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Beyond Reporting: Achieving Improved Performance Through Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Enterprise Risk Management is an area that is constantly evolving. In order for a company to have a successful Enterprise Risk Management program they must ensure that it is properly aligned with the company’s overall objectives and strategy. An advanced Enterprise Risk Management program enables a company to not only successfully identify and mitigate certain risks that it may face, but also allows for enhanced risk capacity to enable an increase in risk appetite that provides it with the resources to successfully exploit the opportunities that lie inherent within each risk. Therefore it is vital for companies to ensure that their Enterprise Risk Management program allows for the maximum amount of evolution and maturation. maturation.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

There is more than enough information on Enterprise Risk Management available in the market today but most companies struggle to turn this information into real world practices in implementing an Enterprise Risk Management Program. Companies that have begun implementing their own program have discovered that it requires a shift in the culture of the company and that several years into their implementation they are still not where they want to be.   This course is an instruction based format that allows for an interactive learning environment while using actual examples from ERM implementations to focus on practical solutions that attendees can use to ensure that their Enterprise Risk Management program continues to evolve to address their needs while moving it along the maturity curve. 

Who should attend?

SVP’s, VP’s, Directors and Senior Managers from cross- Industry organizations with responsibilities in: Enterprise Risk Management Risk Management/Risk/CRO (Chief Risk Officer) Internal Audit Corporate Compliance Internal Controls and Compliance   Business leaders with responsibilities in functional risk oversight and mitigation

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

The Value Proposition of an Evolved Enterprise Risk Management Process within Your Organization

§  Determine the business value that a robust ERM program brings to an organization

§  Recognize the characteristics of a strong and mature enterprise risk management program

§  Identify ways to link your Enterprise Risk Management program with your organization’s strategic planning team

§  Develop methods to incorporate Enterprise Risk Management within strategic planning

Ensure a Strategic Approach to an Enterprise Risk Management Program

·         Recognize the opportunities that are associated with risks

·         Determine the criteria for a framework that aligns with your company’s strategic objectives

·         Identify a scalable risk framework that realistically aligns with your company’s culture and abilities

·         Understand  adaption as opposed to adoption of an ERM Framework

Build Meaningful Communications for Greater Understanding by Effected Stakeholders

§  Communicate the value that a robust ERM program provides an organization

§  Demonstrate how an effective ERM program can enable business growth

§  Identify approaches on  effectively reporting risk to applicable stakeholders

§  Create a successful approach to analyzing and communicating data findings without overwhelming the recipients

Assessing and Advancing Risk Culture

§  Understand the risk of a weak risk culture

§  Identify the risk culture of your organization

§  Develop strategies to enable and strengthen your risk culture

Establish and Articulate a Company’s Risk Appetite in the Context of Risk Capacity

§  Recognize the value that a clearly stated risk appetite brings to an organization

§  Differentiate risk appetite and risk tolerance

§  Define your company’s risk capacity

§  Determine a company’s risk appetite

Risk Identification Analysis and Evaluation

·         Identify the organizational prerequisites for effective assessment

·         Explore methodologies and tools for risk identification

·         Powerful and effective workshops

·         Analyze various risk sources, drivers, and interrelationships

Establish Governance: What Does an Effective Board and Risk Management Committee Look Like?

§  Identify alternative ERM governance options and the roles within them

§  Assessment of risk divided by areas of expertise at the board level

§  Explore group responsibility within the company by the board

Benefits to you

·         Implement methods to ensure the evolution and maturation of your Enterprise Risk Management program to help meet your company’s overall strategic objectives

·         Ensure that your  ERM framework enhances strategic use to align with your company’s business objectives and enables maximum evolution

·         Drive understanding of effectively identifying the risks your company faces

·         Generate techniques to successfully assess your company’s risk appetite in regards to potential opportunities that conform to your company’s objectives 

·         Establish effective forms of communicating and reporting risk analysis and insight to stakeholders incorporating strategic use of data

·         Overcome hesitancy in risk discovery to ensure maximum efficiency of your Enterprise Risk Management program

·         Analyze real world case studies of companies and methods to successfully integrate an Enterprise Risk Management program with a company’s objectives

·         Interact and network with course leader and other ERM advocates on methods to implement and troubleshoot their Enterprise Risk Management Program

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Days Day Course

Course details

 August 1st-2nd, 2019 Chicago, IL

For more information about this course and how to register, please contact Emily Jones at or call 312.540.3000 ext 6714

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