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Project Portfolio Management in Pharma

The demand on project management within the pharmaceutical industry has changed substantially over the last few years. The challenge of delivering drugs has become more and more costly as drug development has increased by two thirds in ten years. The value of our discipline was derived from the methodologies, standards and tools. Managing the project team, mastering cost, timelines and risk were key skills for success. But what the agile organisation of today demands is a new mindset, creativity, and a willingness, and skill, to share knowledge, experience and ideas. Additionally, they need the capability to understand, and communicate the context of projects. Becoming more agile and responsive has meant moving from a long-standing, inefficient approach to a more collaborative and trusting culture, driven by opportunities and innovation, where good information management is key. Knowing what drives stakeholders on how they make decisions, and learning information management in the context of AI and big data, is now a must to be successful. More is needed on top of the drug development expertise and traditional technical skills. In this course we will go back to some essentials and practise them in case studies; but we will also leverage the knowledge and expertise of the team in situ, showing that the whole is greater than the sum of its part.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

This workshop not only reinforces the basics of PPM within the Pharmaceutical industry, it builds on your existing skills and provides you with a forum to practice and test your skills while working with specific pharma case studies and examples. There will be lots of opportunity for discussion and debate around the latest challenges and issues for Project Professionals in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and you will go away with skills that you can easily implement into your day to day business.

Who should attend?

All those from Pharma, Biotech, and consumer companies, focussed on project and portfolio management, project planning, strategic planning, as well as those focussed on product pipeline development, investment support, decision support business/corporate/strategic development, and corporate strategy/development.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Teamwork or how to do the project right

Effective Teamwork: How and when to use facilitation techniques to motivate your teams
• Ice breaker warm ups to create an open environment for project group discussions
• World Cafι strategy to enable greater knowledge sharing
• Six thinking hats to enhance group discussions

Case study: Global teams and the challenges with being spread across different locations

Practical Exercise: Your company just licensed in a Pha1 project from Japan, prepare and implement the integration plan

Master the art of powerful questions to inspire the team and create a project strategy
• Catalysing insight, innovation and action to create more effective projects
• Dimension of powerful questions: Construction, scope, and assumptions
• How to use in your organisation to gain stakeholder and team member support

Game Plan: Asses your current situation to discover the big question, and an create image of possibility, to evolve a workable strategy

Practical Exercise: You are on the edge to embark on Ph2 POM; study how you ensure optimal preparation using the right questions

Drive the team to project success to achieve results
‘The three things that motivate creative people; autonomy, mastery, purpose!’ Daniel H. Pink
• Provide the purpose of your project to increase team engagement
• Mastery: Making the best use of your team embers
• Autonomy: Define objectives and delegate to create personal responsibility

Practical exercise: Assess the situation in your project team and define actions to improve motivation and productivity

Case Study: You are assigned to a new project team at Ph3 and you first task cut cost by 20%; How do you keep the team motivated?

Putting projects in context: What is the right project in the portfolio?

Placing projects in the portfolio and evaluating their role
• Portfolio scoring and ranking models to best rate the portfolio
• Strategies to enable a strong project mix and balance
• Portfolio management models: Governance strategies to most effectively manage the portfolio

Group Discussion: Create a Portfolio model to ensure a good variety and success of projects

Case Study: Experience Exchange session from the Participants

Project Management Toolbox and how to use it to drive the project portfolio
• Translate data into information to support project direction
• Project Management tools and data visualisation
• Reporting Tools: The one source of the truth

Case study: Working with stakeholders; You want to request a major investment for a Ph3 study and need to get endorsement of your governance

People: The drivers and decision makers of what is the right path for the project portfolio

Stakeholder Management to create a supportive environment
• Ethos, Pathos and Logos: The drivers in persuasion and decision making
• Becoming more dynamic in Governance and Committees to create support
• Stakeholder mapping and action to ensure stakeholder engagement

Case study/practical exercise: Practice stakeholder mapping to best manage stakeholder engagement

Understanding the decision making process to gain stakeholder confidence
‘If you don’t know what you want to achieve in your presentation, your audience will never will’ Harvey Diamond
• Demonstrating your credibility and capability to enable decision making in stakeholders
• Thinking, Fast and Slow by D. Kahneman: Making use of techniques to create positive outcomes
• The use of storytelling to enhance stakeholder buy-in

Case study/practical exercise: Individual 2 min presentation on your project to the team

Benefits to you

• Balance funds and management to enhance drug development
• Learn and practice new facilitation techniques to optimise your teamwork
• Master the art of powerful questions to understand current project needs
• Learn how to inject a sense of purpose to inspire dedication to create a successful project
• Explore how to investigate the link between your project and the portfolio strategy
• Identify the right tools and techniques to optimise Project Management teams
• Acquire and use stakeholder management techniques to enable project support
• Explore decision drivers at project and portfolio level to apply them in practical case studies

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

27th-28th June 2019, London, UK, PT4038

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