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Internal & Employee Communications Strategy

It is increasingly recognized that employees represent a potentially powerful source of competitive advantage, both internally and operationally as well as externally, in the form of providing authentic brand experiences.Whether your organization depends on ‘knowledge workers’, service providers or skilled manual labour, the proven link between high levels of motivation, advocacy, loyalty and business success has made the proactive communication with your employees a strategic imperative for leading organizations.   Most organizations are now aware of the tremendous value of effective internal communication to support employee engagement and retention. But still many well-intended internal communication programs fail to deliver, despite the time and resources invested in them. Make sure your internal communication is successful by developing an excellent understanding of the essential ingredients of an effective employee communication strategy while utilizing all available communication & social media channels, supported and driven by the power of your employee voice.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

In addition to providing you with a good grounding in the theories that underpin this discipline, this course will also provide numerous case study examples of leading internal/employee communication techniques in practice. You will also be given the opportunity to work through many of the challenges faced by your own organization in developing and implementing an effective communication strategy and applying it in all communication scenarios.   This is a highly interactive course, which enables you to develop solutions to your own internal communication challenges as well as to learn from the experiences of others. It will give you the process for defining and refining your own strategies as well as many ideas on how to make them work effectively.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to enhance their skills in internal communication strategy building and develop a wider understanding of the key elements of communicating for change.   Heads, Vice Presidents, Directors and Senior Management executives cross industry, in the following job functions: •Internal Communications •Employee Communications •Employee Relations, Engagement & Recognition •Corporate Communications •Strategy Planning •Media Relations

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Assessing the benefits of a transparent internal communication  

• What can be achieved through good internal communication and what cannot

• What happens when internal communication works well

• Setting realistic strategic goals and working with the organization to achieve senior management buy-in  

Creating an efficient internal communication plan and preparing for changes, crisis, events, etc.  

• Evaluating organizational climate

• Encouraging participation to produce solutions

• Establishing a bias to communicate among employees

Getting the Leadership Buy-in, Support & Involvement - Understanding the Increasing Importance of the Role Leadership Plays in this Economy  

• Sponsorship and its importance to your strategy

• Using the sponsor to communicate internally

• The leadership gap and how to bridge it

• Influencing leaders who don't communicate well

• Partners and everyone else you should involve  

Understanding the Need for Increased Organizational Transparency with Proactive Communications – Understanding your Audience  

• Empowering employees so they can solve business challenges

• Assessing and employing the optimal communication approaches

• The important role of influencers and opinion leaders in your workforce     

Promoting and Driving Employee Communication Through Innovative Social Media and Instruments – Future and Trends of Internal Communications    

• Employing Wikis

• Encourage blogging

• Developing an appropriate social media policy 

Enhancing Employee Engagement, Trust & Attention while maintaining Transparency    

• Tapping internal talent to improve engagement

• Utilizing engagement technologies and tools

• The critical role of leadership and employee contact

Benefits to you

Seamlessly communicate through changes/internal transitions/challenges to a diverse workforce – Capture the attention and drive desired internal behaviour & strategic mindset   •

 Master internal communication process with a limited budget – Create value & demonstrate the return on investment of the internal communications function  

Tap internal talent to improve engagement – Listen to the employee voice and create dialogue with your co-workers when developing content to ultimately boost employee engagement  

Determine benefits & advantages of social media & social activism when communicating internally - Learn from real life experiences of what works and what doesn’t  

Assess internal communication as part of overall media relations to align internal and external messaging  

Leverage the power of your employees while knowing that employee engagement and your internal employer brand go hand in hand  

Leverage technology for internal communications to increase employee performance and productivity  

Reestablish trust & transparency with employees while applying authentic communication style/language/tone

Enhance innovation throughout your organization by creating communication opportunities to address business challenges

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

TBA, 2013

For more information about this course and upcoming course dates, please contact Emily Jones at or call 312.540.3000 ext 6714


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