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Maximizing Social Media for Customer Engagement & Experience

Social media usage and increased participation in LinkedIn, Twitter ,Facebook and other social media platforms has not only enabled organizations tobetter promote their brands, reach new markets, and improve organizational collaboration, it has significantly changed expectations of customer engagement and participation. This trend is accelerating and it is expected that social media will continue to grow not only as a vital customer communications tool but as the premier method for maintaining customer loyalty, improving satisfaction and increasing retention.   Attendees of this workshop will leave with a good knowledge of what social media is all about and with practical knowledge on best practices in using social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube) to create strong on-line brand identities,improvecustomer engagement processes and enable better customer loyalty and retention. They will learn how to increase employee/customer collaboration and provide better customer service and support and will leave with a good understanding on how to create customer communities, utilize the power of real-time interactions with their customers, and analyse the vast array of available data to gain insights and competitive advantage.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

The class will be highly interactive with participants working on-line and completing group exercises that demonstrate the capabilities of social media tools, provide a roadmap for them to create a social media strategy, demonstrate the fundamentals of customer communities, and enablers of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Who should attend?

Middle to Senior Sales, Marketing and Communications professionals across all sectors. Job title may include VPs, Heads of, Directors, Managers, Specialists in:  • Marketing / Digital Marketing / Interactive Marketing / Digital Strategy / Digital Media • Marketing Communications • Social Media Strategy • Media Strategy / Media Planning • Customer Experience / Customer Loyalty/ Customer Retention • Customer Service

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

New Business Environment

-Shortened sales cycle


-Impact of Technology

 -Digital Natives

Fundamentals of Social Media

- History of social media communications

 - Fundamentals of social media and on-line communities

 - Understanding what works, what doesn’t and why

 - Practical experience with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube  

Social Media Strategy

- Understanding your target audiences

 - Identifying platforms of choice

 - Articulating on-line objectives  

Social Media Analytics

 - Analyzing your online Brand

- Exploring tools and best practices

- Assessing customer insights and competitors

Social Media Channels

 - Analyzing social media trends

- Emerging uses of mobile technologies

 - Evaluating the pros and cons of different approaches  

SocialMedia Marketing and PR

- Profiting from marketing strategies

- Benefiting from new media PR tools

- Improving negative on-line reputations  

Social Media Planning

 - Analyzing case studies of corporate social media best practices

 -Exploring planning strategies and customer collaboration

 -Creating Facebook and LinkedIn corporate pages

-Preparing a blueprint and guidelines for your company  

Customer Loyalty & Retention

 - Understanding key drivers of loyalty

 - Strategies for retaining loyal customers

 - Turning customers into brand advocates  

Customer Feedback & Listening to Voice of Customer

 - Building trust and credibility

 - Enabling customers to participate in development

- Understanding emerging customer needs

Benefits to you

• Learning how social media marketing is changing communications and customer collaboration

 • Empowering your brand voice, establishing a presence and managing your on-line reputation on popular social media channels while targeting the right customers

• Understanding how social media changes the employee/customer dynamic

• Leveraging social network channels as a platform for increased brand affinity- “I'd recommend this product or service to a friend”

 • Achieving customer satisfaction through interactive forums-- blogs, support forums, Twitter, etc

• Building on-line communities into loyalty tools – Turning customers into advocates

• Using social media to gain insights about your customers, competitors and the market • Improving customer engagement by understanding their needs and fostering strong relationships

 • Utilizing innovative tools to involve customers in the product development process

 • Winning customers & other influencers’ confidence through effective usage of social media

 •Listen to the feedback, respond and champion the involvement of your customers

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

October 9-10,  2012 / Chicago, IL 

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