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Creating Winning Brands - Building & Refashioning Your Brand

Based on the enormous success of our highly informative and debate-driven branding conference and summits, marcus evans has created a hands-on, personalized training course, providing a unique platform to discuss key components of a strong brand strategy. A strong brand and a prominent market position go hand in hand. If your company wants to be at the forefront of your field you have to use fresher and more innovative approaches to compete and succeed. You need to be able to develop a strong brand and marketing communications strategy to increase your market share & market presence. If you want to score in this highly competitive economic climate you have to differentiate your brand and create an important and meaningful point of difference - your brand must be perceived to be unique. To create a substantial differential advantage in your brand, you must first create a point of difference in the way customers perceive your brand – one that is so successfully unique in the minds of your customers that no other brand can substitute for it.  This training course has been designed to address the dynamics of brand strategy development & showcases how to effectively differentiate your brand while benefiting from market presence and the market value created by a strong brand. 

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

In addition to providing you with a good grounding in the theories that underpin this discipline, this course will also provide numerous case study examples of leading brand development & re-branding techniques in practice. You will also be given the opportunity to work through many of the challenges faced by your own organization in creating and building a strong brand strategy while positioning your brand for success.

Who should attend?

• Marketing Managers & Directors • Brand Managers • Brand Development Managers • Brand Strategists • Marketing Strategy Managers • Strategic Planning Managers • Trade Marketing Managers • PR & Advertising Managers • Design & Development Managers• Innovation Managers

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Building a Successful Brand Portfolio - UNLEASHING THE POWER OF A STRONG BRAND

Translating Business Strategies into Brand Values

Brand Positioning - Building Brand Awareness to Improve Market Position

Differentiating Your Brand – Playing the Winning Game

Integrating the Brand and its Values throughout the whole Organization – Realizing a Living the Brand Culture

Targeting Segmented Markets – Gaining deeper Knowledge of Customer Insights

Emotional Branding – Connecting the Brand to the Heart and Mind of Consumers

Taking the Challenge of Re-branding

Building the Brand Identity – Achieving Successful Market Entry & Presence in a Highly Competitive Environment

Managing the Global Reputation – Setting the Tone of your Business

Benefits to you

  • Identify characteristics of brand management & strategic brand planning
  • Build brand from the Inside Out – Use employer/employee branding to score with your potential clients
  • Utilize effective brand positioning and differentiation methods and techniques
  • Gain & Sustain competitive advantage with your customers
  • Develop brand loyalty through strategic segmentation & emotional messaging
  • Align the brand with corporate strategy & vision – Build name recognition
  • Examine cultural aspects of branding
  • Reinvent & Rejuvenate your brand – Reap benefits of Re-Branding
  • Develop winning strategies to increase the corporate brand equity
  • Measure your branding initiatives, brand value & Assess the ROI

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

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"This course will allow my company to develop its existing strategies to a much greater and hopefully profitable level."

Managing Director, Tarmac