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Maximise Your Leadership Potential

Advanced Project Management Techniques for Experienced Project Managers

Project Management for Pharmaceutical Professionals

Improve the bottom line through Influential and Inspirational Leadership

Sales Leadership- Leading, Motivating and Coaching for Higher Performance

Project Risk and Opportunity Management

The 5 Day MBA Excelling in your Leadership and Business Skills

Advanced Product Management Techniques - Best Practice for Best Results

Effective Talent Pipelines and Succession Planning

Building Better Talent Faster - Aligning Your Human Capital Plan with the overall Business Strategy- Transitioning to Business Driven HR

Effectively Using Social Media for the Hiring, Retention and Motivation of Employees - DRIVING BUSINESS PERFORMANCE WITH SOCIAL MEDIA

Developing Your Personal Influence and Impact

The 5 Day Pharma MBA

Effective Crisis Management & Communication for Reputation Protection

Internal Communications and its role in Employer Branding

Strategic Thinking and Decision Making

Enterprise Risk Management for Insurance / Reinsurance Companies

ERM for Banks, Investment Firms, & other Financial Institutions

Best Practices in Demand Management & Forecasting

Stimuler l’Innovation Marketing au Service de la Croissance

Surviving a Product Recall Crisis with Effective Crisis Communication & Reputation Management

Enterprise Risk Management for Gas & Electric Utilities

Boosting Pharmaceutical Sales Force Effectiveness with Innovative Approach

Renforcer ses Aptitudes au Management de Projet Transverse

Renforcer ses Aptitudes au Management de Projet Transverse

Communiquer Efficacement pour Renforcer son Leadership

Communiquer Efficacement pour Renforcer son Leadership

Internal & Employee Communications Strategy

Mastering Executive Leadership

Aggregate Spend Reporting & Proactive Strategies to Sunshine Act

Implementing Value Based Pricing

Employer Brand & Candidate Experience: Create a uniquely engaging and complete employer brand and candidate experience that aligns to the organization's brand, values and business strategy

Reputation Management & Strategic Communications

Advanced High Potential Development for Critical Roles Placement

Enterprise Data Security & Risk Management

Evolving Next Generation Values and Capabilities for Finance Shared Services

Advancing Operational Risk Management and Regulations

Advancing Crisis Communications and Response Preparedness

Corporate Ethics and Compliance Management in a Changing Environment

Building Internal Brands to Drive Behavior Change

Building Internal Brands to Drive Behavior Change

Human Resources Communications That Make An Impact

Human Resources Communications That Make An Impact

Human Resources Communications That Make An Impact

Effective In-House Executive Recruitment

Flight Operations Management

Deploying IT Audits on a Strategic Level to Focus on the Business Threats that Matter

Leveraging Effective Demand Forecasting and Planning for Improved Business Results in a Volatile Market

Driving Robust Dispute Resolution Programs as a Value-Added Strategy

Managing Export Control Reform Compliance and Developing Regulations

Building Client and Customer Trust in the Banking Sector

Excelling at Management within the Retail Sector

Servant Leadership in Project Management

Maximising Leadership Skills for Bio-Pharmaceutical Professionals

Risk Management for New Product and Service Development

Implementing Effective Opportunity and Threat Management

Leading and Managing Distributed Project Teams

Leadership Development and Performance Developing and Practising Key Leadership and Coaching Models For Driving Productivity and High Team Performance:

Successfully Promoting and Managing Workplace Diversity

Women in Leadership Masterclass

Advanced Product & Portfolio Management Techniques – Best Practice for Better Results

Optimising Your Talent and Engagement Strategies through Effective Succession Management

Competency Assessment and Profiling

Tough Management

Aligning Sales and Marketing Strategies in B2B

A Route Map for Driving Commercial Excellence in Pharma

Améliorer votre efficacité professionnelle

Master class Management de Portefeuille de projets. Sélectionner et Réussir les projets fructueux

3-Day Mini MBA for Pharma

Communications When you Need it Most: At a Time of Crisis

Développer votre charisme, votre impact et votre leadership

Key Management Skills for Successful Managers and Leaders

Operational Excellence: Techniques to align Strategies and Processes

Digital Strategy for Leaders

CFO Excellence

Corporate Training and Performance

Master Data Management: Leadership in Data-Driven Strategies to Create Actionable Insights and Drive the Business

Plant Asset Management and Reliability

Coaching for Results

Women in Leadership

Digitale Transformation und Veränderungsmanagement im Unternehmen

Manager à l’ère du digital

De Manager à Leader: Affirmer son style de Leadership

Strategic Internal Communication Planning

Amazing Conversations: Coaching for Performance to become a more Successful Leader

Mastering Organisational Knowledge Management for HR Professionals

Employer Branding Excellence - Collaborating for Success

The Five Day MBA Excelling in your Leadership and Business Skills in the Energy Sector

Building Effective Teams and Leadership

Post-Merger Integration

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"For the first time ever I feel I have learnt something new, non obvious and helpful in a management training course. I felt that a trainer with actual experience at a high level makes all the difference as opposed to someone working on theory alone."
Service Delivery Managers, BSkyB


“An excellent course. Having studied some other similar courses it was good to translate theory into practical management techniques”

Chartered Electrical Engineer, IEE

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