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The Dynamic Presenter: Advanced Presentation Skills

In this world where resources are increasingly being reduced, and investment removed, being able to effectively get your ideas and value across during the presentation is vital. Integral to the success of anyone in business is the ability to put your ideas across in a way that makes your audience sit up and listen. Even if they don’t remember everything you say, they will remember how you said it. Therefore there is always a need to refresh and hone these all important skills to stay on top of your game. This two day highly interactive workshop is designed to help business professionals of all standards critically appraise their presentation skills in a dynamic and safe learning environment and learn new ideas, models and concepts. All delegates will have the opportunity to bring the presentations they are currently working on to incorporate the new techniques from the course and ensure they make a difference upon return to the office.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This programme is designed to accommodate the needs of all adult learning styles. Using a range of individual and group learning combined with theory and videoed presentations delegates will be able to develop their skills and confidence by a variety of learning methods. The experience in this presentations skills training is as close as you can get to having a personal, public speaking coach. You present at least three times over the course of two days. Your presentations are recorded and evaluated. And you get expert one- on-one coaching at the end of each presentation. Delegates attending are encouraged to bring with them a ‘live’ presentation that they are working on. The workshop environment will provide a dynamic forum in which to apply the real time learning and practise the presentation before returning to the workplace.

Who should attend?

Presenters wishing to build and develop existing presentation skills and deliver more dynamic presentations that will be remembered for having the power to influence and persuade.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Delegates will bring a presentation they have recently presented, or are currently preparing, to work on and enhance during the course to ensure an immediate practical application of the techniques.

Understanding the Barriers to Effective Communication and ways to overcome them
• Defining the characteristics of effective presenters
• The art of presenting: Understanding the emotional cycle of change and how it impacts our presentations
• Understanding how people take in information to create a better reception
• The science of Communication Filters and how to minimise misunderstanding
• Practical tools that every presenter needs to overcome presentation barriers

Practical exercise:
First Presentation: An initial opportunity to demonstrate your current presentation skills

Video critique
An opportunity for individual and group learning through constructive feedback on presentations

The Importance of Planning and Preparation in effective presentations
• The 5 P’s explained and how they affect your presentation
• ‘Start with the end in mind’: What is the end in mind you want from your presentation?
• Presenting powerful and impacting beginnings and endings
• Writing scripts, editing material and using notes to emphasise key points

Practical Exercise:
Preparing your presentation using planning tools to provide better structure

Working with INTRO to increase the effectiveness of your presentation
• Introduction to the INTRO structure
• Application of the INTRO structure to enhance your presentation
• Managing your presentation time effectively to enable retentiveness

Practical Exercise:
Second Presentation using INTRO: An chance to enhance your presentation through INTRO methods

Video critique
Peer feedback and coaching to enable greater adoption of INTRO

Developing Self-awareness with Emotional Intelligence
• Analysing verbal and non-verbal contributions to best adapt your presentation
• Examining your own image and credibility when making presentations
• Re-enforcing your strengths and addressing your areas for development
• Identifying your own idiosyncrasies: Using them to make a difference and enhance your presentation

Practical Exercise
Fine tuning your body language, voice, tone and use of language to create better impact from your presentations

Delivering your Presentation with Impact to ‘leave an impression’
• Speaking with power, authority and confidence
• Using and applying the 3 P’s, Pitch, Pace and Pause to your ‘live’ presentation to gain attention
• Controlling nerves: Breath control and other techniques to bring confidence and control
• Key techniques for handling questions, interruptions and objections

Practical exercise:
Final Presentation: An opportunity to practice all the skills learnt over the course in a safe environment

Video critique
Peer feedback and coaching on the final presentation to identify areas of improvement

Differentiating your Presentations through new tools and techniques
• Top tips on using PowerPoint to optimise your presentation
• Using other mediums to capture the audiences’ interest
• Making visual aids and technology work for you

Practical exercise:
Formulating a personal action plan to work on your presentation techniques following the course

Benefits to you

• Practise delivery and gaining objective feedback from video role-play and analysis
• Overcome nervousness, negative feelings and anxiety
• Explore innovative ways of delivering your presentations
• Develop a strategy and structure for a dynamic presentation
• Focus attention on the key issues to generate audience interest and acceptance of your message
• Make more polished and powerful presentations using voice, tone and body language to maximise impact, persuasion and effectiveness
• Develop skills to ensure your message is understood, persuasive and remembered

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

3-4 February 2020, London, PT4101

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