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Advanced High Potential Development for Critical Roles Placement

To succeed in the competitive business environment, you must have extremely capable talent in leadership positions with a healthy pipeline of talent as backfill to those roles. Although organizations have little control on market fluctuations and external environments that impact business success, organizations can however prepare their future leaders to position them into key roles to execute on business strategies for success. Mitigating and controlling talent resources risks- ensuring there will always be capable and able people to run the business- can be achieved through a robust and aligned leadership talent strategy. Identifying and developing high-potential talent for key positions within the organization can be a daunting task for any Talent Management or Business Executive if alignment, the right programs and support and are not in place.   It’s not uncommon for business leaders to see internal Leadership Development offerings as more transactional than strategic, and not aligned for business impact. To change this perception and really achieve strategic goals, Leadership Development professionals must engage these leaders around their most critical business goals, and then demonstrate precisely how leadership development and talent strategies can enable those goals.While some transactional tasks will always be needed, the Leadership Development professional links performance and talent management issues directly to business success.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

To create a significant, measureable impact on business performance today and tomorrow, this premium professional training course will help you to develop the strategy and insights needed to create that leadership development impact.  This program will combine an overview of the ingredients and methodology required to create or renew a successful HIPO leadership development strategy that can position itself as a competitive advantage for the organization to attain business goals.

Who should attend?

Talent Management, Organizational Development/Effectiveness, Leadership Development, Talent Development/Planning, Succession Planning, Workforce Management, Learning & Development Employee, Experience Talent Lifecycle, Talent Mobility, Centers of Excellence, Human Resources

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Create a Strategic Talent Framework by Aligning it to the Business’ Vision, Strategy, and Plan ·Alignment with strategic business priorities; determine critical capabilities and talent gaps ·Facilitate creation of a Talent Blue print with established priorities, actions, and metrics;  

Educate Executives and HR Business Partners to create and build a sustainable Talent Culture and Capabilities ·Educate Executives to build their commitment and effectiveness to be Talent Champions ·Launch an HR Community of Practice to develop TalentCapabilities through a “Train the Trainer” Series and Resource Center of tools and guidelines; ·Establish Critical Success Factors, milestones, and key elements of shaping a Talent Culture  

Establish HIPO Assessment, Talent Review Process and Succession Management for Critical Roles ·Create a HIPO Assessment Framework that includes: Competencies, Self Assessments, Potential Assessments, Talent Review Process and Facilitation ·Establishing Critical Roles that impact business strategy and determine bench strength  

Design and Execute Global HIPO Pipeline Programs to Accelerate Development of Talent at Early-in-Career, Mid, and Executive Levels ·Get buy-in from C-Suite Executives and establish Program Sponsors ·Manage HIPO talent as Corporate Assets ·Design, execute and sustain a hierarchy of global HIPO programs  

Enable Talent Mobility to Build a Global leadership Pipeline and Bench Strength ·Establish Talent Mobility Forums with key stakeholders ·Create opportunities for cross-unit developmental roles ·Launch Development Framework to set up candidates for success in new roles  

Establish a Menu of Developmental Strategies for Your Organization that Include: ·Executive Assessment, Mentoring, and Action Learning ·Structured Networking, Executive Coaching, Stretch Roles and Development Planning ·Executive Education, 360 Feedback and Board Engagements  

Retain Critical Talent through a Distinctive Value Proposition for HIPO employees ·Assess retention risks of critical talent ·Create a value proposition and brand for the HIPO programs  

Establish an accountability framework for Leadership Pipeline development ·Integrate accountability for leadership development as part of Corporate accountability framework ·Track and report talent metrics

Benefits to you

·Establish HIPO Assessment, Talent Review Process and Succession Management for Critical Roles

·Create a Strategic Talent Framework by aligning it to the Business’ Vision, Strategy, and Plan

·Educate Executives and HR Business Partners to create and build a sustainable Talent Culture and capabilities

·Design and execute global HIPO Pipeline programs to accelerate development of talent at Early-in-Career, Mid, and Executive level

·Enable Talent Mobility to build a global leadership pipeline and bench strength

·Establish developmental strategies for your organization that include Executive Assessment, Mentoring, Action Learning, Structured Networking, Executive Coaching, Stretch Roles and Development Planning

·Retain critical talent through a distinctive value proposition for HIPO employees

·Establish an accountability framework for Leadership Pipeline development


Information about the Trainer:  Glem Dias  

Glem Dias was the past Director of Talent Management at Pitney Bowes Inc. He has held global responsibility for managing the design and development of succession management, high potential leadership development, mentoring, critical talent mobility and enterprise performance management.   His diverse experience comes from industries such as Investment Banking, Software, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, and Retail. He has worked in the US, Canada, India and has done assignments in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. His prior roles include heading up leadership development at Wal-Mart Canada and HR Leader for Morgan Stanley India.   He is the recipient of the following awards: 2008 Pitney Bowes Impact Award; 2009 Talent Management Award and2010 Innovation in Employer Branding Award by the HR Professional Association; 2011 Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award by the Canadian Immigrant Magazine that is part of the Star Media Group.   He regularly speaks at leading Talent Management conferences, speaks at Business Schools and in the media. He served on the Canadian Federal Government’s External Advisory Committee on Talent Management

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

October 21-22, 2013 

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