collaboration and teaming throughout their enterprises. As Internet capabilities have reshaped how business operates, social media usage is now changing expectations of organizational culture and employee engagement.   The next decade will see social media platforms not only grow as vital selection tools, but as a primary means for employees to be more actively engaged with customers, the market and in their jobs.  Based on current research, this empowerment should result in greater satisfaction and lower turnover.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

Attendees will leave with practical knowledge of how to use social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube) to create a strong employment brand and on-line presence, improve their recruitment processes and find candidates with hard to reach skills.  They will learn how to increase employee participation and engagement, allow for better customer service, and enable collaboration between customers and employees.  And, they will leave with an understanding of how to create communities, capture the on-line conversation and analyse the vast array of available data.   This session with will provide a somewhat unique perspective on this topic.  Through her vast experience, Dr. Goldberg understands that introducing social media does not supplant traditional processes and analyses, and that implementation requires appreciation of organizational design, leadership and communications as well as knowledge of the latest social media tools and their benefits.   Her participative style encourages questions and dialog.  Whereas digital marketing firms explore the marketing side of social media and HR consultants focus on employee engagement, Dr. Goldberg provides a holistic perspective on this subject, looking across functional areas and providing insights on where these things are heading. Her goal is to enable participants to understand these tools and techniques so that they can determine how to implement them within their organizations and see measurable results.   Attendees will learn how to better target potential employees, attract candidates and unlock the creativity and insights of their employees.  They will also learn to avoid the pitfalls that some organizations have experienced because they implemented programs without well-thought-out strategies.

Who should attend?

Business Executives, Managers, Directors, Leads and Heads of Human Resources, Employee Development, Organisational Effectiveness, Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Training Leaders, Communications and Operations Leaders

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

·         Planning and Strategy

o        Develop business case for social media inclusion

o        Redefine HR strategy and HR roles 

o        Provide roadmap for organizational change

o        Articulate how to evaluate success


·         Recruitment

o        Understand latest social media tools and techniques

o        Facilitate location and attraction of hard to find skilled personnel

o        Learn to effectively utilize employee networks


·         Employment Branding

o        Align strategies to build strong employment brands

o        Better understand current on-line image

o        Create action plans to shift perceptions as needed

Learn how to facilitate successful HR and Marketing collaboration


·         Social Media Guidelines

o        Review successful social media policies

o        Discuss rewards and risks of social media implementation

o        Learn to avoid mistakes through review of case studies

o        Understand how to tailor social media guidelines for your organization         


·         Employee Engagement

o        Enable improved employee recognition and feedback

o        Understand how to empower employees and increase commitment

o        Discuss ways to redefine jobs and  improve job satisfaction

o        Improve the link between employees and customers


·         Communications

o        Facilitate more effective two way communications

o        Create a platform to share organizational mission and strategy

o        Enable timely feedback and facilitate actions         


·         Deployment

o        Understand role of community managers

o        Discuss strategies to improve acceptance and participation

o        Create culture of initiative and creativity


·         Collaboration

o        Improve cross organizational collaboration

o        Learn to harness power of subject matter experts and share knowledge

o        Utilize new tools to anticipate issues and solve problems


·         Retention

o        Provide Millennials with tools they desire

o        Facilitate open and rewarding work environments

o        Retain talent by improving access to thought leaders and decision makers 

·         Leadership

o        Understand role of leaders in successful social media implementations

o        Learn approaches that work and how to avoid those that don’t

o       Explore how to recognize and harness emergent leadership



Drawing upon her unique expertise in social media, marketing, human resource, communications, and research, our facilitator, Andrea Goldberg, Ph.D., will go beyond the hype and provide attendees with a clear understanding of the social media phenomena and how social media tools can be used to benefit their businesses and improve their HR processes.  Using on-line demonstrations, case studies and an interactive approach, Dr. Goldberg will review the major social media platforms and share examples on how organizations are using these tools to drive growth and improve organizational climate and HR processes.  She will also explore the implications of these tools and discuss their applicability for employee selection, retention and engagement.  In addition, she will focus on the issues associated with social media and discuss ways organizations can mitigate these risks.  Members will leave with knowledge of how to use these platforms, the business value they can provide and the types of analytics that are available. 

Dr. Andrea Goldberg is an accomplished executive and thought leader, with a cross functional background and extensive consulting and research experience in Marketing, Communications and Human Resources. She is the founder of Digital Culture Consulting, a practice specializing in providing strategy consulting and insights on a wide range of areas, including the use of social media for branding, customer service, product development, market intelligences, employee engagement and selection.  Prior to forming her own firm, she was a Partner and Vice President of OrgVitality, a management consulting firm focused on improving organizational effectiveness, where she led their digital/social media practice


In her 25+ year career at IBM she led pioneering work in new and emerging markets, social networking, e-business and employee engagement.  As Vice President of Corporate Market Insights, she drove the cross functional team that rearticulated the company’s values and led research and strategy around emerging markets and “green” offerings. She published on future market trends and served as a trusted advisor to IBM’s senior executive team.  In prior positions, Dr. Goldberg collaborated on the reinvention of the IBM brand, created global intelligence capability around a number of vertical industries and evaluated traditional and Internet based communications programs. Her innovative assessments of IBM’s advertising earned her the Grand Prize at the 2003 Advertising Research Foundation’s David Ogilvy Advertising Awards.


While in Human Resources, Dr. Goldberg held a variety of positions in leadership training, EEO compliance, resource planning and employment and had a number of roles in employee research and organizational development, ultimately running the U.S. employee opinion survey program.  She also consulted with the U.S. Government and Metropolitan Life Insurance.


Dr. Goldberg holds a Ph.D. and MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from New York University and a BA from Binghamton University.  She will be awarded certification in Digital Media Marketing from NYU later this year.  She has served on the executive committee of the Conference Board Market Research Council, as a judge for the Advertising Research Foundation awards and as a Marketing Sciences Institute (MSI) Trustee.   She is currently on the Research Advisory Board of Saugatuck Technology, a technology research firm and is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial/ Organizational Psychology (SIOP).  She is a frequent speaker at professional association meetings and was the invited speaker on social media at the 2010 and 2011 annual SIOP conferences

Benefits to you

·        Examining fundamentals of social media and on-line communities

·       Gaining practical experience with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube – Utilizing the benefits of the outreach to your advantage

·        Harnessing the role and power of employment branding – empowering your current brand through smart and efficient use of social media

·       Exploring cases studies on how social media tools and communities are being used to improve employment brand repositioning, employee engagement, selection and customer service.

·        Demonstrating analytics and capturing on-line market insights

·        Assessing importance of open leadership and change management

·    Managing social media implementation through guidelines, metrics and an understanding of organizational dynamics

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

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