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Effective In-House Executive Recruitment

Having capable and forward-thinking leadership is crucial to the success of any organization. Attracting and recruiting talent into senior leadership roles is a daunting task that many organizations have previously allocated to search firms with limited success. In an effort to improve process efficiencies, decrease hiring cycle times and cut costs, companies began implementing in-house executive recruiting functions. The effort has shown success in achieving not only the original objectives, but also those of retention and improved quality of hire. As a result, more and more companies are adopting the model and are realizing increased ROI. With improved technology and the growth of social media, companies have learned that they no longer need external firms to acquire and retain superior executive talent. Bringing the function in-house has consistently achieved the objective of hiring capable and forward thinking leadership. When putting an In-House Executive Recruitment function into place, having an aligned and scalable strategy is vital. A well architected in-house executive function must incorporate an effective design, leverages technologies and social media, and puts in place proper procedures and processes all the while aligning the brand and the culture of the organization.   Most organizations are now aware of the benefits an effective in-house executive recruitment function can deliver, including those of: cost savings, improved quality of hire, and significantly greater organizational performance. Still, despite the time and resources invested in them, many well-intended programs fail to deliver. Ensure that your in-house executive recruitment function is successful by developing an understanding of the strategic components of an effective program including the available tools, and best-practice processes and procedures.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

In addition to providing a strong foundation in the theories that underpin this specialized talent acquisition discipline, this course will also case study examples of leading in-house executive recruitment programs. Further, you will have the opportunity to troubleshoot challenges faced by your own organization’s ETA programs and benchmark against other programs.   Overall, the course will outline the processes for defining and refining your own strategies; the opportunity for practical application, and offer many ideas for effectively implementing or improving your own program.

Who should attend?

Heads, Vice Presidents, Directors and Senior Management in the following job functions:•Executive Talent Acquisition •Executive Talent Management •Succession Planning •Talent Sourcing, and Internal Staffing •Talent Acquisition •Staffing •Recruitment •Sourcing (HR) •Recruitment Operations •Recruitment Marketing •Employer Branding •Diversity & Inclusion •Human Resources •Workforce Planning •Organizational Development •Leadership Development •Organizational Capabilities •Executive Search Committee members

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

The Required Elements to Establish a Successful and Effective In-House Executive Recruitment Function ·Build and design a scalable infrastructure that supports business needs ·Understand the elements necessary for a successful and well managed in-house executive recruitment function ·Establish effective and usable funding options that fit your organization and drive buy-in ·Examine best practices in executive search models and strategic sourcing  

Create Alignment Between Your Company Strategy, Talent Needs and HR Capabilities ·Add value to your existing talent and recruitment organizations ·Proactively recruit to better support strategic business objectives ·Build a strong executive pipeline and candidate pool for future needs ·Define or refine your recruitment business plan ·Align executive recruitment operations for better efficiency and reduced redundancies ·(bullet is duplicate of above) ·Proactively identify areas of improvement and growth

Position the In-House Executive Recruitment Function as a Strategic Model for the Organization ·Engage stakeholders so that the in-house function is optimized to deliver results ·Leverage in-house expertise to reduce expenses and deliver improved services ·Drive the business case to gather support and buy-in from senior leadership and internal business partners ·Develop a competitive advantage that lends to enhanced business performance

Adopt Optimal Structures, Processes and Procedures that Improve Performance and Mitigate Compliance Risk ·Understand EEOC compliance within the context of executive recruiting ·Improve the diversity of your candidate slates and hires ·Establish compliant and cohesive record-keeping procedures ·Approach executive recruiting with an ethical foundation

Articulate Cultural Behaviors Required to Improve Candidate Conversion ·Drive great and consistent candidate experience ·Prove to stakeholders fundamental how-to knowledge that delivers desired outcomes ·Understand the strategies necessary for engaging passive executive candidates

Benefits to you

o Examine the required elements to establish a successful and effective in-house executive recruitment function (ETA)

o Design a scalable infrastructure to support business needs

o Establish effective and usable cost-model options that fits your organization

o Launch executive referral programs that produce valuable results

o Create alignment with your company strategy, talent needs and HR capabilities

o Benchmark your ETA programs against others’ to identify best practices and areas for improvement

o Drive support and engagement by presenting the in-house executive recruitment function as a strategic model and partner within the organization

o Leverage in-house expertise to create an enterprise-wide recruitment team while reducing expenses and delivering strategic services

o Develop a competitive advantage that results in improved business performance

o Adopt an in-house function with proper structures, processes and compliance procedures

o Developing a clear articulation of cultural behaviors required delivering the brand promise for senior leadership candidates while driving great and consistent candidate experience throughout the recruitment process

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Days Day Course

Course details

May 15-16, 2013 Chicago, IL


For more information about this course and how to register, please contact Emily Jones at or call 312.540.3000 ext 6714

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