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marcus evans professional subject and course index

Principles of Project Management

Advanced Project Management Techniques for Experienced Project Managers

Planning and Controlling IT Projects

Enterprise-Wide Information Security

Project Management for Pharmaceutical Professionals

Strategic Planning and Management of Corporate Communications

Project Risk and Opportunity Management

Corporate Financial Risk Management

Managing Capital Projects in Oil & Gas

Capital Project Risk Management in Oil & Gas

Customer Experience- Initiatives Du Jour or One that Endures

Warehouse and Stores Management Best Practices for Managing & Improving Warehouse Operations

The Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Master Class

Effectively Using Social Media for the Hiring, Retention and Motivation of Employees - DRIVING BUSINESS PERFORMANCE WITH SOCIAL MEDIA

FCPA - Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Compliance Program Fundamentals for In-House Compliance Departments

PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR OIL & GAS - Project Execution - Enabling World Class Capital Management while Ensuring Profitability and ROI

Asset Management - Valuation & Optimisation of Power Generation Assets - Achieving the Highest Value for Power Generation

The 5 Day Pharma MBA

Enterprise Risk Management: Managing Risk for Strategic Advantage

Valuation and Risk Management of Power Generation

Internal Communications and its role in Employer Branding

Managerial Finance A Master Class in Analytical Assessment

Corporate Financial Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management for Insurance / Reinsurance Companies

Soft Skills in Auditing

ERM for Banks, Investment Firms, & other Financial Institutions

Best Practices in Demand Management & Forecasting

Surviving a Product Recall Crisis with Effective Crisis Communication & Reputation Management

Enterprise Risk Management for Gas & Electric Utilities

SOX for non-US Filers - SOX Compliance & Evolution to GRC

Practical Project Management for PAs, Secretaries and Team Administrators

Mastering Executive Leadership

Contract Management for Pharmaceutical Companies

Global Export Compliance

Corporate Sustainability & Social Responsibility Management

Competitive Intelligence

Strategic Intellectual Property Management

Reputation Management & Strategic Communications

Advanced High Potential Development for Critical Roles Placement

Enterprise Data Security & Risk Management

Severe-Weather Power Outage Response and Restoration

Enterprise Risk Management - Implementación de un modelo eficiente y amplio de Administración Integral de Riesgo Empresarial en el contexto latinoamericano

FCPA - Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Compliance Program Fundamentals for FCPA - Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Anti-Corruption Compliance for In-House Compliance Departments

Advancing Operational Risk Management and Regulations

Corporate Ethics and Compliance Management in a Changing Environment

Fatigue Risk Management and Shiftwork

Effective Project Cost Estimation and Budget Control

World-Class Internal Audit Leadership

Risk Based Internal Auditing

Beyond Reporting: Achieving Improved Performance Through Enterprise Risk Management

Ensuring FATCA Compliance within Operations and Required Timelines

Flight Operations Management

Deploying IT Audits on a Strategic Level to Focus on the Business Threats that Matter

Beyond Reporting: Achieving Improved Performance Through Enterprise Risk Management

Leveraging Effective Demand Forecasting and Planning for Improved Business Results in a Volatile Market

Driving Robust Dispute Resolution Programs as a Value-Added Strategy

World-Class Internal Audit Leadership

HSE Audit & Hazard Management in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Operations

Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Masterclass

Managing Export Control Reform Compliance and Developing Regulations

Demand Management and Forecasting in the Evolving Supply Chain

Safety Management Systems for Aviation Executives

Building Client and Customer Trust in the Banking Sector

Managing Vendor/CRO Oversight for Pharmaceutical Professionals

Enterprise Wide Risk Management (EWRM). Understanding, Developing and Implementing an Effective Framework

Severe-Weather Power Outage Response and Restoration

Advanced Social Media Planning

Effective Cost Price Analysis for Procurement

Integrated Procurement Category Management

Understanding and Managing Technology for Business Sustainability

Risk Management for New Product and Service Development

Implementing Effective Opportunity and Threat Management

Project Change Management & Change Control

Project Monitoring, Controlling and Earned Value Management

Gain Business Value through Strategic E-Procurement

Finance for Supply Chain Professionals

Advanced Product & Portfolio Management Techniques – Best Practice for Better Results

Innovation: Upgrading Capabilities and Mindsets

Tough Management

GCP Update: EU Clinical Trial Regulation 536/2014 and ICH GCP R2

Communications When you Need it Most: At a Time of Crisis

Driving Superior Value through Digital Procurement

Mental Health in the Workplace: A sustainable approach

Contractual Negotiation and Management Mastery

Alliance Lifecycle Management

CFO Excellence

Critical Decision Making

Practical Project Management

Plant Asset Management and Reliability

Exploiting Artificial Intelligence in HR to Optimise Recruitment and Employee Engagement Strategies

Social Media for Marketing and Communications to Nurture Stakeholder Loyalty

Financial Sector Portfolio and Project Management Masterclass

Employer Branding Excellence - Collaborating for Success

Risk Based Approaches for Clinical Trials

Managing Vendor/CRO Oversight for Clinical Trials

ECM: Effective Credit Management for EMEA

Excellence in Supply Chain Planning and Analytics

Strategic Logistics Management

Smart Bid And Tender Masterclass

Procurement: How to Reduce Contracting Risks

World Class Procurement Practices for Financial Services

Third and Fourth Party Vendor Risk Management

Alliances: From Strategy to Execution

Human Factors Excellence for Medical Device Design

Human Factors Excellence for Medical Device Design

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