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Winning At New Product / Service Innovation

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This comprehensive training is customised to guide new product development professionals in innovation and strategy. By attending this event you will gain insights on the overall strategic business process, management of key challenges, technological issues, strategic choices, optional decisions, risk recognition and management, and faster time to market when it comes to product innovation.

Who should attend?

VPs, Directors, GMs, Heads of Departments & Executives in:Design & DevelopmentResearch & DevelopmentProduct DevelopmentProduct EngineeringQuality & InnovationProduct Strategy / PlanningMarketingBranding, Business Development From across all industries

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Driving growth through product innovation for greater profitability
• Developing self-reinforcing product, market, technology and differentiation strategies to be more effective
• Evaluating and selecting the appropriate NPD projects to ensures execution of the intended strategies
• Reinforcing the role and position of “R&D” in the overall innovation process
• Avoiding the classical pitfalls in the implementation stage of NPD
• Evaluating the strengths and limitations of the Stage-Gate NPD process

Managing the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) to add value to your new product portfolio
• Increasing success rates and maximising profitability by drawing on ‘Global Teaming’
• Sustaining profitability by avoiding the “commodity trap” and “profitless price competition”
• Product differentiation and the “Kano” model framework for customer delight
• Recognising when customers will not lead you to new innovations
• Mitigating risks using proper practice, tools and templates

Maximising productivity in new product innovation projects
• Anticipating technological and product discontinuities, and disruptive innovations to stay on top of your industry
• Drawing on technology/product “S Curves” concept to exploit new ideas
• Comparing and contrasting the concepts of market driven & technology driven product innovation
• Maximising the value chain benefits of the product price
• Saving time and effort at the fuzzy front end of a new innovation by avoiding procrastinations

Case study and discussion on: technology transfer & adaption, patents & infringements and furthering continuous innovation. Driving innovation strategies as a company-wide commitment
• Building a culturally fit organisation and leadership
• Encouraging innovation using the “skunk work” approach
• Developing customer insights mechanism for fast inputs and feedbacks
• Fostering a supportive internal structure led by product champions through incentives, rewards and recognition

Case study and discussion on:
The idea generation, development, product launch and promotion by DSM of “PeptoPro℗”.

Metrics to rate innovation performance
• The classic result and predictive measures for sustained innovation
• Making choices using metrics & scorecard templates

Case study and discussion on:
Pitney Bowes Inc, a world market leader in Postage Meters. How the innovation comes about, the success factors of market leadership, patents protection, collaboration with UPS, and continuous innovation.

Sparking innovation - Tackling the toughest challenge in new product innovation
• Critically assessing the innovation thinking processes
• Generating good products and business ideas using specific driver-guidelines methodologies
• Identifying the boundaries: what type of innovations are or are not, appropriate
• Conducting a SWOT analysis on the company capabilities to determine future profitability

Case study and discussion on:
successful innovative ideas to specifically illustrate “driver-guidelines methodologies” i.e. Portable Blood Pressure Monitor, Semiconductor Sensors, Next Generation Digital Camera Image Capture, One laptop per child, Oil in Water Monitor for Ships.

Making strategic choices and picking winners for your new product portfolio
• Defining your strategy – which markets, technologies and product types to focus on
• Utilising agile portfolio planning to identify options
• Optimising the value of your portfolio using value metrics
• Considering the time-line of the pay-backs: short, medium, long term to ensure profit making venture

Building the business case for innovation and product planning to justify the investment
• Establishing the realistic value propositions to customers and companies
• Leveraging on your patents and intellectual property to safeguard your business
• Forecasting demand and price sensitivity of the new product through appropriate costing and pricing
• Obtaining the marketing and customer inputs to obtain higher product value

Case study and discussion on:
innovating a new suitable means of oil in water pollution from ships sensing by “Oilcon Monitor” and developing it into an instrument product, gaining the approvals, promoting and selling the product world-wide.

  Recognising risk and management for rational risk taking
• Identifying new project risks, contingency plans and financial impacts when selling risk management to senior management
• Leveraging on risk assessment tools and templates
• Using risk as one of the parameters for comparative rating of project proposal attractiveness
• Assessing methods such as risk profiling and perturbation analysis to reduce risk

Accelerating time to market to enhance your product development
• Reviewing the best practice models to address time to market
• Delving into critical path planning for managing projects effectively
• Enhancing product development flexibility by paying attention to product architecture, prototyping strategy, design alternatives and convergence
• Process mapping to help minimize waste of time and resource e.g. using “4 Fields” process mapping
• Driving faster remedial action for NPD with high quality reliability growth engineering results with predictive metrics

Wrap up session - discussions
• What are your “take-aways” ?
• What will you try to improve in your company ?
• Implementation

Further considerations:
• Changes to your organisational structure
• Mergers and acquisitions, disposals and disaggregation
• Overview of any proposed changes for the next phase
• The future cost of carbon

Benefits to you

• Driving customer value with new product innovation
• Discovering the key elements of a successful product vision and strategy
• Establishing a sustainable new product development system to achieve company’s innovation goals
• Developing an organisation structure that supports your new product development process
• Building advance skills to lead innovation effort and ability to effectively influence management
• Ascertaining the best techniques to lead innovation teams to get into action
• Creating real value for customers by developing a customer insight engine

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

Please contact our office at +420 255 707 240 for any additional information about the course

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