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World-Class Internal Audit Leadership

The challenges of leading an internal audit department constantly change and grow. Those new to commanding the internal audit organization must adapt quickly and drive a strong vision and strategy to deliver valued assurance and consulting services. Even seasoned leaders need to constantly consider whether and how they can improve both their individual leadership and the internal audit department’s services; they need to ask when to change proven practices in response to new demands or to use new techniques and approaches.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

Led by one of the most highly recognized internal audit thought leaders, with more than 20 years’ experience as a chief audit executive, this program will introduce and discuss what it takes to be an effective leader of an Internal Audit department: one that delivers assurance and consulting services that are highly valued by stakeholders, and helps drive change and business improvement across the organization.

Who should attend?

Vice Presidents, Directors, Senior Managers, and prospective leaders of the Internal Audit function.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

What is the Role of Internal Audit in 2013 and Beyond? How is it Changing?

·         What does it mean to provide “Assurance and Consulting services”?

·         Examining the changing Perceptions of and Expectations for the role

·         Does Internal Audit provide Assurance on Objectives, Strategies, Risks, or Controls?

·         Assessing the role of the internal auditor as a proactive internal consultant in the organization


Working with the Board

·         What does the board expect? What should they expect, and how do you change old and inappropriate expectations?

·         How to communicate with difficult board members

·         How much personal risk should you take when it comes to auditing sensitive areas and communicating issues affecting senior executives and/or the board?

·         Training the board


Building a Vision for Internal Audit, and Strategies to Achieve It

·         Build a Vision for Internal Audit Department that delivers the Assurance and Consulting Services that the organization needs

·         Risk-Based Internal Auditing: Developing and Maintaining an Internal Audit Plan that addresses what matters now

·         Develop a Staffing Model for Excellence

·         Internal Audit’s Role in SOX

·         Measuring Performance and Ensuring Quality

·         Internal Audit as an effective Change Agent

·         Where do you draw the Independence Line?


Defining the Staffing and Other Resources Needed to Execute with Quality Results

·         How to get the most from the primary resource: people


Effective use of Technology, Both Traditional Audit Tools and New Ones

·         When to use technology and how to select tools

·         The use of ‘other’ tools in audit engagements

·         Reliance on other assurance providers

·         Lean auditing techniques


Audit Engagements that Deliver Valuable Results: Satisfying the Information Needs of Stakeholders, Promoting Necessary Change, and Getting to the Heart of the Problem

·         Effectively engaging with key Stakeholders and building Relationships

·         Audit Reports as Communication vehicles: tell them what they need to know

·         Negotiating effective actions in response to audit issues and driving change that matters


Modern Strategies and Techniques for Audit Plans that Address what Matters to the Business Now

·         Audits of Governance processes and Risk Management

·         Navigating the treacherous waters of auditing the powerful leaders of the organization

·         Internal Audit’s role in addressing the risk of Fraud

·         The role of Internal Audit in Mergers and Acquisitions

Navigating the Independence Line: what Valuable Consulting and Other Services to Include in the Audit Charter

·         How can Internal Audit add value?

·         When to say “No”

Benefits to you

·         Deliver internal audit assurance and consulting services that matter and are valued by the principal stakeholders

·         Build and Execute a Vision for your Internal Audit group

·         Develop and maintain a Risk-Based Internal Audit Plan to address what matters to the organization now

·         Design a Staffing Model for Excellence

·         Perform WoW audits that matter

·         Get the Best from a Motivated Team

·         Effectively Communicate Results to stakeholders

·         Be an effective Change Agent

·         Understand key elements for success and strategy to get there when coming into an audit leadership position

·         Navigate independence and objectivity in your audit work

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Days Day Course

Course details

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