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Social Media Marketing Strategy & ROI

Social media is the next new challenge for marketers.  It has already lead to improved marketing effectiveness for many marketers and investments in social media marketing are already skyrocketing.  Questions abound however as to how to build a successful social media marketing strategy.  Strategies must be built around how the new media can deliver on corporate objectives.  That can only be achieved by building the strategy such that it can be properly measured and those results can be immediately fed back into improved tactics.   Both business-to-business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) marketers will be exposed to a number of examples, tools, tactics and fundamental theories on how to build a successful social media strategy in the context of the other traditional media.  This workshop builds on the required internal framework, guidelines and infrastructure required to support a successful social media marketing strategy.   This training session for Social Media Marketing Strategy & ROI is packed with practical information, real-life case studies and stimulating exercises.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This highly interactive and intensive training course provides attendees with the latest practices, tools and techniques. Our format combines real-world practical case study examples, hypothetical scenarios, group exercises and tutorial-style presentations with a focus on collaborative and interactive learning.  

Who should attend?

This course is tailor - made for executive marketers, marketing project directors, managers, marketing researchers, marketing analysts, from any industry that want to successfully align and measure their marketing effectiveness to corporate objectives.    


The Chartered Institute of Marketing Malaysia  
The Chartered Institute of Marketing Malaysia 

Marketing Institute of Singapore  
Marketing Institute of Singapore 



Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Setting the stage for the workshop – Let’s get started


              Introducing Social Media Marketing (SMM) and its importance to your overall marketing success

-      How do consumers gain information about brands and products

              Grasping the ins and outs of SMM

-      How consumers make purchase decisions

-      The Media Engagement Framework and its relevance to social Media Marketing

              Addressing the key issues in SMM

-      Listening, engaging, measuring

              Doing the ‘one thing’ to get started with SMM


Highlighting Social Media Marketing as a must-do for today’s marketers to increase profitability

        Analysing the growth of SMM and moving forward in the current era

        Using social media as a marketing vehicle and realising the full potential of the medium

        Identifying the right channels of marketing in accordance with your target market and the objective of the organisation


Aligning social media with your brand image and strategy for maximum profit

Your consumers and prospective customers have preferences for how they make decisions in your category. Brands meet those needs by offering emotional and functional value. Social media needs to be designed to support and enhance those messages.

        Benchmarking advertising on social networks vis-a-vis other conventional media

        Assessing how social media participants self-select on what is important to them

        Developing your products and brands top promote them to a wider audience using SMM

        Capturing the audiences’ attention using social media – tips and techniques

Case Study: uncovering how Sessions College uses social media to support different brand attributes

Break-out exercise: Brand attributes and preferences

1.       How do consumers value brands, build relevance


Differentiating influencers, individuals and consumers and analysing how their behavioural patterns affect your social marketing

Social media is driven by influencers, individuals and consumers. You will learn the motivations and behaviours of each of these types of social media participants to use them to your advantage.

        Understanding & applying the Message Value Framework

        Integrating social media channels for B2B and Consumer brands

        Addressing the 8-step process to designing and executing a social marketing campaign

        Optimising SMM and search engine marketing (SEM) using proven tools and techniques

Mini-Case Study: Real Estate

Mini-Case Study: Malaysian Consumer Package Goods

Break-out exercise: Delegates will be given an exercise to identify and classify the influencers, individuals and consumers and develop an influencer strategy


Measuring your Social Media Marketing (SMM) effectiveness and ROI

        Developing a Social Media Engagement measurement framework

        Calculating the SMM through the Influencer Funnel

        Creating a Community Engagement Funnel and develop a community which promotes peer-recommendation & virility

        Understanding and tracking the behaviour of an average customer throughout the marketing process using the Purchase Funnel method

Case Study: Fast Moving Consumer Goods


Improving ROI from social media marketing activities

Prove and improve your marketing effectiveness. You will learn the key components to measuring your marketing effectiveness. You will learn how to turn that into the language of the management team (ROI) so you can defend, justify and grow your budgets and career.

        Touching on the definition of ROMI in SMM context

        Specifying the tools and techniques for social media measurement

        Making better strategic and tactical marketing decision using the Last Touch Attribution

        Using the Experimental Design technique as an effective method of measuring the campaign results

        Measuring your social media marketing campaigns with Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM)


Mini-Case Study: Software

Mini-Case Study: Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Break-out exercise: Delegates will need to find out where to get the relevant data; how to measure the data and presenting it as a business case


Reviewing the global measurement of audience and e-commerce by social network sites

        Measuring how social media has captured audiences on a global basis

-      Review of top measurement providers and classes

        Segmenting social media networks to understand your target market (segment, by behaviour, demographic and region)

        Leveraging on global usage statistics of social media sites and its usage growth

Break-out exercise: Building tactics to drive a Facebook fan base


Best practices: The ‘One Thing’ to make a change in your organisation

In this wrap up session, together with the trainer, delegates will discuss and brainstorm what is the ‘One Thing’ that you can make to improve the way you manage your marketing organisation. How to use the ‘One Thing’ to get management buy-in and support to invest in your marketing campaign.

        Looking to the future of social media.

-      Location-based services, QRCodes, social CRM


Benefits to you

·         Develop a business plan and strategy to effectively implement Social Media Marketing

·         Build connections and gain new customers for your brands

·         Coordinate offline and social media marketing

·         Establish and build quality customer relationships

·         Position your brand as a leader in the industry

·         Create high-quality content that improves your website and boosts SEO

·         Delegate and outsource to minimise your time investment and maximise your ROI


Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Days Day Course

Course details

1)    1-2 Mar 2011 – The Landmark Hotel, Bangkok

2)    9-10 Mar 2011 – Istana Hotel,Kuala Lumpur

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