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Reputation Management & Strategic Communications

With the emergence of social media, vocal online consumes, activists and employees can either be your biggest ambassadors or worst enemies. Bad news can now spread globally in seconds with the single click of a mouse, and can no longer be swept under the carpet. Welcome to the new era of digital transparency that is redefining the rules of the game. The reputation of your company, credibility of your senior leadership and perceptions of your products and services are more valuable and vulnerable than ever before.It takes years to build a reputation but only a few short-sighted decisions to irreparably damage it.Managing risks and communicating strategically and pro-actively is no longer an option but an absolute necessity.   In this volatile, ever-changing business environment, it is more important than ever for organizations in any industry and sector to be actively monitoring, anticipating, building and protecting their organizationís reputation. The following innovative two-day executive workshop will give participants the knowledge and tools to begin developing their own reputation platform to better manage risk, build trust with priority stakeholders and maintain a competitive edge.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This unique, intensive two-day course for senior business communicators will help you and your organization:   o Understand why having a reputation management plan is important oIdentify what steps you must take to protect or repair your organizationís good name in the community oWhat tools you can use to manage both o Anticipate, prevent and prepare rapid-response solutions for emerging reputational issues o Develop a blueprint for building credibility with key stakeholders whose support you need to succeed o Communicate with authenticity and integrity though a values-driven leadership model oIntegrate reputation into your organizationís enterprise risk management process and earn yourself a seat at the table o Earn investor and analyst confidence by building a resilient organization that values reputation as a key business driver o Spark business growth and increase sales by building a compelling messaging architecture that aligns actions and words o Break down internal communications silos to build employee trust and engagement o Attract and retain top talent by building a collaborative culture and employee ambassadors that will save HR big money

Who should attend?

VPs, Heads, Directors and managers of ∑Reputation ∑Communications ∑Corporate Communications ∑Public Relations/ Affairs ∑Media Relations ∑Brand Communications ∑Executive Communications ∑Internal Communications ∑Community Relations ∑Risk Management

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Understanding the Value of Reputation oPresenting actionable insights from the latest global reputation research oDifferentiating between Brand and Reputation oIdentifying key reputation drivers and dimensions impacting your organization oDefining who owns and actively manages reputation in your organization

Build an Eminence Program to Raise Organizational Profile as a Thought Leader to Change Existing Perceptions oSharing your story consistently across multiple channels oActively engaging in external activities that align messages and demonstrate leadership by example oResponding quickly, accurately and persuasively to trends and news in your industry oCommunicating corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives

Understand what People are Saying About Your Organization oConducting in-depth research to get a true understanding of how the organization is perceived and why oMonitoring social media to identify opportunities and respond to issues before they escalate to a crises oBenchmarking to understand where your reputation stands, measure how it has changed over time oUnderstanding where your reputation ranks relative to your competition, industry and business community oQuestioning and re-aligning management decision makingto exemplify the culture, values and mission

Managing reputation Before, During and After a Crisis oBuilding trust through transparency when addressing issues that surface in the news oIdentifying and mitigating risks before they escalate from issues to a crisis oDeveloping and testing crisis communications plans to protect reputation and business continuity oApology and Accountability Ė how to do the right thing while minimizing legal risks

Strengthening Your Reputation through Employee Engagement and Involvement oBreaking down silos that exist across functions and geographies to mitigate risks and foster innovation oIllustrating the employee value proposition and how employees are making a difference oEncouraging employees to share their stories and entice new talent to join the ranks oRecognizing and Rewarding staff that role model desired behaviors to colleagues

Building Organizational Reputation by Strengthening Executive Leadership Communications oUnderstanding CEO perceptions and expectations of reputation management oMeasuring how executive leadership is perceived and its impact to the organizationís reputation oDetermining whether leaders demonstrate behaviors align with the organizationís culture and values oCoaching executive leaders whose actions present a potential reputation risk and revolving door for talent oAssisting in the repositioning of corporate leaders as thought leaders

Avoiding Potential Disconnects Between Words and Actions oManaging stakeholder expectations and closing the gap between what is promised and delivered oHelping senior leaders realize the impact their actions on the organizationís mission, story and reputation oEnforcing integrity by holding managers accountable

Integrating Reputation into the Enterprise Risk Management Process oEmbedding a clear and effective reputation risk checklist into all strategic and business planning activities oEducating employees on reputation risks and empower them to resolve issues before they escalate oMotivating employees by demonstrating the impact of their work and desired behavior on the business

Benefits to you

oLearning the fundamentals for developing a reputation platform and management plan for your organization oIdentifying, mapping and mitigating dangerous reputational risks that currently exist in your organization oDiscovering strategies for navigating your organizationís reputation through a variety ofcrises oProtecting your organizationís reputation online from cyber-activist attacks oHarnessing the power of social media to engage influencers and neutralize vocal negative groups oBuilding your organizationís reputation from the inside out Ė by engaging and inspiring your employees oKeys to reputation repair and recovery after an organization or products good name has been tarnished oCreating reputation councils to engage senior leadership and prove your value to the C-Suite oEngaging a cross-functional group of internal stakeholders to help create proactive risk mitigation programs oMeasurement options to benchmark your organization within your industry and beyond oBest Practices drawn from the latest reputation research findings oLeadership necessities to drive reputation enterprise-wide oDeveloping corporate social responsibility programs to bolster your reputation with customers and employees oSharing reputational challenges and identifying opportunities with other senior leaders to bring new perspective and solutions when you return to the office

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2 Day Course

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