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HSE Audit & Hazard Management in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Operations

The health and safety environment within Oil and Gas Oil & Exploration operations is a growing concern as oil production increases to keep up with demand, technology advances creating new hazards and recent high-profile events have brought safety and environment concerns to the forefront demanded by regulators, general public and within operating companies themselves. † Health and safety issues now affect all organisations to the extent where the potential risks and legal obligations cannot be ignored. To comply with changes in legislation and to protect staff, more companies are looking to reduce the risk of accidents and non-compliances by driving a total culture focused on commitment to safety and process compliance, implementing an effective evaluations of occupational health and safety management system effectiveness and ensuring operations are prepared for audits at any given time.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

In addition to providing you with a good grounding in the theories that underpin this discipline, this course will also provide case study examples of developing effective operations that will lead to clear Audit outcomes, preparation for audits and management of hazards. You will also be given the opportunity to work through many of the challenges faced by your own organization in developing and implementing an effective strategy for a HSE Audit and Hazard Management strategy within your Oil & Gas E&P.

Who should attend?

∑†††††††† Health, Safety, Environment Staff / Professionals ∑†††††††† Auditors and Lead Auditors. ∑†††††††† Senior managers, Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders ∑†††††††† Project, Engineering, Technical, Maintenance, Production, Operations, Human Resources, Procurement and all staff with interest in HSE ∑†††††††† Occupational Health, Medicals Staff / Professionals ∑†††††††† Risk, Crisis Management, Contingency Planning Staff / Professionals ∑†††††††† Security and Fire & Safety Inspectors, Superintendents, Coordinators ∑†††††††† Staff Representatives and Union Leaders ∑†††††††† Consultants, Legal Professionals, Advisers, Contractors and Subcontractors ∑†††††††† Government and Regulatory Bodies Officials and policy makers

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Avoid Audit Issues- Effective HSE Operations in a Multifaceted Hazardous Environment

         Understand Effective HSE Audit and Hazard Management framework that is Scalable and Applicable to Your HSE Audit

         Examine effective measurement methodologies to identify, assess and manage process hazards and their risk levels

         Drive continuous due-diligence in safety by proactive identification and management of HSE hazards

         Determine the effectiveness, reliability and efficiency of your HSE systems

         Assess and prioritize risks from infrequent large consequence to frequent small consequence events

         Ensuring successful long term HSE systems effectiveness through early hazard management planning

         Identify tools and strategies to complete quality full cycle of compliance audits within aggressive deadlines

         Developing an acceptability criteria for the risk analysis

         Effective planning in key audits regarding:

o    Health and safety audit

o    "Walk around inspections"

o     Health and safety management audit

o     Project Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) auditing

o     Process safety audit

o    Product safety audit

o    Right technical and compliance audit


Planning and Managing HSE Audit Programs

  • Conducting audit engagements in pre-audit, during audits and post-audit phases
  • Audit of internal control systems including preparing, coordinating, directing, collecting feedback and developing a strategy for continuous improvement
  • Audit of process operations, environmental impacts and related control technology


Safety Onboarding Strategies for New and Seasoned Employees: Drive a Total Culture Commitment to Safety and Process Compliance

         Involve front-line workers in meaningful ways to develop and plan HSE systems and processes

         Assess attitudes of the effective applications of risk mitigation systems and processes

         Creating and implementing a compliance program and timeline/roadmap

         Reporting and operations of information

         Creating a culture of risk awareness/silos

         How technology and operations fits into being compliant


Bridging Disconnects from the Strategy Table to Field Operations- Driving Effective Engagement and Communications

         Creating and establishing better controls to communicate and drive HSE focus & engagement

         Utilizing multiple messaging strategies

         Measuring effectiveness of HSE awareness programs and strategies

         Identify key individuals to enlist as workplace champions that with further drive the safety commitment and culture on zero incident


Effectively Manage Documentation and Reporting within Ongoing Audit Compliance Requirements

         Best practice and field tested approach to HSE documentation and reporting

         Distinguish and create effective Job Hazard Analysis and Job Safety Analysis documents

         Understanding the requirement in reporting to multiple agencies and  their related noncompliant risks

         Understand effective strategies to effective, concise and efficient documentation while asking the right questions

         Understand the Hierarchy of HSE documents & responsibilities of HSEMS

         Instilling an effective audit trail

         Establishing effective pre-audit preparation documentations and processes

         Effectively evaluate documentation solution providers when deciding on a vendor


Regulatory Compliance Challenges and Trends that will Impact your HSE Audit Planning

         Operational Issues

         Compliance Issues

         Legal Issues


External and Regulator Audits- OSHA, EPA, and State-Specific

         Review compliance required for your organization

         Understand regulatory issues, agency interpretations and guidance, facility compliance responsibilities

         simplify compliance with federal audits and manage ongoing compliance for facilities' major activities and operations

         Review trends in international standardization appear to be mandating an EH&S auditing program

         Develop  audit protocols based on all applicable federal, state and local regulations


Monitoring, Review, and Continuous Improvement


         Establishing an effective self- audit process for monitoring compliance with all applicable environmental, health and safety (EH&S) regulatory requirements

         Action planning to progress your HSE management system for a effective management and mitigation of risks and hazards within your Oil & Gas E&P project

Benefits to you

†††††††† Understand effective HSE Audit and Hazard Management principals that are scalable and applicable to your HSE Audit

  • Implement willing methodologies to involve front-line workers in meaningful ways to develop and plan HSE systems and processes
  • Assess attitudes of the effective applications of risk mitigation systems and processes

†††††††† Implementing advanced safety identification and management procedures for hazard reduction

†††††††† Onboarding Strategies with new and seasoned employees to drive a total culture committed to safety and process compliance

  • Planning effective HSE audits in a multifaceted hazardous environment

†††††††† Review required and trending HSE regulations and standards to comply

†††††††† Transform from being a proactive to a reactive in risk management culture

†††††††† Assess and prioritize risks from infrequent large consequence to frequent small consequence events

†††††††† Best practices in coordinating the design, development and implementation of successful Audit and Hazard Management

†††††††† Identify all the federal regulatory compliance challenges facing upstream oil and gas operations

†††††††† Understand regulatory issues, agency interpretations and guidance, facility compliance responsibilities

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

September 23-24, 2013 Day Course

Course details

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