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Service, Support and Delivery Transformation for Subscriber Based Industries

In todayís market, more so than at any other time in history, customers have the necessary information available and the option to decide which company they will do business with. Industries that are dependent upon customer subscriptions and have previously been harboured by the safety net of government regulated and de-factor monopolies are now facing increased competition. Customers are no longer forced to deal with a company just because that company has a line or a connection to their house or access to a grid. There are new options for customers to choose from to decide which company will be running a line, a connection, a cable or access to a grid to them. In the past, customers were forced to deal with certain companies. The challenge for these companies now is to make customers want to deal with them.      In order to survive this increased competition, companies must implement a customer focused approach to their services and products. The companies that manage to adopt this approach will succeed; the companies that fail to utilize this approach will be left behind. In order for companies to successfully employ a customer focused approach to service, support and delivery companies must utilize an integrated and continuous approach to customer focused services and experience.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

In order to successfully meet the needs and expectations of a customer, companies must utilize an integrated approach to customer focused services that spans across several key customer facing departments. This course is an instruction based format that allows for an interactive learning environment while providing an overview of the ingredients and methodologies required to implement and continue a successful, integrated, approach to customer focused services, support and delivery.   

Who should attend?

Senior   Senior and strategic leader representatives from cross- Industry organizations with responsibilities in: Service Transformation Service OperationsService SupportMarketing Customer Contact CentersField ServiceCustomer Support Customer Service Customer Experience Customer Care Call CentersOperations Customer Solutions Customer Outreach Customer Retention Strategy Customer Loyalty   Within Utilities, Telecom, Power, Gas, Cable, Parts & Services, etc.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Determine How Customer Focused Services Lead to Increased Customer Satisfaction which Enables Increased Customer Loyalty and Profits

o    Identify the link between a customerís interactions with key customer facing departments and how these interactions shape a customerís perception of a company

o    Explore the relationship between a customerís perception of a company and their sense of commitment to a company

o    Recognize the short term and long term consequences that perceived negative interactions with customers have on companies dependent on customer subscriptions

o    Appreciate the ROI associated with increased customer satisfaction and high customer loyalty

o    Understand the long term benefits that providing superior customer service has for a companyís bottom line beyond a basic dollar and cents approach


Align Customer Facing Service Transformation to Enable Business Transformation

o    Build a shared vision of a ďcustomers firstĒ focus by breaking down internal silos

o    Transform the culture of the organization to enable enhanced customer experience to align with an organizationís business goals

o    Recognize which key departments in customer interactions need improvement

o    Maintain a consistent approach to customer service across all channels including call centers and field service

o    Determine the direction of customer service by assessing with whom, how and where customers will interact with the company

o    Drive a consistent approach to managing customer experience throughout an organization


Employ an Integrated Approach to Customer Focused Services Across Multiple Customer Facing Channels

o    Identify the entire process of customer interaction from start to finish from the perspective of a customer

o    Understand the role that department plays in its interactions with a customer

o    Recognize the players on the front line of customer interactions and develop ways that they can better represent the company

o    Establish ways to integrate an effective approach to customer service and experience across all departments and channels of a company

o    Remove existing silos between vital customer facing departments that hinder the customerís interactions and experience with a company

o    Ensure clear communication of the wants and needs of the customer across all channels of customer experience and interaction

o    Determine the best ways to meet the needs and expectations of the customer

o    Drive communications to ensure that the customer understands exactly what services are being provided by the company

o    Determine the relationship between sales, customer and field services and the role that each can play in helping facilitate the other


Establish an Effective Training Program that Allows for Enhanced Customer Service across Vital Customer Touch Points

o    Learn incrementally, yet quickly, the best methods and ways to improve customer service

o    Construct a culture that enables customer engagement to improve customer focused services

o    Identify how and with whom customers engage and interact with an organization

o    Facilitate an approach that rewards a customer-centric focus on service, support and delivery of products throughout an organization

o    Implement training methods that allows the staff to ďrecognize the needs of a customer before the customer knows what they need.Ē

o    Recognize methods to innovate with customers to allow for more effective customer engagement and provide more customer-centric services

o    Promote the linkage of sales to the customer service and field service teams

o    Facilitate an enhanced customer experience at the call center level by moving away from previously used metrics


Identify and Develop Effective Methods to Measure and Assure Increased Customer Satisfaction to Enable Enhanced Customer Loyalty and Maximize Profits

o    Determine which metrics best identify customer satisfaction and loyalty

o    Identify the best methods of measuring customersí overall satisfaction through a variety of means

o    Establish the best practices to utilizing surveys to assure the quality of service provided to customers

o    Utilize methods to verify improved customer service

Benefits to you

        Determine how customer focused service impacts the bottom line of organizations across a variety of subscriber based industries such as utilities, telecommunications, parts and services, and others

         Align customer facing service transformation to enable business transformation for subscriber based organizations

         Recognize the unique role that customer facing departments play in a customerís experience and perception of an organization and the impact that those experiences and perceptions can have for organizations across all industries dependent on customer subscriptions

         Explore the link between customer focused service, improved customer satisfaction and loyalty and how it relates to subscriber based organizations

         Understand how customer focused services leads to increased customer satisfaction that enables higher rates of customer loyalty and retention

         Establish an integrated approach to customer service that incorporates key customer touch points

         Remove existing silos between vital customer facing departments that hinder a customerís overall interactions and experience with companies in subscriber based industries

         Develop effective methods to measure increased customer satisfaction to assure improved customer loyalty and increased profits

         Implement a training program that enables improved customer service across critical customer touch points

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Days Day Course

Course details

August 6th-7th, 2013

For more information about this course and how to register, please contact Emily Jones at or call 312.540.3000 ext 6714

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