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Evolving Next Generation Values and Capabilities for Finance Shared Services

As finance shared services centers continue to mature, 90% having been established 5+ years ago, they are faced with how can we continue to strive for excellence and bring in the next level of capabilities and continuously create value now as a mature internal organization? Continue to add value and drive innovation to your established Finance Shared Services while presenting your function as a strategic model and partner for the organization Even with matured shared service centers, there is still a layer of untapped opportunity to increase value (not only within finance functions) and capabilities. Improving governance, end-to-end processes, understanding available options to reduce cost, effectively measuring and increasing accountability as well as improving overall project management strategy for growing responsibilities are what is required for better management of the matured service center. A growing capability Finance Shared Services are realizing now includes now can include providing new business analytics and business intelligence in an accelerated manner. This is a time of many exciting new possibilities in which finance and shared services can be a key business partner, supplying new views of financial data, metrics, and analysis for businesses to cut costs and capitalize on.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This program will combine an overview of the ingredients and methodology required to elevate your mature Financial Shared Services to the next level of value creation and capabilities that can position itself as a competitive advantage for the organization

Who should attend?

Finance Shared Services, Shared Services, Controller, Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order to Cash, Internal Audit, Business Process Outsourcing, BPO, Business Transformation, Process Excellence, Treasury, P2P
Continue to add value and drive innovation to your established Finance Shared Services while presenting your function as a strategic model and partner for the organization

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Understanding the State of Maturing Finance Shared Services

·         Continue to create value as you mature the function

·         Examine the Lifecycle of shared services through infancy, development and maturity

·         Understand what is going in Finance Shared Services right now and future trends

·         Explore trending and practical opportunities to continuously Improving Shared Services to Finance Beyond Process

·         Multifunction, value delivery and service priorities for a maturing shared service function

·         Continue to build value and recognition on educating other areas of finance efficiencies still available with continuous partnership


Repositioning SSC as a Pivotal Strategic Business Partner Associated with the End-to-End Process

·         Identifying roles and responsibilities for a successful partnership of  the end to end process

·         Moving SSC to a strategic visionary role that is integrated within strategic business discussions

·         Create continuous communication and accountability for all elements of the end to end process

o    Business model

o    Scope of services

o    Use of share services resource of business and service projects

·         Define ways to use SSC data to drive strategic insight and partnership to different businesses

·         Combine divisional support, business performance and specified functions as a valuable role in the growth of the

·         Continue to improve the business beyond the scope of financial shared service


Enable Winning Governance Model that Emphasizes a Functioning Partnership 

·         Explore the necessary requirements for an effective governance model for both captive and outsourced SSC

·         Requirements for multiple layers demanding multiple governance models

·         Explore working governance models for diversified regions that include panels and super-panels


Successfully Tackling Financial Function Challenges through Corporate Re-Direction of Divestures and M&A Scenarios

·         Obtaining successful financial integration from Divestitures and  M&A

·         Staying on track to manage the added priorities and projects on top of additional requirements from  Divestitures and  M&A

·         Successfully aligning people, processes and technologies for smooth integration

·         Maintaining strategic partnership to overcome challenges and call upon decision making

·         Collaborating closely with business units and line management to understand core challenges and design solutions

·         Incorporate plans to maintain high employee morale and engagement levels during divestures and M&A


Effective Project Management to Ensure Sustainability for Added Capabilities and Future Project Portfolios

·         Create an effective project management strategy to tackle how to effectively manage the multiple capabilities and value-add that the shared services has taken on

·         Ensure sustainability of future project portfolios as well as current portfolios

·         Create visible displays of project and stakeholder analysis

·         Enable effective change management across the organization


Establish a High-Level Feasibility Study for Better Decision making- Analyze of Sourcing Options and Value

·         Effectively review  captive vs. outsourcing bids and propositions

·         Identify a 10-Step methodology to produce an internal value creation plan to compare against an external value proposition

·         Identify what value means to your SSC and organization

·         Understand best measurements against value creation

·         Reinforce savings, value creation and approaches


Managing the Cost Base for Effective Finance Optimization

·         Develop an activity-based costing chargeback process drives  cost reduction behaviour by both the client and shared service center

·         Evaluate and analyze for various operations across the finance function to determine cost competitiveness

·         Establish a process to continuously review internal and external benchmarks for shared service process costs to maintain consistent focus of creating higher quality, lowering costs and driving better service

·         Establishing targets in a performance scorecard to achieve optimal benchmark scores

·         Establish effective change that improves effectiveness and the working relationships between the client and the shared service center


Effective Performance Measurement Framework for Shared Services Efficiency

·         Identify the 4 key behavior attributes for success

o    Identify key performance indicators to measure succession in those attributes

o    Develop detailed metrics that measure the success of KPIs

o    Link measurement results vs. targets to performance reviews and compensation

o    Create an integrative,  high-performance work culture that focuses on key activities

·         Understand how to lead a conversation with business partners for mutual benefit- hold them accountable, measure accountability, and ensure right compensation for the work

·         Evaluate budgets and staffing levels and drive change to ascertain necessary performance levels that inhibit success

·         Ensure a balanced scorecard to keep track of key performance measurements


Drive Business Intelligence Capabilities for Valuable Actionable Insights beyond SSC

·         Increase competitive intelligence derived from SSC Data and Financial Analysis

·         Enhance better business decision making from SSC business intelligence capabilities

·         Realize business intelligence capabilities  when the organization demands for more timely, accurate and informed decisions

·         Do it beyond just the processes the SSC owns

·         Create expert strategic advisory services for multiple businesses and functions within organization using valuable SSC business intelligence


Information about the Trainer: Edward Martinez

With over 20 years of Business and Advisory Experience and numerous keynote speaking engagements, Edward Martinez is a widely recognized and regarded thought leader within Strategy and Management of Shared Service Centers. In 2011, he received the “Excellence in Value Creation Award” from the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON).

 Ed had recently led The Wendy's Shared Services Organization, previously known as Wendy's/ Arby's Shared Services where he increased process improvements and performance metrics. At Wendy’s SSO, he lead the design, implementation and completion of the transition project to relocate the Atlanta service functions to Ohio, and led the company project involving divestiture of Arby's from Wendy's/Arby's Group, which included establishing a temporary outsourcing arrangement.

Ed Also previously served as VP-AT&T Finance and President of the award winning BellSouth multi-functional Shared Services entity. His Role at AT&T included serving as lead in the AT&T and BellSouth merger integration activities associated with Shared Services functions and systems. Past several years experience involved providing the leadership vision and strategic direction in the design, implementation and management of the enterprise-wide BellSouth Shared Services Organization (SSO). The BellSouth SSO provided Finance & Accounting services, Employee and Payroll services, Treasury and Customer Payment services and Program Management functions on behalf of more than 30 BellSouth affiliates. The BellSouth SSO has been recognized as "top ranked" based on external benchmarks and performance results. Future goals include considering new opportunities involving Shared Services operations and/or consulting.



Benefits to you

·         Reposition SSC as a Pivotal Strategic Business Partner to the Finance Function

·         Practice effective Project Management to ensure sustainability for added capabilities and future project portfolios

·         Continue to create value as you mature the function

·         Enable an appropriate governance model and functioning partnership models to ensure successful execution of value creating initiatives and change

·         Successfully Tackling Financial Function Challenges while still bringing value through M&A

·         Manage the Cost Base for Effective Finance Optimization

·         Establish Effective Measurement Reporting for Quality Control

·         Significantly contribute to the organization’s strategic objectives

·         Putting process excellence to the context of overall business optimization

·         Expand value to key businesses that use the SSC

·         Examine best practices to capturing performance including balanced scorecard

·         Using a Business case approach to use to determine outsourcing and internal capabilities

·         Define ways to use SSC data to drive strategic insight and partnership to different businesses

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

February 27-28, 2013 Chicago, IL

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