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Human Resources Communications That Make An Impact

Having a strong HR communications strategy is becoming increasingly more important. A well architected communications strategy must incorporate a captivating design andleverages available technologies, all while aligning to the brand and the culture of the organization.As there are many employee programs that HR develops, manages and oversees, getting the best return on investment is only possible with a strong communications strategy.   Most organizations are now aware of the tremendous value that effective HR communications deliver everything from recruiting campaigns and hiring to performance management and transitions. Still, many well-intended communications programs fail to deliver, despite the time and resources invested in them. You can ensure your HR communications are highly successful by developing an excellent understanding of the strategic components of an effective HR communication strategy, while utilizing all available communication and channels.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

In addition to providing you with a good grounding in the theories that underpin this specialized communication discipline, this course will also case study examples of leading HR communication programs and techniques in practice. You will also be given the opportunity to work through many of the challenges faced by your own organization in developing and implementing an effective communication strategy and applying it in all HR strategy scenarios.   This is a highly interactive course, which enables you to develop solutions to your own HR communication challenge, as well as to learn from the experiences of others.   It will give you the process for defining and refining your own strategies; the opportunity for practical application; and, many ideas on how to make them work effectively at your specific organization.

Who should attend?

Chief Officers, Global Heads, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers and Analysts of: ·HR Communications ·Internal Communications ·Compensation & Benefits ·Recruiting ·New Hire Orientation ·Leadership and Employee Development ·HR Business Partners ·Human Resources ·Employee Relations ·Employee Engagement ·Employee Services

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

 HR Communications Styles and Where Yours Fits ·Understand the different communication styles ·Identify the different styles and how the are commonly approached when facilitating HR Communications ·Identify styles including analytical, director, supportive and emotive  

Aligning HR Communications to the Big Picture ·Understand how the different components of HR Communications fits within the big picture ·Align HR Communications to the master brand, employer brand and communications itself ·Explore what HR communications Is and what it is not ·Enable a strategic approach to common programs HR communications executes on  

Examine Where Tactical Programs Meet Strategic Planning for HR Communicators ·Examine best practices in achieving HR Communicators ultimate goal for workplace productivity ·Explore Tactical Approaches HR Communications activities forprograms, systems, training and communications ·Explore Strategic approaches where HR Communications can have an impact to leadership, decision making, organizational structures and communications ·Employ multiple communications channels while staying consistent on the message  

Understand Leadership of HR Communications and Support Business Results ·Define the decision makers and understand HR communications roles in helping them better communicate ·Understand information cascades within varying organizational structures and how HR communications needs to deliver to work effectively within the structure ·Understand how the Employee population communicates with one another spread messages  

Unite HR Strategies with Compelling Communication Plans to Get the Most out of every Employee-Facing Program ·Help employees understand and better appreciate HR created programs offered ·Employ a strategy creates better awareness of changes in employee programs ·Increase utilization of available employee programs ·Develop proven and strategic approach to how HR Communications can provide valuable support to common HR programs that include: oEmployer brand, recruiting campaigns, hiring, new hire orientations, performance management, training development mentorship, performance reviews, total rewards, salary, bonus, commission, recognition bonus, alumni communications mergers and acquisitions, employee lifecycle management, etc.  

HR Communications Alignment to Company Culture ·Understand necessity to align HR communications to company culture, not personality ·Incorporating company language, actions and icons to create more aligned communications ·Create clarity and honest about what is and is not the company culture ·Connecting communications to what the goals the business is looking to achieve ·Creating a multi-layer communications approach  

Building a Robust HR Communications Strategy ·Understand the different HR Communications goal types ·Realizing that it is not about the program goal ·Examining goals and guiding principals  

HR Communications for your Audience ·Developing programs specific internal audiences ·Understand your various the audience character types ·Break down audience types and program complexities before communicating ·Ask the right question for stronger communications of various programs  

HR Communications Writing Workshop ·Develop an actual plan and strategy to implement for your HR communications ·Practice writing HR Communications for specific audiences ·Exploring persuasive writing best practices ·Examining models and methodologies around persuasive communications ·Leverage powerful storytelling to engage the internal audiences

Benefits to you

·Create alignment between your company strategy, brand and HR programs

·Learn to build an effective HR communications strategy and plan

·Understand which communication tactics work best for particular HR programs

·Identify the characteristics of your audiences specifically for HR communications

·Understand information cascades, change communications and social structures

·Choose the right communications tactics right when you need them

·Incorporate company culture through language, actions and icons

·Develop an actual plan and strategy to implement for your HR communications  

Hands-On Human Resources Writing Workshop

·Practice writing HR Communications for specific audiences

·Exploring persuasive writing best practices

·Examine your current HR Communications pieces and receive feedback and strategies to build upon and improve

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Days Day Course

Course details

March 21-22, 2013 Chicago, IL

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