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Strategic Brand Planning and Positioning Masterclass

Many organisations think their name, logo or other visual cues represent their ‘brand’. This approach oversimplifies the complexity of a brand and invariably results in disappointing brand performance. Why? If you take away the name, logo and other design elements there is nothing left. The brand has no brand substance and customers are unlikely to pay a premium for a shell. The strongest brands understand their substance and then orchestrate visual, communication, behavioural and multisensory tools to express their positioning consistently across a number of touch points. This Masterclass will enable you to do the same. Strategic brand planning and positioning decisions are frequently based on managerial anecdotes, subjective diagrams and crude statistical methods that combine to provide naďve and misleading insight. This Masterclass will help you avoid such issues by helping you understand a range of advanced statistical methods that will add objective science to your brand planning and positioning efforts. These methods can be used to reduce brand-related risk and focus brand budgets on activities that drive customer choice.

Turning 'Theory' into 'Practice'?

The Strategic Brand Planning and Positioning Canvas is a tried and tested strategic branding tool that will help you understand the steps that are required to build your brand and position it effectively in the marketplace. The Canvas, based on the expert trainer’s published PhD research and extensive practical experience, has helped a large number of organisations around the globe optimise their brand planning and positioning. After the Masterclass the Canvas will serve as a useful tool to refresh your memory on the strategic brand planning and positioning process and can be used to guide other brand planning and positioning efforts at your organisation.

Who should attend?

Strategic brand planning and positioning is a senior management activity and will be of interest to: • CEOs / Managing Directors • C-Suite Executives • Marketing Directors and Managers • Marketing Communications Managers • General Managers • Customer Experience Executives / Managers • Human Resource Directors, Managers and Consultants • Operations Directors and Managers • Marketing / Advertising and Marketing Communications Consultants • Supply Chain Directors • Operations Management Directors

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

An introduction to the Strategic Brand Planning & Positioning Canvas
• What is the Canvas and how can it help me?
Practical exercise: How to use the Strategic Brand Planning & Positioning Canvas

Clarifying the substance of your brand
• Building a stronger and more defensible brand
• Profiling your target customer
• Exploring your customer psychographics, feelings and ‘jobs to be done’
Case Study: Standard Charter, Hi/KPN/Orange/Eurotunnel/Coca Cola / Apple/Nestle
Practical Exercise: Profiling your target customer template

Establishing the business case for your brand plan
• Brands, brand equity and financial performance
• The role of emotion in branding: The neuroscientific evidence
Case Study: A broad range of studies will be used to make the business case for brand. These span B2B and B2C markets
Practical Exercise: Building the business case for your brand template

Identifying sources of value in your brand
• Products vs. brands. Which do people buy and why?
• Articulating features and benefits
Practical Exercise: Extract benefits from features template

Understanding your brand experience
• Why build brand experiences?
• Developing your brand experience through co-creating value
• Brand essentials: values, essence and promise
Case Study: AT&T, Bank of Singapore, Coca Cola, BA, AA, Qatar Airways, Pfizer
Practical Exercise: Defining your brand values, essence and promise templates

Brand positioning
• Points of parity and difference
• Positioning strategies
• Positioning maps
• Statistical methods that reduce brand positioning risk
Case Study: Triodos Bank
Practical Exercise: Positioning maps template

Positioning: For what? For whom? Why? Against whom?
• The dangers of price based positioning
• Brand positioning proof points
• Brand positioning statement
• Repositioning: Why? When? How?
Case Study: Warby Parker, IKEA, Nike, Wyeth, SwissCom
Practical Exercise: Brand positioning statement template

Practical tools for brand building and positioning:
• Brand Personality
• Corporate Visual Identity
• Consistent Communications
• Human Resource Initiatives
• Employee and Customer Engagement
• Multisensory Branding
Case Study: Burberry, Marlboro, Standard Charter, Turkcell, Nestle, eBay, P&G, Line, Air Asia, DHL, SNCF, Dunkin Dognuts
Practical Exercise: Brand building and positioning template

Brand Measurement and your organisation
• The logic of brand performance measurement
• The value of brand equity and managing reputational risk
• Developing a brand metrics dashboard
Case Study: Virgin
Questions & Answers

Benefits to you

• Applying a practical brand planning and positioning management tool (Strategic Brand Planning & Positioning Canvas) that will deliver immediate and tangible business benefits
• Knowing how to build a brand that is relevant and resonates emotionally with your customers
• Learning how to position your brand so it occupies a distinctive space in your customers’ minds
• Exploring a range of advanced statistical methods that will add objective science to your brand
planning and positioning endeavours • Underpinning your strategic brand plan with neuroscientific knowledge
• Taking your brand into new categories and / or markets with greater confidence
• Building compelling brand experiences that provide meaningful and defensible sources of differentiation
• Justifying brand investment to your CFO, CEO and CMO with greater conviction
• Discovering how to use brand metrics so you can manage your brand in a more scientific and robust way
• Focusing brand budgets on activities that drive brand performance so you can command more respect in meetings and the boardroom
• Developing more robust brand strategy due to the “thought ownership” the Masterclass creates

Companies already benefiting include:

Duration of Course

2 Day Course

Course details

25th & 26th September 2017, London, UK, PT3576

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