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Advancing S&OP programmes to Integrated Business Planning

Nowadays, an efficient model of planning is essential for all distributors and supply chain stakeholders, to handle customer’s demand volatility and growing supply chain complexity. Institutions need to develop an effective S&OP process globally, to optimise planning and collaboration between supply chain teams and partnering areas. Delegates will leave this session understanding how best to measure the success of S&OP to make an effective business case. In addition, they will know how to effectively deploy a global S&OP process in the complex environment. Finally, they will know how best to grow the maturity of their S&OP process and expand to higher integration by moving towards Integrated Business Planning.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

The marcus evans S&OP training program will teach you how to turn theory into practice. This course, presented by a domain expert will teach you the methods and best practice to optimise your end-to-end supply chain. It will answer your expectations to get more than a conceptual approach to S&OP, and to learn through sharing with other professionals while getting access to real case experience feedback. Benchmarking, comparing respective constraints, challenges, roadblocks and success stories, thinking “out of the box” will drive you to build your own S&OP development plan while expanding your personal network.

Who should attend?

Nowadays, S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) has become this backbone process recognised as a standard for supply chain stakeholders, to handle customer’s demand volatility and growing supply chain complexity. But many struggle to advance from concept to reality, from blind execution to efficiency, clashing with cultural change resistance and loss of focus. Delegates will leave this session understanding how to apply and develop S&OP in their own environment. They will get the keys to assess their current strengths, weaknesses and main requirements, and then build a pragmatic S&OP enhancement program adapted to their priorities. They will know how to design and deploy this global process in a complex environment. They will also know how to measure the success of S&OP to make an effective business case, how to grow in maturity and expand to higher integration by moving towards the IBP model (Integrated Business Planning).

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Make S&OP a strategic process to increase the efficiency of the supply chain
• Unify all actors around S&OP to incorporate practical solutions
• Allocating roles and responsibilities to optimise the application of S&OP
• The “S&OP touch”: Creating a culture of transparency and decision process to bring value to the business
• Overcome the challenges of S&OP, backbone process and change management to increase the effectiveness of S&OP
Practical Session: Linking tactics to strategy to allow S&OP to bring value to the company

Group Discussion: How to build your S&OP team to optimise the supply chain

Develop a global S&OP process in a complex environment
• Translate strategic projections into tactical plans of action 
• Integrate effectively the various functions of your company to better support S&OP
• Design your process steps and synchronise within your Supply Chain streams
• Implement a harmonised process in a multicultural context
Practical session: The usual forgotten participants of S&OP

Group Discussion: From understanding to agreement until commitment

Meet the challenges linked to strong demand volatility
• Better understand your demand volatility and select the right challenges
• Evaluate tool requirements and team capabilities 
• Measure forecast accuracy: What, how and why 
• Use S&OP to develop your supply chain answer agility
Case Studies: What is forecast accuracy meant to be used for?

Group Discussion: Achieve real and effective decision making

Integrate the right KPIs for your S&OP process
• Understand benefits you can expect from S&OP process and how to measure the achievement
• Identify your levers for process efficiency
• Set up KPIs and shared set of objectives for all stakeholders 
• Measure the success of the S&OP process implementation and execution
Case Studies: Real company examples about how to align the company on the same set of indicators

Group Discussion: Practical advice and experience sharing

Handle products and market diversification to best meet demands
• Differentiate your supply chain to address complex network challenges 
• Meet the client’s demand with a segmented strategy 
• Focus on profitability when selecting segmentation criteria
Case study: How can Supply Chain segmentation be supported by your S&OP process

Expand your S&OP process in a context of network growing complexity
• Encourage stakeholders to collaborate for global objectives, beyond local objectives 
• Suppliers integration: How S&OP can be the answer for a win–win relationship
• Help your customers to connect through your S&OP approach where appropriate
Practical Exercise: Select the right focus to optimise the “supplier to customer” relationship

Advancing S&OP to Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
• What is the difference between S&OP and IBP?
• Enrich your S&OP process through financial and marketing plans integration
• Develop the S&OP approach with financial modelling and scenario management
• Emphasise the collaboration between supply chain and others key functions to secure the IBP success
Case Studies: Group Discussion on practical advice and shared experiences on challenges and chimeras of financial integration

Drive S&OP process continuous improvement
• Face change management challenges to best mature S&OP
• Identify the success drivers of your S&OP process
• Define the maturity criteria and how to assess your process to enable continuous improvement
• Get your own process development roadmap of actions to advance S&OP
Practical Exercise: Classical cases of failure of S&OP process and lessons learned on successful implementation and development

Benefits to you

• Assess your own baseline situation, identify your strengths and weaknesses, prioritise your specific development challenges
• Design an S&OP model adapted to your needs and create your roadmap of actions to achieve it
• Unify all departments around the main S&OP steps to best bring value to the supply chain, from executive to day-to-day activities for effective execution
• Establish effective KPIs to best demonstrate the business case and measure success of S&OP
• Expand the S&OP culture and promote process continuous improvement
• Advance your S&OP programme to Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

12-13 March 2020, London, UK, PT4029

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