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  • Professional Development Courses

    Our courses are designed to deliver highly focussed, practical training on an open enrollement basis, covering all professionals, industries and regions.

  • Training by Regional and Sector

    Courses can either isolate regional or sector differences or celebrate them through both course delivery and trainee participation

  • It takes the best to train the best

    We employ the best trainers from unrivalled access to the world's leading minds in all industries and regional markets. Carefully selected for their mix of practical experience, consultative background in a broad range of companies and proven training delivery. You need the best, we insist on it!

  • Our training philosophy

    Our expert trainers combine with our cutting edge course content to focus on delivering content through expert facilitation and dynamic presentations with relevant and transferable practical case studies bringing the theory to life.

marcus evans professional subject and course index

Maximise Your Leadership Potential

Planning and Controlling IT Projects

Executive PA's Senior Development Programme

Harnessing Emotional Intelligence for Improved Performance

Energy Markets, Derivatives, and Structured Products - Valuation & Risk Management

Transport & Freight Management. Continuity or change

Programme de Développement Personnel pour Assistant(e) de Direction

Renforcer ses Aptitudes au Management de Projet Transverse

Renforcer ses Aptitudes au Management de Projet Transverse

Communiquer Efficacement pour Renforcer son Leadership

Communiquer Efficacement pour Renforcer son Leadership

Prévenir et Gérer les Conflits pour les Transformer en Opportunités

Energy Markets, Derivatives, and Structured Products - Valuation & Risk Management

Advancing Operational Risk Management and Regulations

Deploying IT Audits on a Strategic Level to Focus on the Business Threats that Matter

Tough Management

Managing Your Executive Stress

The Dynamic Presenter - Maîtrisez l’Art des Présentation Impactantes

Améliorer votre efficacité professionnelle

Mental Health in the Workplace: A sustainable approach

The Modern-Day Assistant as a Strategic Business Partner

Executive PA's Senior Development Programme: Strategy and Digital

Tous les outils et astuces qui vous transformeront en un Formateur hors pairs

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"For the first time ever I feel I have learnt something new, non obvious and helpful in a management training course. I felt that a trainer with actual experience at a high level makes all the difference as opposed to someone working on theory alone."
Service Delivery Managers, BSkyB


“An excellent course. Having studied some other similar courses it was good to translate theory into practical management techniques”

Chartered Electrical Engineer, IEE

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