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Digital Marketing & Social Media for Pharma

Past several years have seen the pharmaceutical marketing industry go through major changes. One of the biggest trends in medical marketing has been shift to internet based communications and the various social media applications that have developed as a result of increased bandwidth and improved technology.We have case based examples of companies who have tried to break out of the siloed structure to reach the audiences more efficiently and more cost-effectively. In this extremely competitive market place challenges by regulatory requirements it is crucial to take advantage of the fast pace development in the arena of digital and social media and utilize all available strategic tools and tactics to reach consumers, physicians and maximize ROI.   Emerging technologies and hand held devices propel mobile commuting into the next big wave.Allowing easy access to markets, improved branding, better targeting, analytics and location based services while building trust, stimulating interest and ensuring product longevity; no life science business will be able to ignore the need for effective social media strategies and implementation. The way everyone in the circle of care obtains his or her information has experienced a major shift.  This dynamic hands-on event takes you from the beginnings of Internet based communications, through social media and to some practical next steps. The goal of this seminar is to provide you with the knowledge to use these tools cost effectively and learn from some of the best practices that enable you to measure your marketing more effectively.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

Throughout the event you’ll be challenged to work on cases and real world examples that help turn theories into practice, these include devising a brand plan that includes social media strategy, creating an effective eMarketing campaign with a budget of $10,000 or less, planning a virtual speakers program that leverages the principles of social networking, all while maintaining strict FDA based promotional guidelines for managing your brand online.

Who should attend?

Middle to Senior Sales, Marketing and Communications professionals from life science companies including pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and healthcare companies. Job titles may include but are not limited to VPs, Heads of, Directors, Managers, Specialists in: • Marketing / Digital Marketing / Interactive Marketing / Digital Strategy / Digital Media /eMarketing • Emerging Media / New Media • Marketing Communication • Social Media • E-Channel Marketing / E-Business • Media Strategy / Media Planning • Commercial Strategy • Advertising & Promotion

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

The New Business Network and the Potential of Digital & Social Media

- Exploring outlets and trends in digital marketing and communication

- Understanding what works, what doesn’t and why

- Perfecting digital & social media planning

 - Creating a marketing mix that suits your specific needs of your company

– Exploring emerging channels including social media, tablet apps and smart phones  


Reaching Out to Your Audience – Patients and Physicians

- Lowering the cost of lead generation, brand conversion and customer retention

- Understanding the value of an online audience on market research while effectively managingdirect feedback from patients

- Identifying new platforms for your brand messaging that are more effective than your traditional sales approach

- How to work with HCP and patient’s support groups through online discussion forums

- Making the process easy and simple

– Creating new touchpoints while significantly cutting marketing costs  


Digital Marketing Analytics

• Analyzing your online Brand

• Exploring available tools and social media sites – Leveraging benefits and assessing pitfalls

• Identifying the most suitable approach for your company in terms of available social media platforms, target audience and approach

• Assessing competitors  


Digital Marketing Channels

• Analyzing social media options and trends

• Evaluating the pros and cons of different eMarketing channels

• Maximizing the value of an integrated marketing plan  


Integrating Your Brand Marketing and Communications

• Profiting from marketing strategies that are proven to work in life science companies

• Benefiting from new media tools that can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of agency programs

• A focus on perfecting your integrated brand messaging.  


Hands on Planning

• Analyzing case studies of successful and failed campaigns

• Exploring tactical executions that drive leads, and retain customers

• Creation social media pages that matter

• Preparing a strategic blueprint for your company

Benefits to you

• Learn how digital & social media marketing are changing communications in life science companies

• Ensure your social & digital media plan complies with FDA guidelines

• Manage your company’s online reputation and improve your brand perception utilizing digital tools

• Understand how to better target your marketing resources with fewer dollars

• Gain insights about your customers (patients & healthcare providers) and competitors without violating FDA promotional guidelines • Measure customer loyalty and satisfaction through “first-hand” responses – while managing the risks associated with adverse event reporting

• Determine the right media mix and spend to accommodate your immediate organization’s needs

• Leverage video, health advocates, thought leaders and others with social network channels

• Learn how to leverage Twitter to enhance your company’s ability to respond in critical situations

• Understand the various mobile applications and how they are changing the game for life science companies

• Benefit from “real time” social media experience by establishing your own social media presence while at this course

• Capture customer feedback and measure results immediately to determine the impact of your digital media plan

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

TBA, 2013

For more information about this course and upcoming course dates, please contact Emily Jones at or call 312.540.3000 ext 6714


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