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Employer Brand & Candidate Experience: Create a uniquely engaging and complete employer brand and candidate experience that aligns to the organization's brand, values and business strategy

There is more and more empirical evidence today that supports the fact that in order to deliver on a brand promise and activate a business strategy, the employees must be informed, inspired, and committed to a common vision, strategy, and culture.Organizational Growth and Success cannot occur without able talent in place that understands the value and goals of the organization and their role in achieving the vision and delivering on the brand promise. While many organizations say they employ an Employer Brand strategy within their organizations, few actually do. Alignment of the organization’s employer brand to appeal to job candidates and as a great place to work with the internal behaviours and operational accountability to fulfilling that brand promise doesn’t happen naturally.It takes a concerted effort by cross-functional leadership and engagement across the enterprise.   The state of talent acquisition and employee retention is transforming and becoming more complex.Your organization’s brand matters to valuable, sought after talent.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This program will combine an overview of the ingredients and methodology required to create or renew a successful Employer Brand strategy that can position itself as a competitive advantage for the organization to attract and retain the right talent.

Who should attend?

Senior and strategic leader representatives from cross- Industry organizations with responsibilities in: Talent Acquisition Recruitment Marketing Employer Brand Internal Brand Brand Talent Management Recruiting/Staffing Employee Engagement Diversity & Inclusion Human Resources Employee Relations Organizational Development Leadership Development Compensation & Benefits Workforce Planning

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

This program will combine an overview of the ingredients and methodology required to create or renew a successful Employer Brand strategy that can position itself as a competitive advantage for the organization to attract and retain the right talent.  

Overcoming Fierce Competition for Great Talent ·Attracting talented people who have many options as the job market improves ·Understanding the needs and motivations of candidates ·The cost of hiring the wrong candidates ·Retaining talented people after recruiting them ·Opportunity to create brand ambassadorsout of candidates, whether hired or not ·Referral and endorsement by candidates, whether hired or not  

Aligning Employee Experience to be Consistent from Cradle to Grave (from recruitment to retirement) ·What a candidate hears during recruiting should be consistent with what he/she experiences when they join an organization ·Recruitment campaign alignment with brand, business, and people strategy ·Opportunity for retirees to remain brand ambassadors ·Internal processes including performance evaluation and career development must be aligned with the brand and business strategies 

Ensuring Candidate Experience Consistency with Every Touchpoint at the Organization ·All corporate functions must deliver consistent messages ·Importance of alignment between marketing, communications, hr, and learning and development ·Importance of all participants in the recruitment process being aware of and committed to a common vision, strategy, and culture  

Developing a Clear Articulation of Cultural Behaviors Required Delivering the Brand Promise for Candidates and Employees ·Interview for culture and behavior, not just technical competency ·Align reward and recognition programs with behaviors required to deliver the strategy and brand promise ·Align performance metrics and career development processes with the brand, business, and people strategies  

Driving Connecting between Great Employee Experiences and Great Customer Experiences- Impact the Bottom Line ·Research data that reflects the direct correlation between employee and customer satisfaction ·Evidence that high employee engagement drives higher productivity, better margins, lower turnover, and higher shareholder value ·Your people are your brand ·Social media and mobile data access mean that dissatisfaction becomes instantly viral

Information about the Trainer: Rick Demarco

Rick is a strategic business leader with a proven track record of motivating and inspiring people to achieve exceptional results in a changing environment.He has held senior leadership roles in industry leading companies like Carrier, KitchenAid, and HP in marketing, general management, sales, human resources, and accounting. He is a leader and expert in the emerging field of internal brand alignment and employee engagement and recently led those efforts at Hewlett Packard, the largest technology company in the world. In addition to his technical skills and experience in B2B, B2C, small companies, large companies, and product and service companies, he is an expert in leadership effectiveness and team dynamics.He co-founded a leadership consulting company, along with noted leadership expert Mike Singletary, former all pro middle linebacker with the Chicago Bears and NFL Hall of Famer. He now holds the position of Managing Director, West Coast, for Inward Strategic Consulting, a pioneer and thought leader in the field of Employee Brand Engagement and Internal Alignment. He has a passion for leveraging the power of employees to deliver the brand promise and business strategy to the market and his unique multi-disciplinary background positions him to develop strategies and plans that are relevant to all functional areas of an organization.

Benefits to you

·Understand that your employees are your brand and it is critical to develop recruitment efforts that align with your brand and business strategy

·Create employee engagement and alignment with the brand and business strategy to deliver exceptional customer experiences, consistent with the brand promise

·Discover structures and elements required to develop a winning and viable employer brand strategy

·Drive authentic messages by aligning the employer brand to the recruitment experience to drive authentic credibility

·Ensure a powerful and consistent message throughout the entire candidate recruitment and on-boarding process

·Examine employer brand requirements to capture attention from global candidates and emerging talent pools

·Build the case that Employer branding is an important and specialized area that requires a real strategy – requiring allocation of proper resources for effective and of value to the business

·Bridge disconnections between what employers know/feel about candidates and what candidates know about employers

·Manage social media venues used by recruits to learn about company culture and strategy

·Customize communication channels to employee and candidate’s preferences

·Insure that all corporate functions are aligned with the business and brand strategy so employees receive consistent messages and direction.

·Adopt a cradle to grave approach so employees hear the same messages through their entire cycle, from recruiting to on boarding to career development to performance management to retirement- driving the employer brand across the entire talent-value chain

·Create internal understanding of present internal culture and behaviors required to deliver on the brand promise

·Insure that performance metrics and reward and recognition programs support the employee behavior required to deliver on the brand promise

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

December 4-5, 2012 Chicago, IL

TBA, 2013

For additional information regarding this course and future dates, contact Emily Jones at or 312 540 3000 X6714

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"This course will allow my company to develop its existing strategies to a much greater and hopefully profitable level."

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