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The 5 Day Pharma MBA

The 5 Day MBA course is a distillation of the most valuable parts of an MBA as applied to the Bio/Pharmaceutical industry. This programme introduces you to a broad range of MBA topics specifically tailored to the pharmaceutical industry and will give you the skills and confidence to contribute effectively to wide ranging management discussions and decisions in the pharmaceutical industry using a range of stimulating pharmaceutical case studies and application to your own issues A comprehensive 5 Day MBA- Programme designed especially for the pharmaceutical industry • Addresses management of individuals, leadership of teams, financial management, business strategy and management of change in the pharmaceutical industry • Residential programme to maximise exchange of ideas and sharing best practice in the pharmaceutical industry with other participants • Delivered by a faculty who all have MBAs and extensive working experience of the pharmaceutical industry

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

It will give you some practical management tools to apply everyday as well as giving a real taste of an MBA course. The course has been specifically designed by experts in MBAs and management development working in the pharmaceutical sector.Exercises, pharmaceutical case studies and discussions addressing real issues in the pharmaceutical industry and raised by delegates are used to make the subject matter real and help delegates apply the theory to their own situations.

Who should attend?

Any professional in the pharmaceutical industry wishing to develop business management skill will benefit from this programme, particularly those who have entered management roles from a specialist technical or operational role in the pharmaceutical industry and have not previously studied the full breadth of business management.N.B. This course can also be delivered as an In-Company solution tailored to your unique training requirements including pre-course, on-site training needs assessment.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Day 1. Strategic Thinking and Applying this in the Bio/Pharma Industry
• Introduction and Objectives
• What is strategic thinking and its importance in the Bio/Pharma industry?
• Strategic analysis key tools
• Seeing the bigger picture and helicopter vision
• Understanding the competitive environment - using bio/pharma case study
• Applying the tools to your own context
• More application of the tools – criteria for option evaluation
• The value out of strategy in the pharmaceutical industry

Day 2. Business Management and Leadership in the Bio/Pharma industry
• Portfolio management used in the Bio/Pharmaceutical Industry
• Understanding business performance (Pharma case study)
• Diagnosing specific performance problems
• Benefits, costs of doing an MBA and the different routes
• The role of leadership
- What are the core competences of effective leaders?
- Leadership vs management
- Leadership style 

Day 3. Leading Change, Project Management, managing different cultures in the Bio/Pharma Industry
• Leading successful change
- Diagnosis around change
- How to create the conditions for successful change
- Why people resist change and how to manage this
- Change management (Pharma case study)
- Creating a team, department and organisation relevant to today’s pharmaceutical business needs
- Team formation and development
• Essentials of managing projects
- Project management tools and techniques to use in implementing pharmaceutical projects
- Applying key project management techniques to bio/pharma projects
- How to manage in a matrix management environment
• Developing an understanding of cultural awareness to work more effectively with pharmaceutical colleagues from different countries 

Day 4. Strategic Marketing in the Bio/Pharma industry
• Key elements of marketing strategy
• Market and competitive appraisal
• Market analysis
• Segmentation, targeting, positioning
• Branding
• Communication and publication strategy and the marketing mix
• Cast study to develop a marketing strategy 

Day 5. Finance in application to the Bio/Pharma industry
• Introduction: what is “finance”, and why is it important both generally, and also vis a vis the pharma industry?
• How it is important, and its links with strategy, performance and change: relating these back to the rest of the Mini MBA
• Basic concepts of finance: balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, and cash flow, and what each one gives us, including crude rates of return: illustrated with a pharma example
• Understanding business and financial performance-using ratios and other questioning to interpret a pharma companies annual report and accounts
• Looking at the kind of expectations for returns that shareholders and analysts expect/ are looking for in the pharma sector, and the pressures that this poses.
• Understanding how returns are due to the “value” and “cost drivers” in and affecting a business: linking this to economic value added (or “EVA”)
• Investment in new drug compounds: what are the value and cost drivers, the profile for returns illustrating the effects of discounted cash dlow (DCF) and net present values (NPV’s) , the risks and portfolio analysis of the pipeline: analysis of a compound ‘s prospects in the earlier pharma case study
• Improving business and financial performance in your own role: identifying an opportunity or a problem to work on and doing a value and cost driver analysis for one option, and translating this into a business case
• Review of other key financial concepts eg break –even, fixed and variable costs, gearing etc, focusing on participants most burning needs / general questions and answers on finance

Benefits to you

• Getting the insight on what strategic thinking is and how to use strategy tools within Bio/Pharma
• Recognise your leadership style and objectives and how they can influence others and help you reach your goals
• Becoming more effective in coping with change in the Bio/Pharma Industry
• Learning how to drive performance in a fast-changing global pharmaceutical environment
• Understanding the essentials of managing projects in the Bio/Pharma industry
• Improving your understanding of management terms and processes
• Discovering how to succeed in the pharmaceutical business
• Gaining a better understanding of areas of skill and knowledge on which you may wish to focus future development
• Developing your ability to contribute effectively to discussions and decisions relating to the future of your organisation
• Exploring the benefits and costs of doing an MBA
• Opportunities to share best practice with other managers from across the Pharmaceutical Industry

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

5 Day Course

Course details

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